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  1. It's not exactly the same as what you're asking, but Dundee FC haven't won the Scottish Cup since 1910 (Nineteen-Ten). That's an astonishing 114 years.
  2. Aberdeen fans in this thread going for some textbook strawman arguing here. Bless them.
  3. Admirable determination by many on here to make this about St Mirren. Happy to continue this on a St Mirren thread if you want.
  4. While it's mildly insulting, it's also true. We can earn the right to not be talked about like that by scoring more than one goal against either of the top two across an entire season.
  5. I keep hoping it'll be Aberdeen going down, but if they keep managing to turn those Ls into Ds like they did yesterday and against Livingston then they should just about have enough to stay clear of the playoff.
  6. Picking three for that, I'd go Gogic, Olusanya and possibly Bolton. Taylor on the bench. Hemming has got the height but I don't think he's got the pure strength you'd need for mud wrestling.
  7. It'll probably end up getting played at our place anyway.
  8. It's probably ok to stop talking about Schroedinger's double now.
  9. No need to over-reach, tbh. It just needs to be able to withstand a spot of rain.
  10. FFS is this still going on? Dons may as well skip this appointment altogether and move onto the successor to Warnock's successor.
  11. I'd say the turnaround beats Main. Main was a waste of a jersey while he was injured, but his pedigree suggests plenty of managers have seen a footballer in there. His turnaround was remarkable but felt about right given his relationship with Robbo. Olusanya was literally going to get the boot and that was almost certainly that for him as a pro footballer. He screwed the nut, listened to the advice, and has become a starting forward for us. He'll never get to the highest level - I think we're the best club he'll play for regularly - but you've got to admire the boy's attitude.
  12. Ours should have been awarded regardless of what happened in the Rangers game. It was a very clear penalty.
  13. Feels about right: it's been clear that there's only one relevant team that we've lost major ground on, and they are going to deservedly finish fourth. The rest of that table sums up how we've managed to stay fifth despite our form being very patchy.
  14. No chance we're adding numbers to the squad to allow for Europe. We wouldn't be in it for long enough to justify the outlay. We should run a lean squad, but use any additional budget to improve the quality. Same numbers as this year, but overall improvement, is what we should be looking for.
  15. That's nonsense from Warnock, tbh. Given that he didn't get a window, and wasn't going to get one, I'm not sure what his problem is. It's not like his transfer philosophy was relevant or even slightly going to come into play. He was brought in to get more out of an underperforming squad, and failed to do so. He might be implying that the data-first approach has led to a squad that looks ok on paper but which lacks qualities that only an old-school approach can identify and nurture. But how do often do we see players now whose data looks crap but who are actually very effective? Tempted to bring in @RandomGuy. at this stage. Genuine question.
  16. I guess when you've seen your team concede 10 in a single game, that's not a terrible total.
  17. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up: if we had somehow managed to scramble to 11th that season (and I'm not suggesting it was close; we were fucking awful), there's no way we were doing to Sevco what you did. Occasionally there's a grand plan and you just have to go with it.
  18. Why would knowledge of Aberdeen's relative fame influence St Mirren's recruitment policies? I was being facetious in my delivery, but my point stands: Aberdeen isn't a name in the pool of managers you're trying to fish in. The guys old enough to remember you being a force are mad old c***s like Warnock. It has to be tough for your board, pretending the guy you eventually get in is the one you wanted.
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