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  1. Now now, lads, this thread is a place of peace and harmony these days.
  2. Someone gonnae give this guy a bite? He's trying really hard.
  3. It's bizarre because I'm pretty sure nobody thought he was even slightly in the running. I'm the first to pish myself whenever ay vaguely likely job comes up for him but this didn't concern me in the slightest.
  4. Was literally just looking for that gif That is an absolutely astonishing move, tbh. Unless he's got an injury issue that's holding him back and preventing bigger clubs from taking a punt, I absolutely cannot understand why he's taken that move. I think he's a class player. This is mystifying.
  5. Genuine question: why would Beale lead to protests where Mackay hasn't?
  6. If you really want rid of McPherson, have you considered giving him a one year deal then loaning him out to a club with more money than sense? Recall him at Christmas then they'll panic and pay you a transfer fee for him. Honestly, it's a great laugh.
  7. Stubbs, of course, being an expert at engaging with a fan base. What a c**t.
  8. There's guys on here are refusing to let that one go as well.
  9. I work with a number of Boro fans and they've all said they can't see any way he ever gets a game for them. Just too far down the pecking order. I don't think they'll be hard to deal with, but I also don't think we should be paying a fee for him.
  10. Think Aberdeen get the 2.15m - they got more points, after all.
  11. County mustering 15 minutes of urgency and fairly expansive play (albeit against 10 men) that would absolutely have kept them clear of 11th if they'd managed it more often this season. That has to be frustrating.
  12. I was making an oblique point about the wisdom of time wasting, but I think you know that.
  13. Haven't seen an Aberdeen side take this long to take goal kicks since that time we went on to score 96th and 97th minute goals against them.
  14. It's a massive shame they made you play against top half teams this season.
  15. The colouring on the left and right ones aren't nice (IMO). The middle shade is ok, thought the overall design is mediocre.
  16. If the Bedeau rumours are legit, then he will more likely be the left-sided player coming in to cover. That'd give us Fraser, Gogic, Bolton, Bedeau and Taylor for three places, which is probably adequate. Rooney could cover there as well if needed.
  17. I didn't see the quotes myself, but was there not a line reported from Robbo where he said the data showed Fraser 'made less mistakes' at LCB, which is why he'd been getting used there? Not my words and I can't vouch for the source, but if it's true that the management has identified he's making too many errors, then it feels natural that they'd also be looking for improvements. Regardless of who comes in, he'll still be playing a massive role still next season.
  18. Been meaning to ask, as my legitimate stream didn't have commentary... What was the reason for the lengthy hold up about five mins in? Hearts due to take a GK but it took forever.
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