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  1. Obviously someone the Deep State need to take down for exposing them Latt Ma Tissier
  2. http://quizoftheday.co.uk/2380 Wed 9/10 @TheGreenElves @djchapsticks @Cardinal Richelieu (scores please for Weekly cups)
  3. @TheGreenElves18,333 @Aubrey Maturin20,000 @djchapsticks 55,555 What is the capacity of Qadsia SC (Kuwait) stadium? 22,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qadsia_SC
  4. The Final League Tables are brought to you by I:Cube - Disco Cubizm PFIZER PREMIERSHIP The Bridesmaid @Aubrey Maturin lifts his 18th title. @Arch Stanton just misses out and collects his 29th runners up. @TheGreenElves & @Ziggy Sobotka are in the Europa (playoff for seeding) @djchapsticks @MEADOWXI @peasy23 @Salvo Montalbano 9playoff for the 2 Mugs Cup placings) @gkneil misses Friday again. @Leeds Saint crubbled @JamesP_81 learns from experience. They all go. @The Hologram is in the playoff. WANNABE CHAMPIONSHIP The Tarts up again @Insert Amusing Pseudonym with his 4th second tier title. @German Jag & @scottsdad make up the numbers at the top table. @Duszek is in the playoff. @senorsoupe stuggles @Cardinal Richelieu toils @JustOneCornetto melts. They all pop off. @mathematics is in the playoff. LAST CHANCE SALOON SHOOTOUT @Spring Onion out Diddies all the rest with his 9th title. @specsaveris up @101 gets there in the end. @SlipperyP will be swording in the playoff. They keep on comming @BaSeDG0DSA1NT nnnnnnnn19.
  5. Weekly Cups handouts @TheGreenElves (43) @Aubrey Maturin (30) @djchapsticks (2) @TheGreenElves @Aubrey Maturin @djchapsticks we go to an extra question. Please answer the question below within the 24hrs deadline 18:00 Sunday TT. What is the capacity of Qadsia SC (Kuwait) stadium?
  6. c'mon tae fuk @gkneil fri @TheGreenElves thu/fri @Snobot fri @BigBo10 fri @BaSeDG0DSA1NT thu 1800 saturday TT time to stop this Friday pishe ald yin, we miss yir daily disss of life
  7. Wait to hear what I get. Nick Faldo golf tips. Ffs Improve your ageing swing. Im only 49, still on the regular tour...cheeky bastarts
  8. time to put everything behind cages again, back to the 'good old days'. You had your chance and you blew it.
  9. n the Mugs Cup we have a draw 8's @JamesP_81 12,435 v @Salvo Montalbano no score Please answer the below question by PM no later than Thu 08:30 TT What is the capacity of FC Besa Pejë (Kosovo) stadium? 8,500 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Besa_Pejë
  10. I don't have aircon, just fans in the house. Hate aircon, all the places I've worked over here they have aircon, but I sit outside, folk think I'm mental. Was at a meeting yesterday, It took 2 hrs in 24 degree aircon. I had to walk out the office 3 times to heat up, during the meeting I was thinking, there is no way I could live in Scotland again, it would kill me. 6pm just now 33 degree, I'll stick a jumper on about 8pm when in drops below 30. Sleep like a baby with my duvet.
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