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  1. Brad McKay could be just the wise older pro you need in defence to mentor your team through the season. HTH.
  2. Each to their own, but I thought Henderson was a real presence in the middle today; won lots of possession back for us,, moved the ball around well, and moved it into space, and won loads of important 50/50 stuff. We were talking today about how the team's spine is so much better now, with Lang & MacIver either end and Henderson a big factor in the middle.
  3. Clearly hoards if QotS fans up in town today - the BTW supporters bus is apparently now booked out by Queens fans?? A rather bizarre policy change and equally bizarre show of appreciation to its Falkirk regulars. Shanks' Pony for me, so a poor start to this afternoon's carnival of football.
  4. This. He's made a noticeable difference every game he's played. Also plays at a much faster tempo, and is far more direct. Rotten luck if he's out.
  5. Exactly this. Playing positively, faster, wider, forward, from now on, McGlynn has found an approach and style that has promise, so no going back to the square ball half-paced pish. Ever.
  6. I could be way off here, and for sure we were poor, but a lot of the h/t booing around us seemed to be directed towards Annan for their time-wasting/diving/general arsey theatrics.
  7. Really disappointed not to hear "In the Navy" at the end, instead of that dreadful Oasis B-list dross.
  8. Blah blah blah... lots of big talk from McGlynn and McGinn about intent, starting well, early goal, fans have heard it all before, time to deliver, etc etc Yeah, heard it all before; so let's see this "intent" - and let's see some pace and drive from the team right from the start today, not the usual half paced square ball pish. After all the bluster, McGlynn's team selection will be telling.
  9. Genius. Have a gold star, never mind a greenie.
  10. Agreed. It was pretty obvious the crowd was all set to boo the team off at half-time before we edged in front. McGlynn got lucky, nowt to do with his tactics. Clearly most have had more than enough of this slow-motion, predictably dull shit-show.
  11. Man, that was hard work watching that today. Woeful first half; half-paced square ball pish carbon copy of last season. Not much pace creativity or energy on show, and very lucky not to be 0-2 down. Mcglynn clearly not interested in learning from last season - holes all over our midfield, one pace play, and all 11 men back for opposition corners is all utter nonsense. Then at the start of the 2nd half we got about 10 minutes of direct, forward passing - at pace; into open space; for wide men to run on to - duh! imagine!! - we actually looked quite bright, before reverting to dull, pedestrian type. Overall? Based on 2/3rds of that showing today, not at all confident we can produce the sort of sequences like wwdww, wddwww that would win this god-awful league. Lang and Spencer looked pretty good; Henderson & Morrison need to be much more consistent this season; Agyeman looks like he'll be utterly frustrating - good and bad in the same game. Miller had a bit of urgency and flair when he came on, and ability to run at the defence, so no real surprise McGlynn has him on the bench. Otherwise, lots of last season's meh on display. Its going to be a long season.
  12. If I was an Accies fan; Why is the home top badge so small? It seems a bit disrespectful by the manufacturer. All-red sleeve looks cheap. Why can't they just continue the hoop pattern, like is standard on... perhaps any other teams that have hooped jerseys? The away strip is awful.
  13. 'Swords of a thousand men' by Bladdered!! (ok, tenpole tudor) would do very nicely.
  14. ?? that's quite a distortion of the discussion and its context. You should write for the papers.
  15. Take a good look Montrose fans, it'll be one of the very few times you'll see Ryan Williamson actually wearing the strip. Expect to see him on the treatment table instead.
  16. FWIW I'd agree and thought it has been noticeable at EEP. It all adds to the energy and fan buy-in, and tbf good for the club actively encouraging tifos, which give off some attitude/humour. Easily best atmosphere in L1 last season...(there's another thing you won).
  17. All of this. Another reason I picked McWilliams was his consistency and impact in games. Flair players can have off days, but McWilliams always seemed key in our midfield and attack - and he played in a pretty decent team during his time as well - and I don't remember a game pass him by. Looked a handful for opponents to play against, which is always a good sign. The Jeffries midfield of McWilliams, Alex Taylor & Silky Heatherston really clicked... a joy to watch.
  18. Yeah, wth, its a slow Friday, I'll have a bash... George Watson Stuart Kennedy Tommy McQueen Geordie Gibson Yogi Crunchie Jim Shirra Derek McWilliams Russell Latapy Simon Farid
  19. Have been avoiding the MacIver saga on here, mainly because I can't remember him during our games last year due to Sammon & Durnan being so irritating... Interestingly, Dowds also has 6 goals for the season, albeit from 29 games. Thought he looked very poor v Ayr though, notable on screen for all the wrong reasons, and we've been down that road before.
  20. Oh well. The last few pages have turned the tide of the generally civil discussion somewhat... 36 League game results and second place pretty obviously count for eff-all now, we need to buck up rapidly. Our alarming downward spiral since the Ayr game, barring one positive upward blip at Alloa, gives me the fear, especially given our defending verges on comical at some point in every single game. Also not at all clear why we would be "favourites" for this, given this recent run of really poor displays and Airdrie's general record against us over the past three years. The 3-1 game at Airdrie in February went our way in the end, but it was pretty even for a long time and Telfer's penalty miss at 1-1 was critical. Airdrie will undoubtedly get after us tonight; they've generally been faster, more direct and more aggressive, which is partly why we've struggled so badly in recent years against them. 4 players in the TOTS seems a pretty fair reflection of their dangermen, so it needs a really big improvement from us to match their energy levels and movement, and defensively we need a huge upturn in concentration to stand up to their attack. Max, Kennedy & Morrison need to be fully on it, and FFS McGlynn play 2 up front, because there's two chances of us keeping a clean sheet - nae, and eff all. Think we'll lose tonight, but hopefully not by much, to give us a fighting chance on Saturday. (Go on then Bairns, prove me wrong...)
  21. Second right, back row, next to Houstie (and er..one Arthur Grant). Great for us back in the day - dependable, consistent, good tackler, decent pace. Can't remember him having a bad game. Well-deserved recognition! Pretty sure Kenny Dalglish played (for Falkirk) in Andy's testimonial at Brockville.
  22. Compare that to BBC's Scottish Football page - headline; "Who will take the last semi final place?" - its a 45 second video of Govan, Celtic and ITC winning their 1/4 finals. Neither Falkirk or Ayr are included in the footage, neither is there any commentary or written reference to either team! Now that's coverage...
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