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  1. I think it partially closed around 2010 as the place was falling to bits and then was condemned and fully closed in 2012 from memory. Owners over atleast the last 20 years of life put in zero investment and just let the place rot whilst taking every penny they could. It was a landmark, but these things take upkeep. It could become a new landmark if the council and network rail are ambitious enough. Personally I'd rebuild it into a combined train/bus station with services timetabled to join up, build some sort of garden/green space as the roof that allows you to transfer between Station road and Smith street either undercover or through the garden/green space. Fantasy land stuff now; If there was proper ambition (and funding) in the town it would be the start of a river walk that pops out at the top end of the beach. I see there has been planning permission already approved for some daft looking conservatory to join onto the portacabins though.
  2. I believe works have started at Troon, plan is to have it open in time for the Open next year. In fairness the council have moved pretty fast by their standards to fix it, including holding a consultation and a final design consultation. Although that is probably due to the potential embarrassment factor of hordes of tourist arriving for the golf seeing a burnt out shell.
  3. Could you imagine our fans trying to live in peace and harmony with each other. They struggle for 90 minutes every other Saturday. Security would be class though.
  4. That was some day out, especially with the joint ticket for the horses as well. I think most of that MUFC select side went on to have pretty respectable careers, only one of two of them turned out to be utter jobbers. Manchester United XI: Kuszczak; M Keane, McGinty, Norwood, Thorpe (Cole 15) (Givern 88), Fryers, Drinkwater, Gibson (Lonsdale 90), W Keane Fornasier (75), Pogba, Petrucci (Lingard 53) In comparison the Newcastle side from the John Traynor testimonial; John Karelse, Diego Gavilan, Stephen Glass, Ryan McGuffie, David Beharall, Mark Boyd, Jamie Coppinger, Jamie McClen, Lomana LuaLua, Colin McMenamin & Pedro Dimas Substitutes: Joe Kendrick for Glass (15), Stephen Brennan for Beharall (46) & Pablo Bonvin for LuaLua (46)
  5. This feels like an acid test now, as mentioned above we were somewhat gifted by the really bizarre highline playing out from the back at all times style of QP. I'd be happy with a green shoots competitive score draw here, would obviously love to see us take all 3 points. Bullen needs to show Friday wasn't a fluke or the knives will be straight back out.
  6. Agree with you in some ways but in others disagree. I've mentioned on here a few times in the past that my first ever game was the John Traynor testimonial against Newcastle United. As a kid seeing Ayr v Newcastle made me nag the life out of my dad to take me along on a bitterly cold March evening. It was a proper marquee name coming to town and that is what got me hooked and brought me back with friends just as the club went into the post Barr banter years. Being a bit older now I agree it is about the player, but as a kid seeing a massive club coming to play Ayr drew me in.
  7. Almost felt as if the QP players are fined anytime the ball leaves the ground. The high backline and slack passing absolutely laid it on a platter for us.
  8. Fair play, absolutely didn't see this coming. Appreciate it is only half time.
  9. Just wait for tonight after the two security managers have spoken it'll be attack dogs and hand scanners operated by rogue third party security.
  10. Mathie backed himself into a corner in the Q&A needs at least a couple of weeks to not look like a massive climbdown.
  11. Think I've said on here previous, I reckon if we've picked up nothing by the full time whistle against Raith it'll be time up and a roll of the dice.
  12. Have to agree, there are plenty of things to be annoyed about just now. This one is being blown massively out of proportion, although I reckon it is more indicative of the general mood amongst the support. If we were flying high and nobody had been eaten by Provan's attack dog last Friday it would probably be met more with a general shrug with the odd comment. We are now in an odd place where people are being consumed by frustration and attacking everything the club puts out, for example the youth board yesterday which should have been a good news story also took some flack from folk demanding Provan is punted. There is a time and a place and this that certainly isn't it. If the shirt isn't for you then cool, lets not burst Moff's bubble before he has even played. (Cards on the table I'm not keen on it personally, so won't buy it. However, respect he's made some personal touches on it so it'll be a great talking point for him in the years to come)
  13. Only if all the pages can turn into posters that can be put up in the towns pubs to advertise games.
  14. I don't think there is much to read into it to be fair for a few reasons; 1) He isn't one of the usual suspect merry-go-round guys. 2) He's got no connection to Inverness and his family are down South, so would mean moving another 4 hours further away. 3) He's fairly new in the door, you'd think finishing 2nd would be more realistically be looking for a bigger job than moving to a club who in relatively terms are similarly sized and below us in the table. I would be more worried if he wasn't even a suggested name if the Dunfermline (connection as a player, so might make sense to move sideways) or Sheff Wednesday job came up.
  15. We know they aren't supposed to be. Lets face it they pretty much are though.
  16. I appreciate that. However, BBC Scotland are a national broadcaster and fall under the Government as an offshoot corporation (DCMS). If clubs and the police are against something, they shouldn't be cheerleading and encouraging the opposite.
  17. They haven't for us. Infact they put out a couple of bitter tweets during the last one suspending betting because 4 or 5 people lumped on the same person in quick succession.
  18. I don't think they are wrong. However, everyone needs to be singing off the same sheet. If clubs don't want them then it needs to be heavily policed with media backing. If clubs do want them, then there needs to be some form of agreement as to how people go about using them and what types are acceptable.
  19. Part of the problem with pyro is the glamourisation of it as well, when you see the huge displays in places like Greece and Turkey being swooned over it automatically makes people want to do something similar. In one of the BBC Scotland live games last year even the commentators and pundits were going on about how great an atmosphere they create and how they need to find a safe way of allowing pyros.
  20. You also mentioned St Mirren who have the section at the end of one of the stands next to the away fans. It is fairly common place for clubs to have zones like that, not just within football but across sport. I had a reread of the statement last night and what came across to me is that effective; Firstly fans are to blame for pyros, then it was the stewards, then it was a half hearted apology at the end. Surely the apology should lead and not be a footnote? The most glaring thing though is that it is effectively saying "we don't know what is going on inside our stadium". Even from the comfy seats it surely should have been noticeable that there was a large group of yellow jackets right in and amongst the fans in the SRE? Surely a stadium manager/head of security should be wondering what is going on over there and investigate? I'm not even remotely buying that they didn't know.
  21. At the end of the day a line manager entrusts their staff to get on with the job at hand. My line manager doesn't know every detail of what I'm doing and we meet weekly to discuss things. Any material changes typically get ran through the chain, but how I get there are down to me. It is the same with people in my chain, I don't need to know everything they are doing unless it is an area of John scrutiny or there has been a previous issue. My assumption here is that this is on Provan rather than Mathie. Ultimately as line manager Mathie has to take the flack and I agree with Trogdor he really needs to get out in front of this quickly, which so far he hasn't. I would assume it will be Monday by the time we hear anything after the board have their weekly meeting.
  22. Famously banned from every stadium, turned up at a couple whilst banned with a letter from his solicitor saying he had been found innocent at his appeal in court (Brian Reid era). You might remember him in particular for turning up outside Starks Park dressed as a panda and standing at the other side of the road so he could see the fans in the away stand.
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