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  1. I can just imagine your delight when you found your great grandfather in the photo. The players look pretty young, so they might well have been playing juvenile football. You didn't mention his surname, but could it have been one of these: Millar, N Cousar, Whiteside, Smith, McGowan, Thompson, Jeffrey, Scott, McDougal or Young?
  2. Thanks for the excellent information guys. I saw Kenny Dalglish playing for Cumbernauld United in a Scottish Cup 1st round tie at Victoria Park in Irvine. It was on the 4th November 1967 and a young, red-cheeked Dalglish scored twice in Cumbernauld's 5-2 win. Both Joe Wark and Jumbo Muir played for Irvine Victoria that day. The Scottish Cup match was actually the second time he had played for Cumbernauld United at Victoria Park. A month previously Cumbernauld had come to Irvine to take on the Vics in the 1st round of the West of Scotland Cup but I can't remember whether I was at that game or not.
  3. Many thanks, Statto 1967. I see that it was actually his second game for Cumbernauld, rather that his debut. By the way, I had actually checked that website but didn't find the page you directed me to, so thanks for that. So, that now throws up the related question; who did Cumbernauld Utd play on Dalglish's debut?
  4. In his autobiography, Kenny Dalglish says that he scored four goals on his debut for Cumbernauld United in season 1967-68. Does anybody know who Cumbernauld's opponents were in that match? And can anyone confirm that he did score four in the game? Thanks :-)
  5. Done. As a couple of posters have already said, we have two local newspapers in Irvine. They cover the games of the two Irvine clubs and Kilwinning Rangers extensively and are both willing to accept and print the wee extra pieces of news about the clubs. All in all, they give the clubs a lot of positive publicity.
  6. Shug2930 can you pm me, preferably with the name of your father, if you don't mind, and your email address, and I'll see if I have anything of interest for you.
  7. I have a couple of things which may be of interest to you. If you give me your email address I'll send you copies.
  8. I may have limited info on your dad's spell with Kilwinning Rangers and possibly a photo. I won't be able to check until early next week though. I've sent you a PM and you can also contact me via the link to the Meadow Forum on shannon's post.
  9. 1948 Scottish Cup semi final.
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