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  1. Hilarity ensues when you bend down and pretend to tie your shoelace.
  2. @itzdrk got a Golden Rolling Pin for his efforts, alas he didn't get a gig on Bake Off. I suggested some horrific dish of placenta be posted which he delivered with a side of mushy peas.
  3. It's from the great battle of P&B v's Mumsnet where the only casualty was Div's dignity because he folded and apologised for the behaviour of grown adults. On the plus side someone from Mumsnet enrolled on P&B and posted a photo of her chebs with I love P&B written by a Sharpie.
  4. I derive no pleasure whatsoever from this news. David McCallum 90
  5. The boy is a massive VL, the only way he was getting women's underwear is illegally.
  6. The Dolphin is decent for a fish supper, don't go for breakfast though, I don't expect bacon or egg on a seeded bun.
  7. A the time, the Russians claimed only one person was missing. Presumably vaporised in the blast.
  8. I have searched but couldn't find a poster for a Hibs v Raith game when a return trip on a ferry from Kirkcaldy to Leith was advertised, I don't know if the team travelled the same way.
  9. Fucking state of English football, millionaire clubs getting skelped.
  10. Fucking stream showing the Jets game, having to watch Redzone.
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