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  1. oh don't worry, jack baldwin's in a mood to misjudge and least one of those and then wipe out I dunno...Duk in the 82nd minute under little pressure
  2. Chelsea sometimes look a decent side, but it just doesn't come together for them as a whole.
  3. Said before, Livi can be an absolute nightmare for us. I'll take a point, keeps the scoreboard ticking over.
  4. You can now Tiger Knee players, if you've a Rangers top on. Interesting.
  5. I think the whole Rangers fan "VAR is against us" angle has to stop now.
  6. You can bet your life if that was the other way round, that'd be a pen.
  7. "shove the tartan army up your arse" ah, everytime I think I can't dislike rangers more, they find a way
  8. Livi (our last game aside) are always a pain in the arse. Just work hard but now Connor Randall isn't playing centre half, it means Livi don't have the "stick Nouble on him at crosses and get the cigars out" option. Tentatively going 2-1 to County, but this could easily be 1-1 or 1-2.
  9. Honestly liked O'Brien a lot as an attacking player. Had a good passing range and decent creativity. Just not someone you wanted to do defending. Of any kind.
  10. Jim O'Brien, still remember him trying to slide tackle someone with his head at Tynecastle.
  11. That third goal, surprised I've no got a stonner over it still.
  12. Could we afford Gwion Edwards? He looked a proper player.
  13. My sleep patterns are all over the place and I've woken up to see Scotland cruising. This is a beautiful dream, isn't it?
  14. We'll bring in a central midfielder. Just you watch.
  15. Runs about. Works hard. Awful on the ball. Occasionally (well more than occasionally) loves a lunge.
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