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  1. Hopefully we will have the game wrapped up by the time Piovski gets his penalty.
  2. I agree, but if we do go down the "football man" route, I was just thinking out loud there, imagine we appointed "Super" Frankie Lampard. You might not describe him as an "operator" as such, but his experience and contacts in the game are without question. I'm just thinking about how much young Josh Campbell would learn from him about making those late runs into the box. All of a sudden that's 10-15 goals added from midfield. "But Frank's teams concede too many goals" I hear you say. Fear not, because that's where his right hand man comes into play. None other than John Terry. If you cut him open, I''m pretty sure he'll bleed concrete. He would sort out that defence in no time. A side-benefit could be the special relationship we could strike up with Chelsea. We all know they have too many players, so I was just looking at some of their squad who have yet to register any minutes this season. Badiashile has struggled since he's come in so could potentially bring him in to get some experience. Then you've got young Romeo Lavia, who is surely not ready for their first team yet. Get him in to compete with Jeggo for that starting defensive midfield berth and you've got a right good set-up full of beans.
  3. Big Steve Bruce is itching to get back in the game. Give it Brucey til the end of the season, I say.
  4. If the referee deems there to be no way the ball could make that movement without a double touch why should he not overturn it? Do you even physics bro?
  5. Surely you can tell by the spin and direction of the ball its a double touch.
  6. For what? You got your wee top 6 finish and still finished behind a hopeless Hibs team. And if we want, we'll take your manager. Sorry about that.
  7. I would go for a duo of Neil Francis Lennon and Malcolm George Mackay. Two no-nonsense operators who know what is required and will steady the ship in no time. Tactically astute Malky as Head Coach and Lenny as technical director, getting the boys fired up. What a statement that would be. I’m getting shivers just thinking about how the atmosphere at Easter Road would be for the first game.
  8. Kane's legacy at this point is his own personal goalscoring record. Going to win a few Bundesliga's seems pretty pointless. I'd much rather stay and break Shearer's record. One good proper Englishman being replaced by another at the top of the charts. That would put him down in #Barclays folklore, and what a statement that would be, by the way.
  9. Next 3 games are massive for him. If we don't lay a glove on Luzern over the tie and fail to beat Motherwell at the weekend I can see him being punted.
  10. Balkans and A-Leaguers Aberdeen think they have pull
  11. No, we're both unseeded. I would've brought my Pope flag out for that.
  12. Does this mean the diddies managing the teams from Andorra, Gibraltar etc are more qualified than nasally Naisy?
  13. Celtic fans have this weird thing where they crucify anyone for leaving and convince themselves nothing can possibly be a step up from them. Rodgers, Tierney, Edouard to name a few and seeing some rage at Ange now. Don't remember Rangers fans being that entitled when Gerrard left.
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