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  1. Ayr United 0-2 Partick Thistle Arbroath 1-2 Airdrieonians Dundee Utd 4-1 Morton Queen's Park 1-0 Dunfermline Raith Rovers 4-2 Inverness CT
  2. Airdrieonians 2 - 0 Inverness CT Ayr United 1 - 2 Dundee United Dunfermline Athletic 1 - 0 Raith Rovers Morton 1 - 1 Arbroath Partick Thistle 2 - 2 Queens Park
  3. Happy with our 3 kits tbh. Hopefully we get rid of Joma for next seaso though, the quality is so poor.
  4. I don’t quite buy into this “scraped past Hamilton” narrative that I’ve read a few times now on here. While I acknowledge it was a very close, nervy two legs against Hamilton, people are choosing to ignore we competed well with eventual champions Dundee in the Scottish Cup and we beat Premiership top-6 St Mirren in the Premier Cup. I agree we need to strengthen but I don’t think a close two legs against Hamilton mean we’re automatically going to struggle with the squad we’ve got.
  5. 1. Dundee United 2. Raith Rovers 3. Dunfermline Athletic 4. Patrick Thistle 5. Airdrieonians 6. Inverness Caledonian Thistle 7. Arbroath 8. Queens Park 9. Ayr United 10. Morton
  6. We’ll need a strong squad for next season and I think McMaster will definitely contribute to that, good signing imo. Has all the attributes to become a good player.
  7. Suspect Hibs announced it or were going to announce it when the players signed new deals, so made sense for us to announce at the same time rather than not acknowledge it. I do understand this seems to be at odds to our normal approach to comms!
  8. I know his numbers were similar to last season (maybe a couple of goals/assists less) however I thought he regressed this year. He went through spells of being hopeless in the final third this season imo. However he also works relentlessly hard and offered a lot of work going back the way so was too valuable in that regard to drop. That all being said, I absolutely love him for what he’s done across his time at Airdrie and I’d much prefer to keep him rather than not. Will be sad to see him go if the rumour is true.
  9. Strange the update didn’t get posted on social media, I missed it! Really happy with the players that have been retained. If we re-sign Frizzell, McGill & Smith that’s a really good core to build from. Excited to see how this close season goes.
  10. We’ve not even got the daily pitch updates to keep us occupied this pre-season!
  11. That would be an incredible level of planning and co-ordination if they managed that!
  12. Does nobody fancy creating a shiny new Championship thread? The “2019/20 and beyond” part of this thread title feels a bit outdated anyway…
  13. Let’s not kid ourselves, Thistle should have comfortably won that over the course of the two legs. But it’s absolutely hilarious they didn’t. GIRFUY.
  14. I think this season will be the 100 year anniversary of our Scottish Cup win so I’m hoping for a special anniversary kit. Our kits have been pretty good the last few years so hoping for more of the same.
  15. I’m not against clubs having B teams. As far as I’m concerned Celtic, Rangers et al can fill their boots with their B teams as long as they’re playing in a B team league that sits outwith the senior league system. I would doubt that Celtic renting out our pitch once every fortnight would be a major factor to us getting promoted in any case.
  16. It would be good for the club to engage with the fans on this one, however I do fear (based on nothing but a hunch) they’ll vote if favour of this proposal without any engagement.
  17. Majority is full time, with just a handful of part time players as I understand it.
  18. I don’t think Leon has progressed at all since he left us. I would imagine we could get way better LBs than him. I’d definitely take Morrison and Henderson though. Think they’ve both been standouts for Falkirk this season.
  19. I’m not overly confident he’ll be here next season. He gets asked in the Airdrie Fan TV video and his answer isn’t convincing! From a purely sentimental point of view I’d be gutted if Smithy left as he’s been a really important player for us for the past couple of years and he’s stepped up for us in some big games. However as you say, I think he’s regressed from last season and has been particularly poor for months now. A player that, if he plays to his full potential, could be an asset for us in the Championship. However whether he’s able to do that next season who knows.
  20. I think the Championship is probably a bigger step up than I thought based on those two games against Hamilton. Physically at least their players were faster and stronger generally than we’re used to in League One. This is how I would see our current squad: Goalkeepers David Hutton - Keep (as 3rd choice) Josh Rae - Keep Defenders Cammy Ballantyne - Keep Lachie Byrd - Release Euan Deveney - Release Callum Fordyce - Keep Aaron Taylor-Sinclair - Keep Craig Watson - Keep (as squad player) Midfielders Justin Devenny - Keep Adam Frizzell - Keep Rhys McCabe - Keep Lewis McGregor - Keep Dean McMaster - Keep Ben Stanway - Release Charlie Telfer - Keep (as squad player) Forwards Calum Gallagher - Keep Gabby McGill - Keep Callum Smith - Keep I think that would give us a solid base with space for 5-6 quality additions to improve the starting 11.
  21. Well I got my wish at least. I thought we were poor for a lot of that game today, but our quality shone through in the end. Telfer looked really good and will fit into our team well. I don’t think ATS is going to improve the team at all, but he should be okay as cover. I really don’t like Jamieson’s attitude, it seems totally at odds to the rest of the team. He’s a player that’s great when you’re 3-0 up, but not somebody I’d be relying on if we’re up against it. Young goalie did well as well again today, albeit his kicking could improve. Fantastic to see Smith back on the scoresheet as he’s been off the boil for a few weeks. A couple of games left of the first quarter of the season and we’re looking in decent shape. Still a few gears to go through as well.
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