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  1. Kind of felt like Livi just let that goal happen because they felt it would be called back by VAR. Pretty staggering stuff given some of the goals that have been ruled out.
  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying this tbh. I think it's the fact I feel like I'm sat with the Rovers supporters that's making it. Genuinely let out a 'YES' when that goal went in. I feel invested
  3. For us, aye. But if Faz was given the objective of making the playoffs and achieves it then he's well within his rights to say that he's achieved (or is on track to achieve) those objectives. Obviously only he and the board will know what the objectives are and how those conversations went.
  4. I mean internally. If we're in the top four places I don't think he'll have any pressure on him from the club. I could be wrong in that regard, but it felt the case last season. If we're out of the top four when the objective is clearly promotion then that's when questions could start to be asked. But it's not a situation we've seen yet.
  5. Since relegation we've never been out of the playoff places. And actually haven't spent much time out of the top two. That makes the next two games, Stranraer and Clyde, massive imo. If we end the first quarter with two defeats against sides with far smaller budgets (based on squads) and are outside the top four then part of me thinks that there might start to be a bit of heat on Faz. That first quarter milestone was the straw that broke the camel's back with Stevie Aitken. I feel for him to a degree. He can't be held responsible for Mark Durnan blazing over an open goal yesterday, or Jinky Hilton missing a one-on-one last week at 0-0. But the apathy around the club really is horrible. Yesterday there wasn't even much anger when the goal went in, more a resigned, collective sigh.
  6. I've only met him once, on the day he signed for us, but I took to him straight away. Just seemed like a really nice kid. Kind of like the opposite of the footballer stereotype. No big ego or anything like that, just a well mannered, intelligent and genuinely pleasant guy. Hopefully, whatever the injury, he can bounce back. Because he's a player with a good ceiling. Hopefully he's still in contact with Lewis Vaughan too, if you'd want anyone on the phone to tell you how to fight back from serious injury then he'd probably be that guy.
  7. It sounded pretty awful. One of those where he's just crumpled in a heap and you hear the scream from the stand. Even though it was on the opposite touchline, by the dugouts. Faz didn't know the damage when I spoke to him post-match, but the wee man was away at hospital with his dad by that point. Play was suspended for about 10 minutes before he was stretchered off with gas and air and both sets of medics working on him. A few of our coaching staff were on the park comforting him. Everything you don't want to see. It looked like he's just landed badly, it certainly wasn't as a result of a bad challenge or anything. Faz was quite upset speaking about after the game. It was as devastated as I've seen him for a player. You could tell he was worried. Hopefully we get some positive news over the weekend as he's looked like a bit of a gem. But it's hard to see him playing for a wee while based on what we saw today. It's as worrying a scene with a player as I've seen for a long time.
  8. We have scored with one of our last 41 (FORTY ONE) shots across the last three games.
  9. This game has given me flashbacks to the end of Jim Chapman's tenure.
  10. I've no doubt the Peterhead player made the most of it. But he's been diving into tackles since he came on, don't know if he's a bit wound up or what after being dropped. But it felt like he was playing with a bit of anger.
  11. Both that goal and that second booking for Finlay had been coming. An absolutely horrendous second half where Peterhead are very good value for their lead.
  12. Playing a lot better than last week. But still can't seem to find a way to get the round rubber thing in between the big metal things. Peterhead are playing a very high line which feels like something we might be able to exploit with fractionally better timing on runs.
  13. Think he broke his ankle in April(ish) and he had another setback a couple of weeks ago. I semi agree. But last week was as poor as I've probably ever seen him play. So I'm not totally shocked to see him dropped, I don't know if he had a knock or what. But he couldn't get in the game at all. Is Div Wilson a better option? Not for me. Unless the question is who can produce a better cross. That team was a bit of a curve ball generally though. Is it 4-4-2 with Shiels wide left? I'm pleased to see Ruth, Orsi and Byrne all starting. But it's fairly radically different. I'd also rather Carlo in CM and Lynas at RB, but here we are. I'm interested by that lineup if nothing else. Or is it 3-5-2? Durnan, Crighton, Shiels at the back. Orsi wide right, Young wide left. Malcolm, Div and Carlo in the middle?
  14. Another week with no thread until this stage. So I'll just start it then... Dumbarton come in off the back of their poorest showing of the campaign so far, a 2-0 defeat in Elgin, and I think everyone will be somewhat nervy ahead of this - was it a blip, or was it a sign of what's to come? The Blue Toon meanwhile have enjoyed a decent enough start to life back in the bottom tier, they look a hell of a lot stronger than last season (which isn't saying much to be fair) and have one of the division's better squads on paper in my eyes. So this will be a big test. Stevie Farrell meanwhile arguably has the strongest squad (depth wise) on paper. But is still struggling to find a settled side and formation. Personally I think this is one where the bravest side will win - with both capable of attacking and scoring a few goals. I'd like to see us line up like this. Brett Long Aron Lynas Sean Crighton Mark Durnan Kalvin Orsi Carlo Pignatiello Blair Malcolm Finlay Gray Greig Young Michael Ruth Declan Byrne Is that harsh on Matty Shiels? Yes it is. Do I think Aron Lynas makes us a better player? Yes I do. And three out and out defenders will be needed against Shanks and McAllister, who could take advantage of a square peg back there. Do I really like the wee triangle of Lynas, Orsi and Carlo, who are all able to interchange on the right? Yes I do. Ross MacLean and Jinky Hilton couldn't get in the game last week, and we looked far more dangerous with Michael Ruth playing. As we usually do. We can't start the Blair x Malcolm pairing together either. That was a disaster. Carlo/Malcolm/Gray should hopefully give us a decent amount of drive to win that midfield battle. Win that and you win the game. If you're looking for some pre-game listening (and have missed my voice this season) I was on the Blue Toon Talk Podcast this week looking ahead.
  15. As if by magic https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/elgin-city-2-0-dumbarton-30970465
  16. I was there, but we made a weekend of it - and I couldn't really be bothered sticking anything up because it was so drab. If we'd got the first goal then I think we'd have gone on to win. Up until Elgin scored we probably looked the more likely to get a goal, but we were pedestrian, safe and only really created two chances. One for Ross MacLean that he screwed wide and a one-on-one for Jinky after a terrific Carlo run from deep in midfield that he put wide. We'd knock it about, get to the edge of their box and try and play a really cute pass or take an extra touch and the move would break down. It was all too delicate and safe on quite a slow park. From when Elgin took the lead until the final whistle they were the better team. And we deserved nothing. Defensively they gave absolutely nothing away and they dominated the midfield. Ryan Blair is taking some flak, and he was poor, but it was as bad as I've seen Finlay Gray and Blair Malcolm play too. Neither of them asserted any dominance over things, and it was no surprise to see Blair, Gray and Malcolm all hooked. I wouldn't say it was panic stations just yet. We've by and large played fairly well this season, and this is the first time I've seen us comfortably outplayed in the league. But I think it might give Faz plenty of food for thought; mainly that Michael Ruth looked more like scoring in his half hour than anyone else over the 90 minutes - and needs to start next week. I'd also like Carlo as a driving force in central midfield. Him, Gray and Malcolm would be a good trio. Although he looked our best player wherever he played during the 90. Blair and Malcolm together will be too like Hutton and Carsy - and the double deep-lying midfield pairing isn't something that works when you're looking to win games, not contain them.
  17. Aye we had him against Kelty. He twice warned Stefan McCluskey for kicking the ball to the other side of the pitch, then booked him on the third occasion. He showed absolutely no tolerance at Ochilview at all - just a fortnight earlier. Fwiw I don't think the standard has been noticeable worse this year than at any other point. But the inconsistency is horrendous. Carlo would've left Ochilview without a booking if the same referee had applied the laws in the same way he did a fortnight later.
  18. I should add, we've played about 14 different midfield combos in this, and Elgin have dominated every single one.
  19. We could play until tomorrow and still not test their keeper.
  20. There's not been a lot in it so far. We've had a lot of the ball, but only really threatened a handful of times. Jinky Hilton missed a one-on-one in the best opening we created, a few minutes before Elgin bundled in from a corner. Since the goal we've been rushed and panicked and Elgin have been the better side. Just feels like we're just lacking a bit of sharpness and threat at the moment. I'd like to see Mikey Ruth on soon. Jinky is dropping deep into midfield and MacLean is being left completely isolated a bit too often for my liking.
  21. Granted he's a child and has played very little football. But I think I remember reading some very positive things about Kyan Gunn - earlier this pre-season too I'm sure? You lot must have the youngest squad in the country mind you.
  22. I'm a firm believer that, if you create chances, then the goals will come. Last season I think we had the seventh or eighth highest number of shots in the league. And ultimately that lack of firepower cost us. This season we've had the most shots in the league and have scored four more goals than every side, apart from Bonnyrigg who netted five last time out. We absolutely have to be more clinical, but a team wasting chances is an easier issue to solve than one not creating any. I've absolutely no idea what our strongest team looks like though; so lets go for something like this tomorrow. Brett Long Mark Durnan Sean Crighton Matty Shiels Kalvin Orsi Finlay Gray Blair Malcolm Carlo Pignatiello Greig Young Michael Ruth Declan Byrne There are, admittedly, a few bold calls in there. It's harsh on Jinky Hilton, Ross MacLean and Aron Lynas especially. But I've liked Shiels in defence and a left-footed player there gives us a good balance. Kalvin Orsi is a livewire and one of our biggest attacking threats, so I'd like to try and get him in if we can. He will create openings. And if we need to be clinical then two out and out centre-forwards is the way to go. Michael Ruth and Declan Byrne were excellent for 55 minutes last week before they tired, and both could easily have scored doubles on another day. Lets see how they do together against a side in our own division.
  23. Agreed. I wish he was French or something so I could actually like him.
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