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  1. If you took it on the train, would it have been Poultry in motion?
  2. Would love to call this on here for what it is regarding the main perpetrators but think my red count is at it’s limit this month.
  3. Turns out that the double steak wrapped in bacon with the mushrooms was a fillet mignon. Was nice but wish I had the Massive t-bone instead.
  4. Why would I do that? The lights would be out so I wouldn’t be able to see what I was taking…
  5. Was in here Sunday and going back tomorrow. Had the 800g bone in Rib-eye. I fancy trying the double fillet with bacon wrap and the mushroom.
  6. Greenie for the name calling, as for the rest… if you think that then, you stick with that thought. I know what I think.
  7. It’s only newsworthy to the people who get off on that type of thing. If he has broken the law then he will be dealt with. Normal folks with more important things in life don’t really give a shit as long as the people involved are nothing to do with their lives.
  8. Hopefully the lot, small snooze then back on it down the strip.
  9. https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/5150589.budgie-tribute-holds-up-match/
  10. Where exactly am I supposed to be sticking up for Brand and blaming victims?
  11. “Bus pass in the morning, get my bus pass in the morning”
  12. Must be a quiet time in media land. Imagine dedicating a 90 minute programme and full page spreads on some twat that has not been relevant for years. If laws have been broken then put him in front of a judge, if not then who really cares? if things as really as bad as the press are saying then why did they not go to the police straight away with their “evidence”? They could be as bad as the others that they are trying to say did nothing.
  13. I miss the good old days when the local markets were rammed full of people selling pirated software. Once paid £20 for a disc that contained over £3,500 worth of stuff like Auto Cad and full versions of Photoshop. Just a pity that I never had a single clue about how to use them.
  14. XL Bully would look on that wee crook as a Scooby Sunak.
  15. It had to happen beside the obligatory primary school. Always think of this when these things happen.
  16. Makes me feel really old. I remember watching the 100th game!!
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