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  1. Probably colder in Kirkcaldy tonight from what has been said. Hoping we can get the 3 points but if div is to be believed, both clubs are on form with not much between us in that.
  2. I'm not sure he'd give up being captain of a team chasing promotion at this stage of his career tbh.
  3. It looks like mcpakes picked this team while half cut. KRH doesn't look like a rwb, Moffat has looked your only decent player going forward but by n large the team don't even look like they can be arsed.
  4. I don't think it's something we have to worry about with this fixture for some reason
  5. Really enjoying the podcast and it makes the morning commute more bearable so keep up the good work with it. Fair play to Iain greive offering up his services also.
  6. Winnable tie and will give us a chance to see how we fair against premiership opposition. Could have been worse.
  7. First time it happened I thought my earphones where knackered, glad that isn't the case
  8. That's my morning commute sorted. Only problem I have with the work you're all doing is, why did the first play through both earphones but the last 3 only play through one? Have you changed anything in that department?
  9. That was just an absolute Ian Murray masterclass. I didn't expect the formation, or even the players to be playing in those positions once I had seen the team. Mcpake rightly gave credit after the game so fair play but he just got schooled. He didn't know how to counter us tactically at all and made his team worse with every move he made really. Dabrowski had two? Saves to make. One was a good save from what was a poor penalty tbh. Mehmet... If he's a championship 'keeper, there's hope for me at 35 and two duff shoulders. Edwards, otoo and mccan (despite not doing much the past couple of games against us) are the only pars players I would take in all honesty. Haven't seen enough of Todd or hosler though and they seem massively rated by our wee neighbours.
  10. In that case, having had the erm pleasure of parstv in the past, my condolences.
  11. You know it's on BBC Scotland? I'm not saying the commentary is much better though...
  12. He's certainly done alot for the club over the years and has been at a fair amount of games That's how it looks to me. I just can't see a back 4 in that team.
  13. I'm thinking we might be going 3 atb with mullin and connolly as wingbacks looking at that lineup. Will be interesting to see how we do line up formation wise. Probably because he's a rovers fan.
  14. I'd be happy if we could go out and get a lb who is an upgrade on dick in January. I think he could potentially be a better cb than he is a lb and it would actually give us more options in defence than just asking mcgill to play here there and everywhere, while allowing brown a break from having to fill in at cb constantly. I don't know the story with strapp who was at morton last season but he'd fit the bill if he's still without a club and is over the injury he had.
  15. Id suspect there's very few people have seen him play much if at all in fairness.
  16. To be THAT guy... We desperately need someone in, in January at cb. Masson isn't good enough yet Imo and corr is pretty much untested so no idea what we're going to get with him. Watson has spent half the season out so far. Massive shout out to our captain Scott brown for stepping up week after week and putting in very good performances in a position he isn't used to playing (he is now) and also euan Murray (today's red aside). They've both been tremendous in recent weeks.
  17. It's a pair of puma kings you're needing. A fine amateur boot. Also, what a fucking team!
  18. I know it's bait, but the pitch actually looked in good condition and it certainly didn't stop us winning there...
  19. You should still go to the Drs about it if the symptoms have subsided. If they come back then get yourself to a&e. I had the same thing happen just over a month back and that was the advice given. It could be early signs of heart disease. Thankfully I got the all clear and was discharged the next day after loads of tests where done.
  20. Now if he could just learn how to use the multi quote function that would be perfect...
  21. For all the supposed promise gullan has, I still have no idea what his natural position is. He is similar to Wighton, in that, he has a certain level of ability that he shows in flashes, but I just can't see him being more than a lower championship/ upper l1 level player. Works his arse off every time he steps on the pitch for us but I just don't see him being capable of being a regular starter at the level we are trying to attain.
  22. Been a nice experience not having him here. I'd fully expect the ainsleys to be on full show had morton managed a point last night. On the game, I think morton are in real trouble this season. I just don't see the same side we came up against last season in them. Defensively they are woeful and the likes of grant Gillespie is showing his true form for them. The Ayr result will have bought imrie some time but I expect them to end up bottom and I do wonder if/ when they will roll the dice on replacing him.
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