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  1. Like most Falkirk fans, nervous about this. Is there any evidence to support the (or my) theory that playing part time teams midweek is better as the players will have day jobs etc? McGlynn doesn't seem to trust more than 12 or 13 players in the squad so i reckon we'll see the same lineup with maybe Spencer back in if fit for Henderson and hopefully Yeats continuing at RB as I haven't been particularly impressed by Bisland.
  2. I blame the challenge cup. Tbf it's not as bad as a few years ago when it was months and months of this itk borefest and I suppose I'm happy enough just to scroll past and wait for someone to do a tl:dr here so if there's anything actually impactful then we're aware.
  3. I think he might be someone better suited to coming on as a sub and doing something different rather than being relied on from the start. Everyone loves players like him but I don't think we have a reliable 'difference maker' on the bench and him running at tired legs will terrify some teams.
  4. Just as well FC Edinburgh offer nothing going forward as we were well off it today. Spencer and Morrison not really at it
  5. Can I shock you? I'm liking this ref a bit more now
  6. Aye, other than Hogarth's disaster they've struggled to keep up with our passing and have been very physical. Relatively confident of us winning and them getting a red. Ultras seem a bit subdued...
  7. I'd agree, we don't have a particularly deep squad so i'd be pretty surprised if we go any lighter into January unless it's to jettison McKay. One or two injuries and we're struggling to fill the bench.
  8. 1/3 of the way through the season, 3 points and 5 goals clear. Fantastic so far. I think both results today show that it's not just a case of both ourselves and Hamilton rolling over the rest of the league and concentrating on the head to heads.
  9. Aye nothing against him at all but he's probably on a decent wage and with everyone fit he would be our 4th choice CM behind Spencer, Henderson and Yeats. If he's got himself another gig for the next stage of his career and we can reuse his wage for a January signing then it's a win for everyone
  10. I genuinely don't think that the FSS will ever be in the position you describe and it's probably unfair to judge it like that. If we've got a £400k shortfall per year and 843 FSS members are bringing in £120k a year then it's simply not possible to address it through the FSS alone where id imagine 1200 or so members is an achievable target longer term. Instead I'd look at it as £120k+ extra going into the club every year from the people who care about it.
  11. Can't believe how Alloa have set up with their midfield so high up the park. Complete madness from Rice. We've been absolutely fantastic so far and really should have another couple.
  12. Good to see Hetherington providing his usual invisible midfielder performance
  13. Alloa look abysmal so far, panic and indecisiveness all over the park. Hopefully get another couple before half time as I can't imagine they'll be as bad throughout
  14. Missed this today as I was on parenting duty. Sounds like we got the job done unspectacularly which is fine by me. Would love to be scudding teams every week but as long as the wins keep coming I'm happy. Fantastic to go 2 points clear, next week with us at home to Alloa and Hamilton having a tough fixture away at Montrose we can hopefully extend that.
  15. Are we paying the KM stand off? Or is it rent we pay? If we're paying it off when will it be finally paid?
  16. Definitely a fair result but I feel Hamilton will go home happier as I think they set up successfully to stifle us. I was pretty impressed by Hamilton's midfield, Martin is a class act for this league. I thought we basically bypassed the midfield and to go for an ineffectual front 4. Big worry for me was McGlynn confirming that he doesn't trust the bench at all which will become a problem if injuries crop up. All in all, nothing lost but I'm more worried about the league than I was beforehand.
  17. Can't see this being on if all trains are cancelled at Grahamston and Falkirk High
  18. Cant wait for this. Under McGlynn last season the big games were where we really fell short so will be interesting to see how far we've come. Didn't think I'd be saying this but drawing away to Cove is looking a worse result with every game Cove play and I hope that wasn't due to us treating it like a "big" game and not playing our usual way. I do think the team is showing better character this season and our last two games were ones where i doubt we'd have taken more than 2 points in previous seasons.That said, we gave up a lot of chances on Saturday and on another day could have found ourselves further behind. To be fair we created a load too that were really close. Hamilton look (obviously) just as good as us and as we've had, seem to have had a few late escapes. I wonder if Hamilton would be happier with a draw than we would as they're away but with the form of each team i hope we see a proper battle. All set up for a drab nil nil.
  19. Fair play, sort of like when Ryan Fraser played in behind the striker? I've nothing against him but i always worry about the shouts for players to get into the main team when they've not played much senior football. A lot more players end up like Islam Feruz than Billy Gilmour.
  20. Nothing against Doak but hasn't he just had 2 underwhelming starts for Liverpool? Not sure why he'd be considered for the main squad, particularly as we don't really play with wingers.
  21. I thought our penalty was a stonewaller from the challenge but I might have been willing it to be that way. Again a game I think we'd have lost or drawn last year so absolutely delighted to win and it really sets up next week as a cracker. Impressed by Montrose having a proper go and you can imagine they'll be fighting it out for 3rd. Thought their keeper was decent at shot stopping but looked pretty dodgy for passbacks and kicking it out. Delighted with every aspect of the Williamson stuff. Us booing him, him giving it to the fans when they scored, us shouting back at him after we took the lead, him laughing while timewasting at 2-2 and then finally him looking completely broken as we all celebrated the last minute winner. Pure football theatre and one of the best things about going to games, 10/10.
  22. Surely they'll have it on big screens in the city centre
  23. Was this the one where the keeper (think it was Lee Robinson) was going nuts to the south stand after saving the penalty then conceded 1 minute later. Fairly certain he said in the paper that it was the worst he had felt in football. Pleasing.
  24. I got my car trapped a few year back when I needed to leave for an emergency, it's a shambles the way they set it up. Always park in the industrial estate now.
  25. I thought Lawal went down way too easy for the penalty shout, don't think it was a dive, just out muscled. We were the better side despite not creating much, I genuinely think we'd have lost that game last year so we should be pretty happy. QoTS host Hamilton next week and I think they're more than capable of taking something off them.
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