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  1. Dressing rooms infrastructure of the club no the best in wosfl you said on here your son in law said the dressing rooms were as good as Wembleys if not better you spout some rubbish then forget you’ve said it oh dear.
  2. You said Daryl Megget. was the best player at this level last year now nobody knows where he is you wouldn’t make a guid football scout
  3. Not at Rossvale oh dear how the mighty have fallen
  4. Darvel on fire what a team will win the league by 10 points bla bla bla that’s the legend for you hasn’t a clue
  5. Lugar Boswell early 70s I would think
  6. Says the man who said Drivel will win the league by at least 10 points
  7. Soldiers of love we are in the trenches together your brothers together soldiers of love brothers im away to East Kilbride f**k yous you couldny make it up
  8. Win the league by 10 points at least Daryl Meggat best player ever to play junior football bla bla bla
  9. It’s no hard to work out the puppet will take over Southy
  10. And you said Daryl Meggett was best defender in Europe not this season I’m afraid
  11. They canny be a pinch for the title according to you Darvel would win the league by at least 10points short memory all pal
  12. Hearing blackie gold could be making a comeback hopefully this Saturday
  13. Look at photos on Glens Twitter page and see it is well inside box Kennedy also says Darvel had all the possession yes agreed but it was all. In there own half they play to much football in there own half.
  14. You are being very disrespectful to Glenafton why should you be taking 6 points off us today we fought for every ball and the team spirit was there for all to see unlike your team of big time Charlie’s also Mr Haswell was very good to you today let you away with a lot
  15. Doing stadium tours now won’t be long in trophy room
  16. Latest The area in which away fans are situated is elevated and flat and those not at the front may not be able to see the pitch but we will still charge you 18 quid you couldn’t make it up.
  17. Cause Darvel won’t be around as long as Pollok once the money dries up
  18. This was always the job Southy wanted he must be fed up being Kennedys puppet
  19. Hope you get pumped wi Talbot after last night horrible club run by horrible people
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