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  1. Need to apply for a licence for one now. If you have one without a licence it's an offence
  2. There's a difference to being done up for a night on the town and cutting about in basically a pair of pants, usually with a f**k off big jacket/fleece and a hat with a bobble the size of a fucking beach ball
  3. It would appear that young lassies can join the list with postmen and fat, neckbeard messes with shitty leg tats and metallica tshirts that think it's appropriate to wear shorts in minus temps with the rain lashing down.
  4. Was there many tit pics of her in the papers bitd? I'm bit too young to remember the start of her
  5. Show a bit of fucking respect guys, that was someone's mother your making jokes about. Wouldn't want a salty goodnight kiss off her when getting tucked in though right enough.
  6. Don't want to buy some ballet shoes, do you mate? -How much?
  7. "D'ye ken if Rah's running oan time hen?"
  8. That is fucking tremendous!! "I went to Invergordon and all I got was this lousy sandpaper"
  9. Well that's the start of it then. This is a different town to what it was 10 years ago. Crack is fucking killing this place. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-67402743
  10. Does anyone know if he claimed the 3k on his constituency expenses?
  11. Secure to his wee boys and limited to old firm matches. That's probably why people wanted to see the ipad.
  12. "Threw up stomach acid, blood and white foam" Fucking toughing up hen, we used to call that making room.
  13. Wings?? There only the band the beatles could've been.
  14. Well, he seems the type so... And no, I won't be reading it again, it's pish. E.t.a it was about 28 years ago that I read it, so think I did not too bad m8.
  15. Always think of this scene whenever reading this thread.
  16. When I started in forestry about 25 years ago, we were in the pub after work. Sone boy said to my boss "aye, your nothing but a wood tink davey" and the old boy went fucking tonto. After we'd calmed it down and prevented a near riot I asked the boy what the fucks a wood tink? 'Were fucking wood tinks son, cause we work in the woods" Why then, I asked, all the drama? "Cause that c**t fucking doesn't, so he doesn't get to fucking say that to us"
  17. From an infected spinal column in bap according to Alan Partridge.
  18. "Yir ma flesh an blood Chrissy, ahl dae wi ye as a please!" Is on of the lines that stuck out to me. Pretty sure it was implied that he did, or he actually did it. A quick Google search says he raped the mother to give her the twins, so I'd imagine he had his way with an even more defenceless member of his family. Can mind auld Che though, sure he was a good c**t.
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