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  1. Great to see a few of the youngsters going out on loan, hopefully get some minutes under their belts. Just goes to show the wonders McGlynn has done with our squad as there's not many I'd have us do without this season.
  2. Pretty shite draw money wise getting QP but at least it's at home. Another good test against a team from the league above.
  3. Right footed but can play on either side.
  4. Brilliant replacement for Calvin Miller, a quick and direct player who gets at the fullback. Full season would have been better but i'll take until January. Goal and what is essentially an assist in this game from him.
  5. Mcclelland's biggest weakness at us was dealing with anything physical, even Gary Oliver had a field day with him last season in the cup against Hibs so I'm looking forward to seeing what big Ross MacIver does to him. Gibson and Mckechnie probably the only two players left who caused us issues last season for Queens and we'll see what we could have had in Alex Ferguson given someone mentioned we were keen on him over the summer.
  6. Anybody heard anything on why Agyeman wasn't in the squad on Tuesday? Hoping he's not injured.
  7. U18's drew 1-1 with Montrose today, Montrose keeper saving a penalty and making another great save at the end to keep it that way. Rhys Walker & Logan Sinclair played the full 90. U16's was 3-2 when I left, 2-2 at half time after a goal and assist each for our striker & winger and then an absolute peach of a goal for our third from the very impressive striker. Fair few decent looking prospects in both squads.
  8. Wouldn't have happened under the old cohort, bring back Lewis!
  9. Easy to jump to conclusions when you've only been given a snippet of the information and I was guilty of expecting the worst so I apologise for that. In reality the club have done, in my eyes, the best thing for us by selling the remaining shares to the patron's in order to raise extra funds(the FSS money has already been accounted for) for a few more signings. Also fantastic to hear the patron's and other shareholders have gifted FSS the shares they need to get to the 25%+1 showing we are all working together for the better of Falkirk football club. McGlynn seems to have us sorted on the park this season and from the outside the board have done a fantastic job of sorting out the off the park mess they inherited just under 2 years ago.
  10. Can only get loans in from Scotland just now so if we're looking for a striker I'd be going Anton Dowds or Zak Lovelace from sevco.
  11. Thought the boy Jack Young was the only decent player for you lot tonight, really don't get the signing of McGeady. Did Bully not learn from Chris Maguire last season?
  12. Not any obvious ones. Tonight did however hammer home how much we'd be fucked if MacIver got injured as Allan was non existent up there on his own.
  13. I think he's tried to freshen it up without completely changing everything. Gives him a chance to see Hogarth with the starting back four. Hogarth Yeats Donaldson Lang Mccann Hendo Oliver Morrison Nesbitt Lawal Allan
  14. Looks to have lost his glorious habit of scoring fucking goals.
  15. Might be available to overseas subscribers. PPV is rarely available because of the 3pm UK ban on Saturday's. Can't obviously offer it tonight as Ayr are the home team so it's up to them to offer that. Normally tells you on the match preview whether it will be on FTV so when that comes out we'll know.
  16. With Miller out injured would make sense for us to bring in a winger on loan if there is indeed funds for one more loan signing. If there's a further signing on top of that I'd be hoping for a striker which is mental to think given how much on here we harped on about needing another option in the middle of the park this summer. Hendo & Spencer have been a dream pairing so far. Goalkeeper Nicky Hogarth Sam Long - On loan from Lincoln City Owen Hayward (A) Defender Tom Lang Coll Donaldson Sean Mackie Brad Mckay Leon Mccann Logan Sinclair (A) Layton Bisland - On loan from Dundee United Midfielder Brad Spencer Liam Henderson Stephen McGinn Finn Yeats Ola Lawal Aidan Nesbitt Gary Oliver Callumn Morrison Calvin Miller Alfredo Agyeman Scott Honeyman (A) Rhys Walker (A) Striker Ross MacIver Jordan Allan
  17. 28 shots, 2 goals, top of the league.
  18. Thought we were excellent yesterday but by god we missed some sitters. Nesbitt's at the back post from the MacIver dink and Morrison battering it straight into the man on the line having done everything else right. Could have been nervy as they had a few chances themselves in the second half.
  19. And I believe Morton fans were gutted to lose him to Ayr, football's a fickle game. His saves from Lang's header and Allan's chance after the quick free kick yesterday were exceptional.
  20. Have a watch of Edinburgh's highlights last week, he has errors in him too. We're never going to get the finished article of a goalkeeper at this level, Hogarth & Long are excellent options.
  21. Dominated from start to finish but we better put this game to bed early in the second half. How many chances do we need?
  22. Was the same last week, came on for me just before kick off. May be just how they are working saving the battery.
  23. Given Holt signed off on his deal I'd imagine he'll be sitting pretty on it for the next year. Unless by some miracle another full time club fancies him.
  24. The more games I see Yeats at right back the more I'm not bothered about us signing one. Has anyone ever got to the bottom of whether it's pronounced Yates or Yeets?
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