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  1. Might have showed some highlights of the 16th though.
  2. 1 game on the course and no coverage of it.
  3. Does it not deflect off of Maddison which would mitigate it?
  4. Was reading a bit about the 2008 Massa legal bid. What I don't get is it is about Singapore but surely it would only end up with Hamilton getting more points as would be second with an Alonso DQ. Massa drove out of the pit with his fuel hose which wasn't Renault's doing.
  5. They want him to finish second more convincingly.
  6. I agree mostly and I prefer him to Clive Tyldesley. Just a bit annoyed that Airdrie put out a better highlights package than we did using our own footage. Next week will be a tough test against an inform team but we definitely have confidence and match winners in the squad.
  7. I can live with the commentary, I preferred Fraser but as you say there is plenty of effort going in even if it's not everyone's preference. The highlights I just don't get. I thought we had a company doing these for us? They seem to have dipped massively. It's obviously a good thing that these relatively minor details are the talking point though.
  8. The first Airdrie booking was definitely a yellow. He pulls him down after Slater gets in front of him. The second is very harsh. I don't think Little even touched him for the first yellow.
  9. I think I'd be happy never to hear that again. Missing 3 of the 4 incidents involving yellow/red cards is shocking though. Our highlights used to be decent with replays etc but seem to be knocked up in 10 minutes these days.
  10. I watched the Airdrie version, far better, got all the key moments, no commentary and slow motion goal replays. https://www.airdriefc.com/dtv23-24/230916?fbclid=IwAR0--UWrIxLNpvKILkUh1ZriGPWa9mc6iLkKILsbSddNSfkrqLQNDVIluOk Out highlights are amateur hour. Could do better myself on the laptop by at least including all the highlights.
  11. What's with our highlights that they don't show the 2 reds or any replays of the goals. Pretty poor.
  12. I think Slater missing a lot of preseason showed at the beginning but he was excellent yesterday and certainly a man of the match contender. Steele was excellent moving central and partnering TOB and the whole back 4 was solid with Gold and Stewart both having good games.
  13. Campbell deserved criticism last season and it was clear recruitment was a big issue. They have worked on that and also not relied on getting quality loan players in. It's clear to see that Steele, Slater, Bird, Hylton, McIntosh, Stowe are a massive improvement on the majority of signings last season with Balde being one of the few positives. That said we did stay up and his record gives him a bit of slack in my book.
  14. Yeah it's been terrible being an Arbroath fan since Campbell took over....
  15. They definitely forgot to factor in legs when they designed the stand.
  16. My thoughts were that Gold fouled the player and he was stumbling and fell into Little. For me it was Gold who committed the foul and he was the one that should have seen yellow. Might change my mind when I see the replay though. Worst decision wasn't even the refs but the offside against Hylton second half which is still baffling me as he must have been 10 yards onside.
  17. 4 points but the cigars are definitely lit.
  18. I don't think we should have mentioned work commitments etc as part of our reasons to object. The main thing is the game should be played as scheduled unless moved for reasons such as tv. The whole celebrating a name change is no reason to bring the game forward a day and put home and away fans out without any real reason. It just seems they want to move the game to inconvenience us and we should have the right to refuse.
  19. £15 is also a bit high for this tournament. Can't see there being a large crowd on Saturday. I know quite a lot of people who are giving it a miss.
  20. Like to see Bob play with Rahm in the fourball.
  21. The issue is players need to be ready to play a part and this cup is an ideal opportunity to get minutes into players who have been on the bench. If it helps keep the overall squad match fit then it will benefit the league campaign overall. Likes of the Adams will only play if Gaston is injured or suspended so he really should be getting games like this as a minimum.
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