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  1. Don't try and widen this out to imply I was referring to people other than you poppet. In fact it's the not commenting on the substance but still objecting that's the key. A superb self own.
  2. The Scottish Child Payment. It would be wrong to stereotype in this way when there are clearly a set of people who object to this legislation, who refuse to enter into any substantive discussion on its merits, who are only doing so because they are awful, degenerate, utterly self serving and vile individuals who object only on the grounds that its the SNP that have done it. A key indicator of this stance is entirely cynical and ignorant pish about "wasting parliamentary time when they could be doing X other thing." No surer red flag that the person speaking is an utter weapon.
  3. "Yer auntie gets her baws oot for the swimming team lads" is pure 1996 patois. A vintage year.
  4. Wait does this mean that the playground tittle tattle of circa 1994 was correct in that "Yer Maws got baws and yer daddy likes it?" Huge if true.
  5. There's clearly a fair amount of misinformation out there about this bill but, and while I claim no particular expertise, I can confidently assert getting your flaps out in Parliament or any other public space remains an offence under Section 66 of the sexual offences act 2003.
  6. Getting yourself plamfed onto the sex offenders register in protest at an imaginary legislative threat to wummin fae sex offenders. Some commitment tae the cauz henbo.
  7. Announce your big team without announcing your big team type post. "We can't be independent because we have held an exhaustive democratic procedure and enacted legislation to protect the rights of transsexuals." Is it just me or does this sound a bit, odd?
  8. Just clocked Gordy Broon lauding a Xmas food bank/Christmas packages scheme for people struggling with poverty on the news there. It might seems a little vitriolic and unkind but that old goat can take a running f**k to himself. Clapwanking Amazon giving alms to poor and the odd benevolent mince pie to people in poverty as a direct consequence of the lies he told. c**t.
  9. These seem like fairly non specific objections tbh. I sympathise with some of the feelings and concerns expressed by some women. However, I have some anecdotal knowledge of both child protection, violence and sexual violence against women as a close relative of mine spent her career working in this field. And this legislation will have the square root of f**k all effect on predatory men and sexual offenders and their ability or propensity to offend. None. But it will confer rights upon some of the most marginalised and vulnerable minority groups in society. I don't have a dog in this fight but it does seem to me to be one of the most scrutinised, consulted upon and debated pieces of legislation in history. That doesn't make it by definition good but, you can't argue that it hasn't been thought through or properly debated or subjected to a rigorous democratic process.
  10. Thanks for this. I've been avoiding all of this debate like the plague but this was a genuinely entertaining and informative read.
  11. "We've looked at the numbers and done a whole pile of focus groups and polling. I'm sorry your majesty but the only way to save the country and by that we mean the election is to have another state funeral."
  12. Nah, this is just the inevitable circle of arsehole agitator on twitter closing. Say something cunty. Get called out. Accuse everyone calling you out of being obsessed. Repeat endlessly for attention.
  13. You'd be completely mad as f**k to try and watch or follow any of this but the endless fucking about, the constant forcing of ammendments with no hope of passing to a vote, the repeated points of order, the tabling of new ammendments then the whining about how long this is taking has to be some kind of parliamentary shitehousing record.
  14. I can't believe Scottish nurses support Vladimir Putins war crimes against Ukraine. Sad times.
  15. Not wanting to be seen as acting alone as the barrier to policy is pretty fucking flimsy, for the swash buckling, sovereignty fans.
  16. The UK isn't acting alone. In fact if you compare us to our neighbours and the majority of the world we're miles away from coming even slightly close to pulling our weight.. And I have explained multiple times, cost can't be the issue here. Far right myths for this sort of frothing pish.
  17. I didn't have Brechin on my list of people to be raging at either but open to being persuaded.
  18. The alternative is to wait until the end of a totally mediocre season, then hound him out. I can't see the benefit of waiting tbh.
  19. No but I don't want him in charge anymore. He's fucked it. The only way he can redeem himself is the semi final in January. A feat clearly beyond his capabilities.
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