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  1. Usually white, isn't it? Re-dited to avoid me looking even dafter than I am.
  2. Letby is to face a re-trial for 6 of the attempted murder accusations that the jury couldn't reach a decision on. What a waste of time and money. She's already on a whole-life tariff. What's to be gained? Closure for the parents is vastly over-hyped - they already know it was her.
  3. Couldyagoa good soup? Jefancya good soup? Noowhoosfurra good soup?
  4. He's treasured by 12 people in this year's Dead Pool.
  5. Although I've heard persistent rumours about him, Chookie Embra and a treasured Scottish comedian who is still with us.
  6. Wasn't that from one of the Simon Sparrow/Dirk Bogarde Doctor films? Nedwell & co were... slightly less funny.
  7. Checking the spreadsheet, we have 4 Davies selections, but not this one. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2023/sep/17/geoffrey-davies-obituary I used to think these Doctor... comedies were great fun. And then I hit puberty.
  8. Any idea how many they're expending each month? Is it more than 118, for example?
  9. Take your pick from the Yenitit squad.
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