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  1. And the elbow and the punch - assume they hardly touched them and only a yellow, except not even a yellow Got any opinion on those, or are you the same as the officials, " nothing to see here, move along"? If EK had been on the receiving end of those 3 incidents you would have a very different opinion. You got very lucky, you know it, I know it, hands up, you got away with it.
  2. Just because the player didn't milk it, it was still a red - ref bottled that as well as various other incidents.. Ref and stand side assistant were both poor all night and definitely favoured EK. Offside goal, wasn't offside, elbow and punch off the ball not seen, or more likely just ignored - find it hard to believe none of the officials saw those incidents. There could have been 3 EK reds last night.
  3. I thought Linlithgow were the better team on the night. Ref was, as the old adage goes, "a homer". His decision making all night favoured EK. Yellow cards for Linlithgow players that shouldn't have been given and no yellow / red cards to EK players that should have been given. I also thought the foul on Doc was worthy of a red. On another night, EK could have been down to 9 men, no problem. Couldn't believe the penalty - he did the exact same las Saturday and was lucky to get away with it. The EK keeper would almost certainly have watched the highlights and knew what to expect. Disappointing night, but showed Linlithgow are more than just making up the numbers in this league.
  4. There wasn't any arguments between the fans. The St Peters' fans were just a bit rowdy / over boisterous. They also invaded the park after each of their goals. The game was played like a pre-season friendly, so at least they added some noise to a very flat occasion.
  5. And the 4 missed penalties all fired over the bar!!!
  6. Played 18 league games and scored 66 - almost 4 goals a game, not sure a centre forward is something that is needed - BTW Sneddon is more than decent - he would walk into any other team in the EOSF.
  7. I assume that's a rhetorical question? I was at the game, supporting Scotland, and was appalled by the tartan army's behaviour, both in this game and the previous time we played the ROI. I've no idea what James McLean has done to the Scottish fans to generate the hatred. Would love someone to explain this. Same goes for Aidan McGeady, booed continuously by the tartan army - it's not as if Scotland has any players who have chosen to represent the country of their grandparents, rather than the country they were born in (actually I can think of more than a few, but can't recall them ever being booed for their decision). I also found the tartan army's behaviour towards the Irish fans who had bought tickets for the wrong end unbelievable - I was told of Irish fans leaving early because of the abuse, both verbal and physical from the "love everybody" , all inclusive, tartan army (unless you're Irish and catholic, obviously). How dare opposition fans buy tickets for the wrong end - it's not as if it was Wembley, was it? I've been going to football games for 60 years. I don't recall this whole poppy nonsense being part of the game in the past - somehow or other we have all become targetted by the poppy fascists. Can anyone tell me which other sports behave the way football clubs do? Can anyone tell me of any other business / entertainment that has a minute's silence on any other day other than 11th November?
  8. who are the forward players that Scotland have, who will make a difference? I can't think of any Scottish players who have troubled Celtic this season. The 3 highest placed Scottish players in last season's SPL were Bruce Anderson, Livingston (I had to look him up, as never heard of him before), Lewis Ferguson (how many penalties?)& Tony Watt. Does anyone think any of them would improve the team? I have never liked Clarke as a manager - I think he destroys football, but I can't see anybody else improving things due to the lack of playing quality that we have. The idea that this is the best squad for 30 years is absurd. Look back at the players from the past 30 years, who would walk into this team.
  9. late to the party and didn't read all the previous comments, so apologies if I'm repeating what's already been said. a) anyone who has watched a Steve Clarke team will know exactly what you are getting. Defensive, cautious, hard to beat teams, with little flair / attacking performances - these Scotland performances are not a surprise. b) I'm a season ticket holder at Celtic Park and cannot think of any forward, that I've seen, who should be in the Scotland team. We have a real problem with attacking Scottish players. c) which manager, who would take the job, could do better? We are where we are for a reason - we don't have any great players and we don't have enough decent players, especially forwards.
  10. At the second penalty, I thought the defender was attempting to get to the ball, but in doing so, collided / impeded the forward. Therefore, yellow card. The first penalty was much the same, the goalkeeper was attempting to get the ball, but impeded the forward - yellow card. Both scenarios were much the same, in my opinion. At the Linlithgow penalty, the Tranent centre half impeded Gary and as far as I could see, no yellow card, was this the case? If so, did the ref think the centre half went for the ball, which is questionable, as the corner had just been taken.
  11. just like 2012, if you don't like seeing the truth, just pretend it never really happened!!
  12. who also knew that St Cuthberts were going to lose both games, hence the last game being Darvel v Tranent.
  13. I love this nonsense "your keeper saved you" - he's a keeper, he's expected to save shots!! if you actually watch the game again, everyone of the "wonder" saves, weren't , they were all run of the mill saves - Alan McGregor would have saved everyone of them and nobody would have made a big deal about it. In actual fact, Forster made a mess of one of the saves and almost allowed it to squirm under his body. This is just another of the rangers myths.... ...we reached the European Cup semi, no you didn't, you were second in a group stage ....it's the same club, it was the company that was liquidated (that's why all the badge kissers, davis, mcgregor, naismith, lafferty etc etc, were able to walk away from their contracts for free), if it was the same club, that wouldn't have been allowed to happen. ...we would have won the league if it had been played out - total speculation - Celtic could (I reckon would) have widened the gap, nobody knows for sure, but circumstances dictated that the league was called when it was, as agreed by the vast majority of clubs (as happened with most other leagues) - hearts fans think they would have avoided relegation as well, but, once again, there is as much of a case that they would have lost by even more points, had the games been played ...we've got rid of Mike Ashley with the castore deal - no you didn't - rangers have just has to pay MA another tidy sum in compensation and the details are being kept secret as the fans won't like to hear the truth about how much he's stiffed you for again - there'll be no end of year accounts until they are legally forced to produce them. ... rangers (rip) the most successful team in the world - I'm sure Real Madrid would have been happy to argue that point ....the league didn't extend the season in 2008 - yes they did
  14. You made a sweeping statement, just wondered if you had some personal knowledge / stats on this. I'll repeat what I stated earlier - there is no great level of sectarianism in England or Wales, where Catholic schools are plentiful and indeed highly regarded. The only issues with sectarianism is in Scotland and N.I. , where we have a large anti-catholic population - that is the problem, nothing to do with the schools, otherwise England & Wales (and the rest of Europe) would have the same issues.
  15. I assume you have personal knowledge / stats to back this up? In Drumchapel they closed the only RC secondary school, St Pius, so parents had a choice of sending their children to the non-denom school in Drumchapel, or getting them bussed to Clydebank. I think a lot of them chose to send them to the non-denom and imagine this will have been the case throughout Glasgow, where there were school closures. My oldest 2 went to RC schools, my 2 youngest went to non-denom schools. The only sectarian issue was the 2 going to non-denom school being called ****** B's, due to their support of Celtic (ironically, they were probably the only kids in the school who were regular church attenders - COS). RC schools / segregation is not the problem - the problem lies with the ignorant who have a hatred of catholicism and until that changes, or the government of this "great wee country" decides to actually act on this bigotry, we will always have a problem. As an aside, the OO have actively infiltrated the Scottish Labour party, in order to have a say in the number of marches allowed and the continuation of catholic schools - organised bigotry?
  16. I have heard this argument regularly, from the rangers fans, that Celtic only won the EC due to the poor standard of the opposition. This would be the self same opposition that rangers played against in all the competitions previous to 1967, but never managed to win. Did rangers not hold the record at one time for the most appearances in the EC without winning it, or did someone just make that up?
  17. Catholic schools are highly regarded in England - waiting lists etc - and funnily enough, no serious sectarian issues there. Why is that, if it's teh schools that are the problem, surely England would have the same issues as Scotland? The problem isn't the schools / segregation, it's intolerance of others / ignorance and a "great wee country" scared to actually tackle the problem.
  18. Auchinlech and Yoker both won 2-1.
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