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  1. Hmmmm…… Saints 17-0 with Carr, 0-18 without. Was he really the issue in LV?
  2. Bears, huh? I thought the Raiders were supposed to be the perma-banter-f**k-up franchise?
  3. Personally I can't wait to get back to work. 6 weeks plus since I was there. Obviously has to be in person for teaching and I really do miss (most of) my colleagues and students.
  4. Stuck at home 24/7 (apart from when some kind soul can take me to an appointment), following doctor/PT orders. "Exercise, wlk around the apartment, do stretches etc. but don't go out without someone there just in case (fall risk)" and still not allowed to drive (not sure how I'd cope wearing a seat belt anyway) Getting a bit stir crazy and overwhelmed with the ludicrous "insurance" system here. It's actually costing me more now than when I was paying the deductions from my pay, at this rate I won't be able to pay rent, car loan and insurance or buy much food! It's a fucking nightmare. I'm struggling but I do get support from some friends and family, and I remind myself that it could be a lot worse, wasn't exactly given a great chance of surviving surgery so at least I'm still here, living and breathing! Sorry to whine but I needed to let it out, thank you for this thread!
  5. I’m currently on a f**k ton of medications after major surgery, some are genuine opioids and other sorts of shit that can mess with me (I’m allergic to aspirin so you can imagine what some of this stuff can do) Even so I’m not reduced to the dribbling lunacy of some of the post(era) on h er e Thanks for making me feel sane you roasters and the “normies” too
  6. I begin to wonder how genuine his “Recovery” book is. At the very least a lot of it now seems hypocritical. Still have a copy somewhere here (although I’m not sure it’s particularly relevant in my case any more given my recent health scare. Never liked the guy’s tv/media persona anyway, I just hope he gets what he deserves and his victims have a chance at some sort of safe/healthy life moving forward
  7. Currently I go from feeling cold and shivering to hot and sweaty all throughout the day. I suspect it’s nothing to do with temperature but most likely the meds I’m on and the fact I still have a 26cm long wound in my stomach/abdomen
  8. Been watching the Asian Cup ODI games on ESPN+ ( nothing much else do do as I try to recover) Some cracking finishes in the last 2 games!
  9. Stotious (stocious maybe) And my favourite combo ”rat arsed sideways oot ma tits”
  10. Having been single since Mrs. RN#3 died in 2013 there are a lot of advantages I found being so (plus some downsides) Right now, fresh out of hospital and pretty useless to do much it would be nice to have someone here to help (and TBH look after me a bit)
  11. Well, brief synopsis. 14/5/23 Ambulance to ER throwing up blood and severe abdominal pain. Sometime shortly after being admitted, was (and I only know this from other people/nurses/doctors/surgeon) some kind of scan leading to an emergency operation to remove necrotic intestines followed up by second surgery day after. They told my stepdaughter my outlook was “very poor” (aka je May well die on the table or afterwards) Dont recall the next week or so, was in ICU then surgical recovery and now a week in the rehab unit. Discharge tomorrow still with 2 huge wounds in my stomach/abdomen are and currently on wound vac. tl;dr rn nearly died but is going home tomorrow
  12. On a different tack......Pep complaining about the new "added time" rules and having to play 100 minutes. I guess that any time Citeh are in a cup game that goes to extra time he'll just concede because his players are so fragile? No? Two faced baldy twat
  13. I was reading the BBC sport European preview (I know) and looking at the Bundesliga they basically guaranteed Kane would be top scorer if he went to Bayern. Now this may very well be the case, but have they taken into account he won't be getting the same "protection" from referees in Germany as he won't be the national team's captain over there?
  14. The current obsession of football commentators and "added time" Every game I've watched recently as soon as the clock hits 35 or 80 minutes they start wittering on about "10 minutes to go, and whatever the referee adds could be 5 minutes, could be 10, who knows?"
  15. Oh what a happy breed. I think we have a smaller tether rhan significantly weaker squad one that’s also unbalanced. ComplaininG about lick of signings, May be completely outwits out control with prospective targets relying on their clubs finding replacements? Also Glass $ Goodwin are gone so that’s a pluss
  16. No inferiority complex. But you clearly suck the Glasgow boaby. Not relevant to this thread but my first Aberdeen game was April 11th 1970.
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