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  1. I'd normally make a chilli with half beef and half pork mince. I swapped regular pork for minced chorizo today - not having a meat grinder I put the chorizo through a box grater which is a pain in the arse of a job, but the end results are spectacular.
  2. I did fear that we were in for a bit of a hiding today with our piss weak midfield, especially if Arbroath's recent form was anything resembling their 2021/22 season. They were fantastic today and that standard of performance will terrorise any team in the division whose midfield needs 3-4 touches between receiving the ball and moving it on (which is everyone). I see no reason why they can't challenge for the title if they can hit that kind of benchmark consistently. McMillan wouldn't have made too much difference to the outcome today, and to be fair to McKenzie he is standing in for the best right back in the league. But he is a massive downgrade and we can't play him there again - he can't defend, doesn't look comfortable going forward, and seems to want rid of the ball as soon as possible. I'm not convinced he's anywhere near ready for first team football at this level.
  3. https://richardajkeys.com/index.php/blog Nail and Head. I know Keysey has to spare precious blog space for his frankly excellent weekly put-downs of Seven Hag, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him backing my shout for Dennis Wise to be installed as Director of Football at Chelsea Football Club.
  4. Seeing that crash into a rain soaked net was intensely satisfying. Every football match should be played in the pishing rain.
  5. I hardly think John McGinn is cacking it at historical precedent. The man won a Scottish Cup with Hibs.
  6. Hopefully the German border police deal with bucket hat wearers the same way the Saudis do with cocaine smugglers.
  7. I'm not sure Antony even gets into an all-time Man United sex fiend/woman-beater/rapist XI.
  8. Yet more very bald substitutions from a very bald fraud.
  9. Will take the three points, but I can't help but think that football is the true winner with this result.
  10. I take it this is the 'sign Eddie Malone' guy who decided to become a slavering *** because of the hounding he got on here?
  11. Neil McCann: "The pound, or the Euro, or whatever they use in Finland"
  12. Struggling to see how guff like Joe Newall representing one of our clubs in Europe is more of a win for Scottish football than John McGinn ragdolling everyone in his path.
  13. Muirhead and Williams should be investigated for match-fixing after that.
  14. You just need to re-watch the 2010 World Cup final to see that Howard Webb was terrified of making clear decisions in big moments. I don't think it's a stretch to assume that that bald fraudery filters down.
  15. I can't say I've heard much of this Tonali lad before, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how well he's adjusting to Our League.
  16. Merited or unmerited, I'm very likely to dish out a lot of criticism to Ben Williamson over the coming months. He has an infuriating habit of pulling up one side of his shorts to show off his crap tattoo at any given opportunity.
  17. Judging by the nick of your support last week, I'm sure you're not the only paranoid mess among them.
  18. Ooooft. Maybe that Celtic-esque victim mentality will spur you on to get out of the diddy leagues at the fifth time of asking. 1673611970333798400.mp4.bd1b5e5e2ba0a6fd05550f55892795df.mp4
  19. Walked past a *** with a thick Nornirish accent at Aldi in Govan. "Hi mate can you give us a lift to the airport?" "Sorry?" (I thought I heard him right the first time, but the accent mixed with the audacity of the request made me ask him to repeat himself) "Can you give us a lift to the airport?" "Ah, right. No."
  20. I was 10 in 2004 and that Fulham game is the earliest pre season friendly I can remember. I can mind thinking that 1.) friendlies were fucking brilliant and 2.) if we could match an EPL team, we could probably beat anyone in Scotland and would most likely scoosh the First Division. Took about 3 or 4 weeks for that optimism to be battered out of me. I remember Moritz Volz being class that day.
  21. If your expectation was to build on last season and challenge for 1st place, the argument might be made that Bannigan should only be kept on as a more peripheral player; but your head has also been up your arse if you think that is a remotely realistic objective. From the point of view that a ~45 point 'get it over and done with' type season is probably on the cards, retaining competent Championship players on (presumably) similar or even reduced terms, is sensible. Having said that, im quite happy for us to operate with an unbalanced 10 man squad for the season if it means we can bring Stephen O'Donnell home.
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