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  1. McPherson isn't a premiership player but Darvel or East Kilbride? I'm one of his worst critics but even I think he could handle league 2. It's more worrying that managers/coaches actually trust him with set plays.
  2. When he doesn't take that extra touch he misplaces the pass.
  3. I know you're taking the mick but it really does. We now have enough fit players to put out a half decent 11. Over to you Macca..... Thought Sven was decent today.
  4. James Brown isn't a top flight defender. Cammy McPherson isn't a top flight Midfielder and Graham Carey just needs to gtf. It's not the young inexperienced players that will let us down this season, it's sticking with the dross already in the squad.
  5. Got bored of it years ago although I do dip in now and again. Think I might join the banter page....
  6. It will be better the more minutes these guys get and the more proven players we get back, it certainly can't get any worse than what we witnessed at the start of the season. Drey Wright, debatably last years player of the year and scorer of five goals? Na he won't make a difference. Nicky Clark, scorer of four goals in 20 games and was roundly applauded for turning Stevie May into our top goalscorer, that Nicky Clark? Na he'll no make any difference. Then you have players who haven't even played yet, Sprangler and Jaiyesimi, you dont have a fucking clue how they will turn out but they're written off before even one minute. Get a fucking grip for fucks sake.
  7. Every post is the same though. Sure the players brought in aren't proven but to give them a handful of games, some not even that and decide we are doomed is just pure defeatist. We all knew it would be at least end of September before the new guys got up to speed and most of the half decent injured players would be back training. Yet here you are every week banging the we are doomed drum. It may well turn out that they are all not good enough but you need to at least give the club and players a chance to put out their strongest 11.
  8. Wee Broon had left the building and left the gobshite in charge. Who then in turn let Davidson do as he wished. It does all stem from the top but there were three involved and they're all culpable.
  9. Stop being a fucking defeatist. You're draining the life from me.
  10. Lads we've played both bigots and Hearts with half a squad. We're about to get motoring in a 433, keep calm.
  11. Carey doing his best today again I see. Shite cross to no one then when The Rangers break up the park he fails to stop the cross. Severe lack of skill and effort, gtf you charlatan.
  12. We could all do stereotypes you rat pussed, nasally talking, govanhill slum bedsit living bigot. Go and lick some mould of your wall for breakfast then sit in the corner while picking at your stained underpants and think about your life choices you fucking welt on society.
  13. Daft Hibs c**t will still have the sprinklers on before the referees inspection.
  14. The three of them are to blame. Broon for being a huffy p***k and walking away( typical ***). Broon for putting Flax in charge then giving him free reign. Broon for agreeing with Callum about giving him 90% of the Kerr/McCann transfer takings to spend on his squad. Callum for being a useless, one dimensional, grunting moron and Finally Flax for being a pushover, a weasel who didn't have a clue what he was doing and lying p***k to boot.
  15. It's not Clarkes job to put an end to it, that's the players.
  16. Getting my knickers in a twist? 1. I don't wear underwear 2. I couldn't give a flying f**k about tomorrow's friendly which is why I'm still over 2000 miles away.
  17. After wee beat them I can see them calling up both. Petty wanks are the English.
  18. Like most of your takes on the Tartan army and current Scotland Squad.
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