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  1. I can't after scooping 6 tins between Dundee and Queeen St.
  2. Arabjoe beats Invergowrie by resignation Invergowrie beats AH13STU by resignation Cheers for the games lads
  3. For the last wee while I have thought Kai has been taking the team by the scruff of the neck whilst more senior pros have been cruising
  4. I wasn't for gambling on travel arrangements until I knew the ticket situation. Let's just say the price of match tickets could now not be further from my thoughts as I booked my flights and accommodation
  5. As above Cat 2 and pricier for Colohgne and Cat 3 for Stuttgart. I didn't go for Munich can't afford it
  6. I'm off to Germany !! Good job I was watching phone like a Hawk as timer was on 9 minutes then switched to I was in and had 5 mins to sign in.
  7. Anyone else sitting in a very slow moving queue this time?
  8. I was surprised you took the draw after I blundered my Bishop. Had you activated the second rook you were winning that. I got lucky. Cheers
  9. It will be that lot that grassed too.
  10. If UEFA have agreed to suspend it n any way I think that's very good of them. If I was in Switzerland and the SFA phoned me to say they had accidentally opened it up to one additional level of their loyalty club I'd tell them that sounds like a you problem.
  11. TBF this is a once in lifetime biggest thing the SFA have had to organise in 26 years and if I was the one sending the email and codes I would absolutely bottle it and make an arse of it. I do it at work for 3 figure invoices
  12. Purely in the interests of science. Doesn't work. Says there is no offer for this code. Whether that's because its not 12 yet or because the have coded them for different windows (im 11 points) I don't know.
  13. In answer to the many inquiries I do put bottle with the rest in the boot but it's still irritating
  14. I think those hit aren't too serious. Unfortunately driver passed away which is what caused the incident.
  15. Tell you what Tell you what We've won 9 and a half thousand pounds
  16. Every car I have ever owned only seems to be able to hold 4.5 litres of washer fluid leaving me to just pour the rest on the windscreen or on the road.
  17. If you want a fair and impartial review of the game buy a paper. My point was whilst being thoroughly pissed off with how yesterday panned out I won't be pushing the panic button yet. Not until we don't bring in an RB and CM in January anyway.
  18. We still would have created a million chances if we had lost 2-1. Take a day off from being the site's biggest bore and enjoy your win
  19. There was an incident in car park involving multiple people hit by a car.
  20. It was a bit disjointed today and we lost two poor goals so that's shite but im not going to be losing sleep over the performance. On another day we scored half a dozen in that match. A frustrating watch but it certainly wasn't shite.
  21. None of this explains why even when Celtic do drop to their level of the Europa League they do much much worse than similar sized clubs such as, I dunno, Rangers.
  22. What would be a decent 3 or 4 pub route between station and ground?
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