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  1. Who else has seduced the British populace into a revolutionary fervour and needs brought down a peg? Hopefully Dan Walker.
  2. It's been the case for as long as I remember that the LNER stag and henny express on a Friday morning is dry as far as Newcastle. Don't expect a Scotrail no fucks given approach. They do patrol the carriages with guys specifically to spot folk drinking with frequent announcements of the dire consequences of being caught. Treat it like drinking at work. Put it in coffee or a coke bottle.
  3. If I was an absolute wrong un with a string of sexual harassment accusations against me I'd be conducting a war on woke too.
  4. 2 set piece two tries. More of that please.
  5. Does nobody in the management team question who playing this like a game of 7s benefits?
  6. How did getting to the cup final net you a million quid? Half a million for tv and prize money. Did you sell a lot of half and half scarves?
  7. I'm fine with the points total but my worry is whether we are getting the rub of the green or getting what we deserve. I distinctly remember being top around Christmas under McKinnon grinding out 1-0s most weeks but knowing we were going to get found out eventually. At the moment we are W4 D2 but in terms of satisfactory performances it's probably more 2/6
  8. Or... we are sclaffing in last minute winners against shite whilst relying on the the rest of the league being a blob where everyone beats everyone. I think we should win it but we are horsing nothing
  9. Not sure that's right. Tayport are a middling MFL side with a good win in the last round and losing to a good team from Tier above today. Lochee and Carnoustie losing to the teams top of EoS and WoS.
  10. Took in Tayport v Buckie and as expected Buckie barely had to break sweat
  11. The arrogant entitlement of moaning whilst top of the league but feel like we are really huffing and puffing in some games and that will be all the more so if Moult out for any length of time.
  12. You won't get any argument from me that we need the full levers of independence to make the changes we need but MUP wouldn't be excise duty.
  13. I've come full circle in this. It's classist because it doesn't affect my wine and whisky and price fixing on behalf of multi billion pound corportations shouldn't be the business of government unless the Scottish Govt are then getting that money back. This is an economy and taxation point and doesn't address whether or not the policy works. Similarly with the free bus travel for pensioners and children. Its not free, we all pay for it and private companies shareholders get the money. 100% in favour of free public transport for all but it needs to be transport owned by the people.
  14. I wouldn't worry I'll lose plenty tomorrow for variety of reasons
  15. I thought they had died from the thread title. Can we just keep this thread for a few months?
  16. There's a bit of value in some of those aways. Sauchie, Berwick, Vale, Dunbar and Rose will be seeing my 50p.
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