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  1. What can you say about that? We actually played some really nice stuff in that first half. Clyde's goals came from a wall at a free kick that just disintegrated, followed by a brutal mistake from Meechan one minute later. And we never recovered from it. Meechan was all over the place against Allan. I wonder how things might have panned out if Jamieson had been fit. Clyde's 3rd and 4th were great goals. Biggest challenge of the season now for Naysmith and the players.
  2. Like Jamieson, but surely O'Reilly is our player if the season. So far...
  3. Harry Stone has signed for Albion Rovers. My mood from Saturday isn't getting any better.
  4. I wouldn't get rid of Swift but there are enough question marks about the season so far. The goalie situation is a disaster and yes he signed them both but I presume it was on the premise that Smith would come back as 1st choice. We can't wait any longer and a decent keeper is a must. Re Crighton, you have to look at the goals we are conceding and considering he is supposed to be the experienced head, holding things together, then you've got to say it hasn't been a success. Corbett and Jamieson at centre half sounds like a good shout to me. Can't be any worse can it? It's such a strange situation to be in. We can still easily make top 4 in which case you would have to say that it has been a success but by the same token, I'm still looking over my shoulder. We could easily go on the same sort of run Stirling have just endured. Albion Rovers next. Joy.
  5. The 1st was worse than the 2nd. At least the 2nd had a bit of pace on it but what was he doing for the first goal? To be fair, not sure there was much he could do with the 3rd (looking at you BJ Coll). Stranraer obviously deserved the win but we gift wrapped all the goals. It isn't the 1st blooper from Wilson recently - take a look at Kelty's 2nd goal. We have got to get a decent keeper and pronto. Even a half decent one will do.
  6. For those that can't make it, will there be a live stream?
  7. Been really impressed with the performances so far. Gave a good account of ourselves against the teams from the higher leagues and played some nice football. Goalkeeper is the only position that worries me - Marshall hasn't impressed at all and I worry about what state Graeme Smith will be in should he ever get fit. It has been a long time since we went into a season with anything other than dread so this feeling is quite novel.
  8. Noticed what looked Ciaran Summers in training with Stirling.
  9. This club have no ground, no fans, no community and now they don’t even have a name. They are one man’s play thing and they are dangerous. Bad enough that they have given the Colts a foot in the door, just imagine if one of the established league clubs were to lose their status to this charade of a club.
  10. Hopkirk wasn’t the same player he was prior to signing the 2 year contract. Letting him go now suits both parties. Tapping is a different story, but whatever the clause was, we were happy to accept it when he signed the contract. My guess is that it was probably related to whether we were promoted or not.
  11. We’ve signed another player. Darren Christie. He was on loan at Annan last season and I recall he got some very good reviews.
  12. Given it seems to have been common knowledge he was leaving, I am assuming we have spent his salary on the recent additions. A midfield of Forbes and Wedderburn bothers me as neither are particularly mobile. As FF said a while back, how does that midfield duo align with Swift’s stated policy of an energetic, pressing team. And then there’s Crichton... Still optimistic that we will get the right blend of players making the step up and those with league experience but losing Tapping is a concern.
  13. In other words, give away a quarter share of the club for free? They are trying to raise capital. The distribution of a small amount of shares to season ticket holders is not an unreasonable goodwill gesture.
  14. My god. How do you block posters on P&B? PS I wasn’t aware Motherwell and Ross County wanted their colt teams in the Lowland League. PPS Motherwell seem to be doing pretty well at developing young Scottish talent as things stand PPPS you do realise that the Rangers and Celtic colt team proposal is being continually put forward (by Rangers and Celtic) purely for their own benefit and not for the greater good. Why would they change the habit of a lifetime?
  15. Nobody apart from the people that appointed him. Everyone could see it was a crazy appointment and yet they haven’t apologised once for getting it so badly wrong. At least not as far as I can see.
  16. Wedderburn isn’t for me. Centre defence looks weak so presume one or two to come in there? And where do the Hibs loanees fit in?
  17. Always liked Forbes and based on that Edinburgh game, he still has it. Remember he scored a couple of cracking free kicks against us a few year ago. Guess this means we are a little closer to seeing the departure of Tapping.
  18. Another Lowland League player. Last brothers to play for Stenhousemuir?
  19. A rebrand. Find a home ground. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny. The club is nothing. But it/he has engineered, somehow, a position of influence in Scottish football which is quite dangerous.
  20. So why not sign players north of Dundee? Train in Aberdeen? Appreciate it is not as simple as that but they will be an attractive proposition to players from the north east.
  21. Why would Brechin want to go to the Lowland? The Highland will be much easier to win. What am I missing?
  22. I confess that I have not the faintest idea what is going on with this club which says everything. BSC = Broomhill Social Club but am I right in saying that they actually have no connection to Broomhill Social Club now? Nor do they have any connection to Glasgow. So what exactly is the point of this “club”? It is situations like this that make an absolute mockery of the pyramid. This club is one mans play thing. They have no connection to any community. They don’t have a ground of their own. And they don’t have any supporters. What do they/he bring to Scottish football, apart from providing the Old Firm Colts a back door entry to the Scottish leagues, something the lower league clubs and their FANS have been battling against since the idea was first floated. Congratulations to Kelty today, but imagine if it was BSC Glasgow taking the place of Brechin City, or any other established community lower league club. Honestly, how would that be for the good of Scottish football? They are a sham of a club and are everything that is wrong with the pyramid.
  23. This is ridiculous now. Understand we would sign their “best” players, but we are signing the entire squad of a middle of the road Lowland League team. If they were all up to playing at this level then they wouldn’t have been playing Lowland League. We seem to be putting a helluva lot of faith in a complete unknown. And what about our scouting system. Are we saying that all these BSC players were on the radar and identified as signing targets before Swift came along. I have the fear.
  24. Fair to say that Swift is building a Lowland League select. I for one am a little apprehensive.
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