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  1. If only it was that simple. The Professor has declared it his favourite film and insists every year on the last day before Christmas every member of staff has to come to work dressed as an elf.
  2. I was once on a bus in Dingwall when I realised everybody else was a County fan! Still I lived to tell the tale!
  3. "Good morning" is short hand for "Have a good morning to you". "Morning" is even shorter still. (Similar Good Bye is short hand for God Be With You) After you say Good Morning, they could reply "Good Morning" but it is quicker to skip to next bit and say "What's happening". Some people even say "What's the Craic?" (I dunno, a small fracture that is not entirely a clean break?) Not to mention "Fit Like Loon?"
  4. Those buttons are there to balance the shirt perfectly. If you remove them you will start veering off to the side when you walk.
  5. How did dropping 7.5 million tonnes of bombs on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia improve the lives of the people living there?
  6. Well I broadly agree with you on all of this, you are being a little unfair going with 75 years instead of 100. The longer period would have included the Second World War and maybe that deserves another 5 points for helping defeat the evil Nazi Regime and another 5 points for helping defeat the equally evil Imperial Japanese regime. Having said that, it was not done purely out of the goodness of their hearts and their belief in freedom and democracy. The USA would have had little influence over a Nazi-controlled Europe. Similarly had Japan been allowed to control all of East Asia, it would have been a serious rival to American hegemony of the planet. Most military interventions are to extend spheres of influence or at least prevent the sphere shrinking.
  7. It will be revealed that aliens are real, they have been watching us for years and if we don't stop being nasty to each other than they will blow us all up.
  8. "How to feed a family on 30p a day" with Lee Anderson.
  9. He also thinks people are struggling to buy their own homes because they are spending all their money on smashed avocado on toast.
  10. "Right Class. Today we will discuss the Oxford comma, whether it should be used or not and what are the benefits. Here we have an example I found on P&B just yesterday ..."
  11. Why is it only the last night that gets televised. What about the other nights? Not that I would bother to watch it anyway.
  12. Fun Fact: The Scottish Highlands are an extension of the Appalachians.
  13. Coming from a family involved in the construction business you would have thought he would have known better.
  14. I think conspiracies are mainly carried out by people who find them convenient and don't really care if they get uncovered later on. For example, regarding 9/11, there is no question that a conspiracy took place. I am referring to 50 years ago, when the CIA and others undermined the government of Salvador Allende in Chile and helped enable a military coup on 11th September 1973. By the time this was revealed, General Pinochet was firmly in charge. Similarly the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran. The UK and the US helped with that. Oncxe the Shah was in place, it did not matter who knew about it. Regarding 9/11 in 2001, nobody was behind it who would be in serious trouble if it was ever found out. Certainly not the US government apart from a conspiracy of incompetence and certainly not Israel. By contrast, Al Qaeda were delighted when the finger was pointed at them. They were as happy with the wars that followed as anyone else. That is how I see it.
  15. I would be quite happy for the Farage Party to have a voice in parliament because every time they open their mouths they sound like idiots. At the moment, their views get reported unchallenged by a largely compliant MSM and their threat to steal votes from the Tories means they have colossal influence on UK politics even with zero MPs.
  16. Andy played lead guitar on this famous Robert Palmer song.
  17. Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who. If you can think of any others you should suggest it to them. HTH
  18. "Happy to oblige. However there will be a £8.40 processing fee, which we could reduce to £7.00 if you just send us a cheque for £1.40 and we call it quits."
  19. Check the Dead Pool thread to see if anyone got points. Otherwise No.
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