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  1. The Cladhan is now used solely for DSS/Migrant accommodation apparently. Park Hotel changed their large function suite into rooms during Covid (their small function room holds about 100 max now) and The Beancross looks to be closing eventually as is now only a bar with no functions on the go or even meals in the restaurant. Sad really.
  2. Fortress Brockville event was booked for The Beancross originally. We were told that the club try to move events around club sponsors (they used Beancross for the pre semi final event) so this was the original plan but were contacted by Beancross due to their current situation. Inchyra, as another sponsor, was then booked. As Shodwell Cat says though, otherwise their are no real alternatives to getting 300/350 people in a room for dinner. Grange Manor doesn’t hold that & may not even be a club sponsor.
  3. So we are cancelling the bulk order of “HMS Piss the league” tees then?
  4. New episode of the podcast OUT NOW EP:54 LUST FOR FIFE Review 5-1 win over Kelty with our guest pundit @davebairn ️ Hosting “Fortress Brockville” in November Preview Montrose (H) with Mo’ fan @markrae ️ Update on A night with Russell Latapy PLUS Competitions & FFC news Sponsored by Haldane Construction Services Ltd falkirkdaft.co.uk SHOP - merch.falkirkdaft.co.uk SPONSOR - Sales@falkirkdaft.co.uk CONTACT - John@falkirkdaft.co.uk or Ross@falkirkdaft.co.uk COMPETITION DETAILS… WIN a £40 voucher for Mattie & Me Home Decor courtesy of Derek Steel (Share our X/Twitter post to win) WIN a @Falkirkdaft Captains Armband & A4/A5 prints of Brockville courtesy of Slappin Da Bass Designs. Listen to this weeks episode for details of how to win both.
  5. MATCHDAY! Its on TV tonight but get along to support the boys if you can. Could be the difference on the night. If you haven’t already, give this weeks podcast a watch/listen as we preview Kelty Hearts (A) And keep an eye out for @ProducerMac in his limo EP:53 STAND UP YOU B*STARDS falkirkdaft.co.uk
  6. New episode of Falkirk Daft OUT NOW on YouTube, Spotify, Apple etc. Could have talked for hours with this guy (& we did) and had to edit it down to 90mins Cheers to everyone who continues to watch/listen to our nonsense. Means a lot
  7. Pie huts at both sides of the WS have a cash & card queue mate. PS Great to see you back at TFS
  8. I thought Bartley & Murray’s touchline antics were pathetic yesterday tbh.
  9. Remember he once labelled Oliver as key . Not a dig at Oliver as he’s steady but shouldn’t be a starter this season imho.
  10. Just catching up as been away for a few days with work. Great loan signing in Ethan Ross. I’d like to get him in permanently tbh so hopefully he is here for a longer period. Queens Park is a boring tie to get but it’s at home which is the main thing. Half & half scarf in the tannoy box? Re FSS, disappointing no one from the wider membership has put themselves forward (although appreciate its not for everyone & I didn’t/wouldn’t myself) however I am glad someone (hopefully Mr Steel?) from the committee will be co-opted on in the meantime.
  11. Agreed. I heard it was the “young young” team, ie 13/14 year olds. Brutal.
  12. Not too shabby the last 7 days… Top of the league Cup win over Ayr Scotland a baw hair from Germany ICYMI our latest episode was out this week: EP:52 TRIPADVISOR REVIEW…SH*TE falkirkdaft.co.uk
  13. I would have said at a guess that my favourite seasons were outside the premier but it’s probably mixed bag. Prem - 91/92, 94/95, 05/06, 06/07 & 07/08. 1st Div - 90/91, 93/94, 02/03, 04/05 & 15/16.
  14. Playing very well so far & a great goal. Good away support down the M77
  15. I think my Wi-Fi had dropped by that point . But I do agree that a cup run is by far secondary this season. Be nice to keep the run going though.
  16. Team for tomorrow night possibly if he intends making massive changes? Hogarth Bisland, Lang, Sinclair, McCann Spencer, Yeats Nesbitt, Oliver, Lawal, Allan
  17. Elliot’s did have but unsure if they still do. Contact Brian Stuart on Facebook or the Elliot’s FB page.
  18. Whose all going to Ayr? Hoping for a decent performance from the weekend bench boys plus I assume Lang/Donaldson and maybe 1 or 2 others.
  19. EP:52 TRIPADVISOR REVIEW…SH*TE Review 2-0 win over Edinburgh City ️ Important update from Falkirk Supporters Society meeting last Friday inc a Board update Preview Ayr Utd (A) & QOS (H) ️ Competitions news & Much more including chat about Liam Gallagher, David Dickinson & do FFC have disco lights? Sponsored by Haldane Construction Services Ltd falkirkdaft.co.uk
  20. I think this is a test of our strength & character today. As you say, when a team normally needs points…here comes Falkirk. But this feels a little different this year
  21. MATCHDAY! Edinburgh bound today. Are you heading along? If you haven’t already, give this weeks podcast a watch/listen EP:51 FORTH VALLEY IS NAVY BLUE Preview Edinburgh City, Review wins over Stirling Alb & Alloa, Comps & much more… falkirkdaft.co.uk
  22. Email update out now to FSS members I see.
  23. Lawal isn’t a starter for me. He looks lost almost every time he did start. Far better sub imho when defences are tired or we need a spark in the final 1/3.
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