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  1. Any idea when these will be announced for the early part of the season? Concerned about them picking Cove v Us in August which will cock up train plans.
  2. Nope. After production costs, all the money we’ve taken in via episode sponsorship & the various merch has all went back into FFC. Since last summer we have done: Away shirt sponsor of Leon McCann, Goal Flash sponsor of Cal Morrison, Match Ball Sponsor v Dundee cup tie, Beer bucket donation to FSS monthly plus recently sponsoring part of the pitch. Few things coming up we are doing with FFC too, other than the above mentioned hospitality booking.
  3. We are booked up for hospitality at Struggling Albion in October for one of the guys 40th. Looks a decent package, not too different to ours tbh but something different. Booked up for our place versus that lot in August too, Brockville Lounge. Investing the podcast money wisely back into FFC
  4. Wouldn’t even need to add capacity, could be used as an additional benefit to buying in to the KM stand and have that as the exit/entrance/facilities etc.
  5. An east side standing area/terrace, even if it’s just flat standing like some other clubs (although not ideal).
  6. MATCHDAY! And on a more serious note, for those not on social media, a reminder of the event tomorrow for a Bairn no longer with us
  7. That sounded like one of the media guys who did the same pre match interviews last season, I don’t think that’s Sean.
  8. Love all the Brockville chat. Makes you want to rattle the cage & give it the big’un. But the new generation need their ways & memories too. Good luck to them
  9. No issues personally but saw from a distance last year they were even stopping kids celebrating with the players who came over.
  10. Did the club say they (Keith Hogg) were going to chill over stewards & flags being placed in the stand?
  11. Gordon Marshall David Weir, Joe McLachlan, John Hughes, Tommy McQueen Kevin McAllister, Russell Latapy, Will Vaulks, Derek McWilliams Sammy McGivern, Simon Stainrod
  12. As much as it pains me to say it, Motherwell are probably the group to look to for the group getting put together. No drums but colour and plenty of noise. That’s all that’s needed. Centre of the KM stand would be best imho for getting the full stand involved
  13. How did today go for those who attended?
  14. New shares can be created though, which I think they should be if FSS or Patrons wish to invest money in post the last share being sold.
  15. I noticed that JS said following the FSS investment for the remaining shares, they didn’t expect any new shares becoming available for some time. Granted the club can create new shares at the relevant meetings but personally, I think every pound going in from FSS should be for shares and not just donations going forward.
  16. Great to see young Honeyman get a goal. I think he’ll do very well for us.
  17. Very comfortable game so far, as it should be.
  18. Tough to compare sometimes though I think. At other L1 games & L2 it’s prob fine in most cases. But most of the senior games or larger games down here in L1 (& down south too), mixing of crowds is just a disaster waiting to happen. International football can be different too (or it’s maybe just me). At a WC game I’m not sure I’d care as much if a danish guy beside me celebrates a last minute winner. An away supporter at a Bairns game though I’d feel a lot different
  19. The cage was a brilliant laugh back in the day yeah. Some of the banter was class, let alone the madness at a goal . Not a lot tbh re last season, usual stuff at a game between fans. I think what brought it to a head last season though was the Friday night game versus QOS. A boisterous away support, delighted they went 2 up (before losing), started fighting the stewards and a few home fans were getting involved too. Nothing huge as I say but with most along that way either older or are families, I can imagine quite a lot of feedback was sent to the club.
  20. Jamie Swinney said the costs were only marginally more than having Away fans in the corner of the west stand due to additional stewarding costs. After the 2/3 incidents in the first half of last season, it probably makes sense. Didnt bother me personally but I can understand older fans or families not wanting to have issues sharing seating/toilets/kiosks with away fans.
  21. The away stand will be open for every fixture next season
  22. On Thursday at the away kit launch for the pitch sponsors, their was a small part of me that was mentally right back to the summer of 2018 & the kit launch for THAT squad/summer….shudders. We can only hope it’s not a season like that Can only apologise for the last one…. Photos courtesy of @Bainsfordbairn
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