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  1. He's an absolute weirdo, but even just the movies he was in last year grossed over billion dollars.
  2. Al B


    Similar one when I realised Tom Wambsgans is Mr Darcy from Pride & Prejudice.
  3. Just get rid of player X and offer player Y his wages to stay.
  4. Just for more info, what is it you'd be using it for in particular?
  5. On today's episode of "Things I wouldn't Have Believed If I Hadn't Seen It": Toby is taller than Bevis and the same height as Bair and Wilkinson.
  6. As an aside, Scottish football in general takes an absolute battering for being zero quality shite from people both inside and outside Scotland, but I thought Saturday's game was a superb example of really enjoyable, watchable, quality football outside of the gruesome twosome. Football overall is far too expensive, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn't be happy to be served up that game in return for their hard earned. There was some fantastic high-level football on show and was a great advert for our game.
  7. As Kettlewell said in his interview, he's not looking at the error being at the back post but at allowing the cross to come in. For me though, a ball in from there as pin-point as that, and a finish like that, you've just got to hold your hands up and say it's a first class goal. 9.9 times out of ten a cross from there isn't going onto a postage stamp, and 9.999999 times out of ten a long cross coming from behind the scorer and going across his body onto the opposite foot, is going into the stand. I'm not too bent out of shape about there being any mistakes there. I mean, technically every goal is preventable in one way or another, but that's just a great goal.
  8. The other thing that sticks in my mind in addition to the pain, is the echoey "ping" noise they made when you kicked them. Add me to the list of people who still have scars/weird marks caused by ash pitches!
  9. Dundee also in Panic by The Smiths. Glasgow in Super Trouper by ABBA
  10. Not sure how true it is, but I'd heard his plans revolve around a career change back home and he's not continuing in football.
  11. Goddammit man! You can't make jokes in a St Mirren thread! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING ALL THESE YEARS!?
  12. Look, we were with him for nearly 5 years...it was nice while it lasted and we had some really good times together. But you have to just accept that we moved on and now we've got a better one. We genuinely hope he's managed to find happiness...why can't you just do the same? Enjoy your new partner and your own good times instead on focusing on who he's been with in the past. Don't feel so intimidated....he looks really happy with you guys! You're great together
  13. So essentially, 2-0 up by our defenders defending, and our attackers attacking. It'll never catch on!!
  14. Oh don't get me wrong, my post wasn't meant as a "give us credit - it was our defending that stopped you scoring" type-thing (we're not St Mirren fans), and obviously I can't really comment too much on your games against other sides, I just thought that 3 or 4 of your chances yesterday 99 times out of 100 would be resulting in the keeper picking the ball out the net. As I say though, fully appreciate there's a huge difference in me watching Hearts for 90 minutes, and you guys watching Hearts every few days.
  15. I fully understand the frustrations of you guys as a support, but I feel like the Hearts fans in general are being a touch harsh on their attack. For some reason our players seem to be channeling some sort of "the ball is not getting past me" thing from some where, but if you'd been facing the usual - stand with your hands behind your back then turn your back on the shot - thing that most defenders seem to do these days, a few of your efforts yesterday are going straight in.
  16. I was saying during the game yesterday that what we have in our favour at the moment, is defenders who absolutely love defending, and a bunch of players who seem to detest even the idea of losing. Chuck in a few players who are genuinely talented footballers into that mix, and that's a fantastic base to build on. Much has (rightly) been said about what a talent Lennon Miller is but in addition to his talent, watching a boy who's just turned 17 desparate to chuck his head/face/body/whatever he can in to make blocks was unreal. I mean, I doubt any of us are under any illusions and fully aware we'll have a point in the season where we can't buy a win, but a good start to the season is absolutely crucial in this league whatever your goals are. Also to add - I'm just gona say it....I really like big Theo! All going well he's obviously not in my starting 11, but he did what he was asked to do, very well yesterday and there were more than a few lovely little lay off's and examples of him moving passages of play on quickly and effectively.
  17. It hasn't already been said, mainly because that's not how it was.
  18. Are you getting me mixed up with someone else? I can't think of ever having commented on another poster, let alone in that way. If you'd mentioned Aaron Chapman, and I said something like "aaargh dont mention that name, leave it buried in the past"...would you think I was being sanctimonious, when it's just a lightheated, throwaway joke about the memory of Aaron Chapman being traumatic?
  19. Not this time as you gave us a reduced allocation. I think the first time in my life that I haven't been able to get tickets for a Motherwell game.
  20. Please don't do that. The worst patter in the history of online forums deserved to die a slow death many years ago.
  21. I can't take anyone seriously who starts by saying "if you're relying on guys like Butcher and Spittal" in a negative way. Blair Spittal has been an absolutely superb player for Motherwell, one of the best signings we've made in recent years. If we had a team full of "guys like Spittal", we'd be talking passports, not playoffs.
  22. Add me into the "I don't know anything about Oli Shaw" club.
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