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  1. 3 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    Think he's going to Partick

    Christ. Not much of an upgrade on McKenna apart from his pens. 

    Amazing to think that queen's park have been promoted despite winning less games in the league  than our dross this season. 

  2. 26 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    The English Championship doesn't give teams in mid-table the chance to get promoted. Remove 4th from the discussuon, make it 2nd v 3rd and they replace 11th, for me that's the fairest way if the play offs stay, which I think they should.

    Multiple teams in the top flight have had to work up there with worse prize money than Championship sides get now. Hamilton and Livingston have tiny budgets yet both got promoted and spent years in the top flight.

    Yes you do get that case that sometimes a second bottom top flight club is that bad they lose out to the championship club.  Basically it should be two down every season. That we agree on. Just depends on how you want to choose the teams below.

  3. Just now, Springfield said:

    Dundee ? Deserve all the shite on the way down. Shower of liars and how they got away with their actions on the vote last year should have been a criminal offence. 

    I was pointing out that last season they had flung money at their side to get up so probably had a bigger budget than Killie. Most seasons though that will be far from the case.

  4. Just now, Aufc said:

    There could be a multitude of reasons for him doing it. Despite what people think, most airdrie fans would be horrified if something had been said and would have been happy to shop the guilty party. Presume he moved to peterhead because they were the only club that wanted him.

    As I said, it’s hard not to question the character of them both. Apparently they both punt gear as well alongside their other misdemeanours

    Seems to be taking it all the way with this tribunal mind you. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Aufc said:

    I addressed this in the play off thread.

    Rico quitongo said he was racially abused. He refused to play whilst this was looked at. There was no evidence found and everyone in the supposed area said nothing was said. He then continued to refuse to play and eventually left. His brother also chimed in despite no evidence.

    His brother then subsequently said that he suffered racial and sectarian abuse on Thursday. Nothing was mentioned at the time and, again, no evidence found. He only mentioned after todays game. It is hard not to question the character of someone where there is factual evidence of him hitting his wife and also throwing homophobic abuse about.

    I know there is a section of airdrie fans that can be idiots. Almost all football teams have them. However, in this instance, it seems it is fashionable to jump on a bandwagon and crucify airdrie fans despite there no evidence to suggest it has happened.

    Why would you refuse to play over something that hadn't happened though?  It's a bit much having  to move  a shite side like Peterhead from a decent side like Airdrie because you make up claims of racial abuse. Doesn't make sense. I guess the employment tribunal will uncover the reasons whenever it takes place.

  6. 10 minutes ago, bairn88 said:

    Why should it? I’d rather have the playoff system, keeps the league interesting for almost every team. Aye, it’s maybe a bit weighted to the prem team, but all playoff systems have a tinge of “unfairness”. As random guy says, it’s not like the prem team have an automatic win. From memory Hamilton, Dundee and Livingston have been worthy winners from the champ. Just cos we bottled our final v killie doesn’t mean other teams have to. 

    If it has to be a playoff then have it like the English playoffs then. No need to involve a team from the top flight . Have the champ winners promoted and the next 4 play off to replace the second bottom side.  

    Hamilton and livi is one thing but Dundee probably spent more cash than Killie they replaced so it's ok for clubs who want to fling money at their sides.

  7. 11 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Well get better then? It's hardly unfair that shit teams don't get promoted m8, the last thing anyone wants is some Brechin-esque side finding themselves in the top flight and getting rinsed 10-0, enough clubs get hammered by the Old Firm as it is.

    You're asking teams to get better before you give them the cash to be able to do that. It should be a straight two up two down and that should be it. If it has to be playoffs then it should be a similar format to that in England with the two teams who've had awful seasons relegated and the ones that have had successful seasons playing it off to join the champs. The standard of the championship club at that point means nothing. The clubs that go up then have the extra cash to use to improve their squads to play in the top flight. It's not what their team is like at the end of that championship campaign that's important it's what it's like at the start of the next premiership campaign surely. If st Johnstone with their budget advantage  can't beat Inverness over two legs with the second leg in Perth then there's something far wrong.

  8. 29 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Then why do Championship sides regularly manage to get promoted then?

    The Premiership side has won once, with none without needing penalties, in 5 years.

    This "closed shop" pish is just continously spouted by fans of failing clubs to make some weird excuse for them failing. Promotion to the top flight is easier than at any point in about 30 years.

    That's only because for a good part of that it was one up one down. It's fine if you're a Dundee who can fling money at their side and that balances out the gap but for your bog standard championship side it's still very difficult. It's crazy having a different set up in one playoff from the other 3 anyway.  Premier team should play 4th in the champ and then the winner of 2nd v3rd in the champ.  If they have to be involved at all.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    Threads taking take a right turn for the worse here, which is quite something when you think about it.

    Badgering folk about who their pals are ffs. Get a grip.

    Exactly mate. It's just a football forum.  No need for anyone to get personal  but some folk would rather talk about anything but football it would seem.🤷

  10. 35 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Did they know that when they arranged the fixtures? We were only confirmed in 11th a couple of days ago, so there's every chance we'd be heading into a game against Hibernian needing to win. Would that have been an advantage over ICT


    ICT are punished more because the decision to force a mid table side into the play offs than anything else. Even 2nd v 3rd then v 11th would work in favour of the lower league side.

    Not often the playoff spot  from the top flight happens on the very last game. In fact when we played Killie they were guaranteed  the playoff spot with about 2 games to go and could put their feet up for a couple of weeks whilst we ran ourselves into the ground against Hibs .

    None of these are the main advantage for top flight clubs anyway. The fact they start the season with a  more than a million quids worth of budget from prize money than the team they are playing against. That is never going to produce a level playing field.

  11. 27 minutes ago, Bairn in Exile said:

    No, you haven't said that you have friends on the board but your posts have gone from ultra negative under the old board to uber positive under the new regime, haven't they?

    Yes funnily enough that's because the old board managed to get us in a right feckin mess. League one football having spent all our money. Now did I slag them off when they first came in ? No I gave them a chance to show what they can do.  They failed and I criticised them for that.  I'm going to give the new board the same chance funnily enough.  If we're just as bad come next season I'll then criticise them. It's no difficult to get your head round it really.

  12. 35 minutes ago, RandomGuy. said:


    We play the same amount of games this month before the Final as ICT and they get 2 days extra rest.

    Where's the massive advantage we're getting over them?

    I'm fairly sure the Championship sides have almost won 50% of the play offs so far aswell.

    You can stick out your kids team today though as the game is utterly meaningless.  ICT couldn't exactly do that.

    Plus why is the playoff second game always at the top flight ground? Very unfair that they get 120 mins plus penalties to win at their home ground every year. Should be a straight draw to see who plays at home.  We constantly want to reward failure in Scottish football.

  13. 32 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    Na. The clubs at our level only have themselves to blame. They had the SPL where they wanted them when Sevco went bust but shat it, accepted this and accepted the awful financial package too. 

    Exactly. The teams at the top flash a few quid to league one and two teams many of whom think it will never effect them anyway and the teams in the championship get shafted at every turn. Bet Arbroath probably dropped their drawers quick enough when the cash was mentioned but they might be in the top flight now if they hadn't.

  14. 54 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    What is your relationship with the new board ? Are they friends from your childhood or did you befriend them when they became board members ?

    I've never at any point said I had friends on the bod and if I did I'm not going to chat about the origins of that anyway. Can we no just talk about football on here?

  15. 7 hours ago, Bairn in Exile said:

    Syd Puddefoot, an honest question:

    Do you have friends on the board?

    @Back Post Misses has been a propagandist for the new board ever since their inception and @Shadwell Dog has done a volte-face and has been posting recently in favour of the new board, apparently due to him having a friend there (happy to be corrected if I am wrong Shadwell and I will gladly apologise if that isn't the case).

    Are you another with friends in high places?

    I have no dog in this fight, I never knew anybody on the old board (I had an exchange of emails with Colin McFarlane due to my criticism of the old board but I didn't know him) and I know no one on the new board. But, just as I was critical of the old board, I reserve the right to be critical of the new board, if that criticism is deserved. I think that appointing McGlynn as manager is deserving of criticism.

    If they do good things, I will give praise where it is due.

    Nobody gets my unwavering, undying loyalty.

    The board will deserve criticism if they like any other board don't produce the goods it's as simple as that. I'm 100 percent confident though that they will never stoop to the goings on that the previous bod have off the park even if the on the park decisions don't work out.  I didn't criticise the old bod either when they walked in the door. I gave them a chance to produce the goods which they failed miserably to do taking the club backwards at an incredible rate.  I would criticise any board that carries on like they have whether I know anyone on the bod or not. If you don't agree with decisions it's in your right to complain, protest not go. 


  16. 43 minutes ago, Blame Me said:

    A lot of words to say we're skint and our commercial operation is a disaster!

    It would seem in order to "control non-football costs" we seem to have reverted - if we ever deviated from - relying on volunteers with professional skills to work pro-bono which, in my view, is a nonsense considering the amount of work realistically required in the areas mentioned.

    I can't say I'm as enthused as others about the statement.

    Yet to see tangible change happening which aligns with the pillars the board describe their instigating.

    Yes we're skint because the old board has pished our reserves down the drain on shit footballers crap managers and directors of football and concert tickets for their friends and bloody families.

  17. 1 minute ago, Syd Puddefoot said:

    And he's still hanging about like a bad smell. Heard yesterday he got invited to compere a sportmans dinner at Elliots..shameful if true.

    Surely not. The guy would've killed our club with his crooked actions. Still involved with the south stand group which is why he still seems to swan about as if he owns the place. Should never be allowed in the place again.

  18. 35 minutes ago, Baggio said:

    My Killers tickets finally came through last week. It will be nice to go to the Falkirk Stadium and be entertained.

    Anyway, are we getting money from these concerts or have we had it or are we getting hee haw?

    A lot less than we should have due to a former director that's for sure.

  19. 9 hours ago, Maverick_- said:

    I hope Dunfermline sack Hughes. They will no doubt bring in some textbook Scottish manager who will be absolutely rotten. Yogi has the ability to get a tune from that team I think, awful end to the season but he’s still a better shout than most in this country. 

    He's had 6 months to get a tune out of that lot and yet they got pumped in their last league game by queen of the south the only team with a worse record than them in the league and then beat over two legs by a queen's park side even we managed to draw with a few weeks ago.


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