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  1. With an unbeaten run of 56 years it’s surely Third Lanark’s year.
  2. Should be an interesting game on Saturday with plenty of former Diamonds involved with Raith now. Most predicted Airdrie to struggle this season but they started well and got early points on the board to settle the nerves. 2 wins and 3 defeats sees them 7th currently but a poor result against Arbroath will have perhaps dented the confidence a little. Poor record in recent years against us but as we showed on Saturday records are eventually broken. Hopefully we can continue our great start by nicking the points but Airdrie will be out to make a statement to Murray and the former Airdrie players. Hopefully a decent crowd for this one, do Airdrie still have their “Make Airdrie Great Again” Trump banner?
  3. What’s with the wee fuds running on the park, not seen that before? Need to cut that shite out immediately. It’s great to see young kids wanting to come and support the team and enjoy themselves trying to make a bit of noise but they need to rein it in. The club and board are keen to encourage the young fans as Brrowman mentioned in an interview but they’ll soon stop if we start getting fines because of them.
  4. Delighted with the win and praise to the Gafffer for getting subs right. Overall I thought we were poor and ICT will be wondering how they didn’t win that game. No idea how ICT are bottom as they looked a decent enough team yesterday. Nice to get the monkey off our back and no surprise we did our best to keep the run going and Dodds in his job. Winning when you don’t deserve it is the thing good teams do so hopefully we can keep grinding results out. Final note WTF is that away strip ICT have, it’d give you a migraine watching that every second week.
  5. Check the fridge see if they’ve left any of those Fisher and Donaldson pies behind.
  6. Right lads get the open top bus out. Absolute robbery, we deserved nothing from that game but I’ll take it.
  7. Quite like Ross, decent player but he’s struggling to get minutes with us currently. Loan him out and get him back up to match fitness with some game time. Come January and you’ve potentially got a match ready Ross to come back into the team. Ross gets game time and keeps him happy and we get to save a bit on wages while we’re fairly stocked in the midfield positions.
  8. I’ve a feeling a punch up in the future might be inevitable since they publicly outed themselves and their views while dragging RRFC and Kirkcaldy into their sectarian shite. That flag getting put up at an away game might now be met with at least a few harsh comments toward them.
  9. I would agree with you UNTIL it was pictured side by side with UDA flags and “Kirkcaldy is Loyalist” pish then it became 100% political. We are a community club for the town of Kirkcaldy and surrounding area. Displaying sectarian flags (which this obvious is now after that photo) does the opposite of bringing people together, it sends the message that we are a club with links to PUL ideology which we are not. Displaying it alongside UDA flags has literally brought politics into Starks Park.
  10. A pitch invasion after beating a Northern Irish club in the Diddy Cup. We shouldn’t be fined, we should be ridiculed
  11. That’s fucking embarrassing, we’ve no association with either of the cheeks and it was only just over a decade ago the blue side wanted to burn Starks to the ground after Hutton spoke out. I’m not a fan of UJs but before seeing this photo I’d just have ignored it as it’s after all it is the UK flag. However these idiots can get it to f**k as that photo says 1000 words about their reason for having it.
  12. So Rovers unbeaten and joint top of the league playing great football and everyone is just going well. ICT absolutely imploding having a nightmare and bottom of the league. Rovers 1-2 ICT. Come on we all know it’s coming death, taxes and ICT ridding us sideways are the certainties in life. Actually if can’t finally win this can we just not bother playing and just toss a coin for all future matches, heads 3 points to Caley tails 1 point each. Would save both teams traveling.
  13. Aye mind that was asked what was the greatest moment of his career and said playing for his country while pretty much greeting.
  14. Not really bothered, if Clarke wants to call him up that’s his call, I doubt he considers himself Scottish considering he’s played for England but only he knows how he feels. Ultimately we’re a small country with a small pool of players and we need to use every player available to us or we’re at a disadvantage against other countries who will. Gunn and Adams took us as their second choice and Gunn’s father was a Scotland International. I’m sure most would like to have a squad full of proud Scots but in reality we need a squad of good players. There’s plenty born here who hate the National team and plenty born outside with Scottish family who consider themselves to be Scottish and proud of it. Is Barnes a proud Scot? Probably not but if he can do a job for us like others have in the past then fine, he’ll need to realize he’s not walking into that starting eleven though.
  15. Did we not erect it in Falkirk after the Airdrie playoff game?
  16. I’m confused by the “away fans sneak a drum in” what do they do put it under their shirt . It’s not exactly something the steward has to search you for. I sympathise if it gives her a migraine but there’s a drum at pretty much every stadium you go to.
  17. Never in doubt. If you believe that I’ve got a bridge for sale.
  18. The 5-2 was a really weird game, absolutely no doubt your lads deserved to win but the score didn’t reflect the game that day, everything you did came off and everything we did just fell apart. Interesting to see how Saturday goes as I’ve no idea how good QPFC are despite being top. You looked really good last year but obviously the wheels came off at the end. This league is really hard to call so far with everyone capable of beating everyone. How many fans do you think will come through for this one? Hopefully we can keep the run going but while we’re undefeated we’re certainly not strolling games.
  19. Don’t panic just yet, remember you’ve got guaranteed points coming when we play you next month.
  20. Airdrie 1 - 1 Inverness Ayr 1 - 3 Dundee Utd Dunfermline 2-2 Raith Morton 2-1 Arbroath Partick 2-3 Queens Park
  21. I know you’re pure excited about the big game but it’s a whole two weeks away, we know you’ve got nothing else to look forward to before then but we really need to concentrate on our upcoming game with Hibernian in the League Cup. It’s the round where all the diddy teams are out. If you’re stuck for football perhaps see if Falkirk are up for a friendly as they’ve nothing on next weekend either.
  22. Airdrieonians 0 Partick Thistle 3 Ayr united 2 Inverness CT 1 Dundee United 2 Dunfermline Athletic 0 Queens Park 3 Arbroath 0 Raith Rovers 2 Morton 1
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