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  1. Disagree, I think a back three of Tizzard, Bannon and Fox would do the job. Fox cannot play as bad again, Bannon has the ability and pace and Tizzard is the man for the right and side.
  2. It was strange taking off a midfield player and putting on a forward and instead of a defensive type player, e.g.Bannon.
  3. Just back from to weeks holidays and have been having lunch with my sister who lives in Summerville Drive and I have just noticed the rebranding of Lesser. I have no problem with the City sign if it is bringing in sponsorship but the sign for the McAlpine has been taken down, why? I understand that the McAlpine family donated £100,000 to the building of it, surely we are not thumbing our noses at them!!!!!
  4. Trust this is true and they are not being petty
  5. It does, but does this now mean, as I suggested it, that the SPFL will form a League 5?
  6. Not quite, but very similar, after all the clubs invited in could be outwith the Lowland league and might include Brechin.
  7. If this Conference league proposal does not go through, then there is a suggestion that the SPFL will form a league 5 with B teams and have a division of 10 teams by inviting in either 4/5 teams from the central belt to make up the numbers. B teams would not be able for promotion and the highest placed of the other teams would playoff against the bottom team in league 2. There would be no relegation and no £100k to pay.
  8. No, just stating what we need for next season.
  9. We must sign an experienced centre back and I would go for the Morton No5 Baird who I think is the best in this position in the league. We must also sign a striker who will score goals on a regular basis like the guy at Ayr. I am sure that both are available for the right money.Not sure where we can get a good midfielder to play alongside Thomson though!!
  10. Well if that is the case and it is true, that was a disgraceful decision, no wonder Dundee went to the SPFL about their allocation.
  11. Zanetti, I asked you before, where you got this information from and you have not answered my question re having the Dundee fans behind the east goals. Where does this idea come from? Is it a big secret that you cannot share with a ST holder?
  12. You are joking surely. My understanding was that al QP fans would be in the stand.
  13. I think that the club wil pay up his contract and he will go home to Nigeria to be with his family.
  14. You are 100% right, we are playing a system that suited us with SM. Now we must start playing with 4-4-2 to suite the players that we have.
  15. Just wondering if the W Academy run be Ryan and Kyle Wilkie are the sons of ex QP player Douglas Wilkie?
  16. Think you will find that the drill hall and ground, for 3rd Lanarkshire Rifles, was in Butterbiggans road off Victoria Road.
  17. Yes it is sad, but in an interview with a sports writer, I understand that the QP CEO has said that it is not QP who are taking over. I have heard a whisper that indeed Hutchesons' Grammar School are taking over and that they will be playing cricket there.
  18. We bought them, to help them ou, as they needed the money to bring in new players.
  19. As the ex-member that I am, that is agood point, re sneaking Dempster in once. However, when I asked a friend of mine who is still a member about it happening, he told me that when he enquired about it after the AGM in question, he was told by the company secretary that there was nothing in the clubs articles that said that only members of the club could attend AGMs. This surprised him greatly, as if I remember rightly from AGMs that I attended in the past, only full members were permited to attend. Perhaps you guys who are still members should check the clubs articles. Or is this just another case of not telling members what is exactly happening at the club?
  20. Yes, we are all buzzing again, but it would be nice to hear what the TMWNN, think that is what he called himself on this site, has to say on the subject about the teamlines against Inverness.
  21. What we need to do is move the water tank to behind the goals at the north end and then build a 2,000 seater stand in front if it. This will release space for seating or indeed a standing area between the royal box and the corner flag at the end for more fans.
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