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  1. And it will be the opposition’s first game for three weeks
  2. Aye all these youngsters concerned about having to sit next to a couple of Rangers fans. They should have been around when we played them at Boghead. 16,000 in the ground, the vast majority Rangers fans, and we still managed to change ends at half time.
  3. That’s a pretty stupid attitude to have. In any competition you want to do the best you can. We had no chance of winning the Championship when we were in it but I’d suggest you might have been bothered about results. The worst draw we could get would be away to either of Celtic or rangers. Unless you’re an accountant
  4. Ok. I’ll tell my son , who works in a theatre, to stop doing it because you say it definitely doesn’t happen
  5. You get searched going to a concert or the theatre these days. Its hardly unusual
  6. Presumably Lee Rigby only had one parent and 'In attendance' belongs to that sole parent?
  7. Love the story in the column next to the report about Montrose being included in the first round of the cup by mistake. Football authorities have always been a bit crap but that is an astonishing mistake.
  8. Think i would prefer Lynas in the centre over Malcolm. He didnt look comfortable there last week and he could be moved forward in place of Blair
  9. Re your final sentence. The amount of times footballers spit always baffles me. Do any other sportspeople do it?
  10. I was about to come on to ask who he was. Absolutely no memory of him
  11. That’s not luck. He missed. So wasn’t good enough to put it in. Banks O Dee were as poor a team as we’ve played and when Farrell finally played our strongest team the result was never in doubt
  12. That seems like it to me. How many times this season have we seen a good first half then a collapse in the second. Other team realise what they have to change at half time, get on top and we can’t change to combat it
  13. Amazing to think that we paid £40,000 for Wallace back in 1972. That’s £675,000 in todays money!
  14. ‘Common sense gets marked down’. - kinda sums up Scottish Football administration doesn’t it?
  15. If only the proposed new rules about buses had been in force back then none of this would have happened
  16. I'm not sure how we could stop Broomhill giving discounts to our season ticket holders. Confiscate the ticket if anyone goes along?
  17. I know that a lot of fans can’t distinguish between the spl and the spfl but I’d have thought the BBC would have been able to
  18. Why would the sfa not allow it to be played on the Sunday?
  19. That really is ludicrous. If a club can’t fulfil the fixture they should forfeit home advantage
  20. They won the Scottish cup against Celtic way back. It was their last cup win til 2016
  21. As far as I am aware neither the UK or American governments fund football teams. The Saudi government do
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