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  1. Amazing to think that we paid £40,000 for Wallace back in 1972. That’s £675,000 in todays money!
  2. ‘Common sense gets marked down’. - kinda sums up Scottish Football administration doesn’t it?
  3. If only the proposed new rules about buses had been in force back then none of this would have happened
  4. I'm not sure how we could stop Broomhill giving discounts to our season ticket holders. Confiscate the ticket if anyone goes along?
  5. I know that a lot of fans can’t distinguish between the spl and the spfl but I’d have thought the BBC would have been able to
  6. Why would the sfa not allow it to be played on the Sunday?
  7. That really is ludicrous. If a club can’t fulfil the fixture they should forfeit home advantage
  8. They won the Scottish cup against Celtic way back. It was their last cup win til 2016
  9. As far as I am aware neither the UK or American governments fund football teams. The Saudi government do
  10. The money is immoral enough but it’s worth reminding ourselves that this is a country which lured a journalist in to their embassy in a foreign country and openly executed him
  11. Yip. Anyone who wants the death penalty should consider a case like this https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jul/26/appeal-court-overturns-manchester-rape-conviction-of-man-who-spent-17-years-in-jail-andrew-malkinson If such an appalling miscarriage of justice can occur in a rape case it could occur in a murder case. Bad enough to be jailed for 17 years for something you didn't do but the death penalty takes that way beyond a miscarriage.
  12. Depends how you identify. Could be, 1st person singular: they lose
  13. Going For The One had three sections although only a single album. Wasnt a Roger Dean cover though
  14. What if they offered £1,000? Would you be happy to accept that?
  15. If you want to be really pedantic it’s the top division of our league that is called the premiership
  16. Given that would leave the football club very little parking space I'd be very surprised if the Council approved that
  17. Why would clubs need a legal expert? Cant they just instruct a lawyer as and when they need one?
  18. I seem to remember hearing that Hosie was looking for 1.5m. but I cant see him ever getting that. So if he'd accept a million you would need 500 contributing £2,000 each or 200 contributing £5,000 each. Or something in between.
  19. Maybe we should ask West Dunbartonshire Council . . . or maybe not.
  20. Murdo Mcleod was 17 when he scored his first goal. Spring cup tie Older than Vata is now but depends if you only count competitive games
  21. I think Bonnyrigg is one of the best to be honest
  22. I’d like to think we will abandon the narrow pitch nonsense given that it gave us absolutely no advantage whatsoever last season
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