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  1. Had heard that also Also had heard the Justin to Crystal Palace rumour but with him being loaned back. Maybe the reason he's had less mins is due to staying fit before a medical or something. Again pure speculation but cash from him and then cash from possible next round could add to that budget
  2. Jesus christ my man they said it would be Wednesday it was announced.
  3. Hope so , I do enjoy a steak pie. The mince pies always give me heartburn!
  4. I think a fiver is pretty shocking, I know it's probably just a knock on effect from suppliers prices than ruthless profiteering but I shan't be buying one at that price. Tell you something though , if this is the negatively we get from a WIN, its going to mad next week if we get beat off a PREMIER LEAGUE team.
  5. What we can all agree on is.... 5 quid for a steak pie is bang out of order. The steak pie must be boycotted!
  6. To be fair it's not just you. And I'm not wanting to make out like your a dick... I just want people to be a bit more realistic about our position as a club. We have a lovely strip out the now with new home tops touted for the end of July. It's a difference of a couple of weeks ? The club have been bringing in fans reps , did you apply ? Did any of the folk who love a good moan and cry foul play by the club apply ? I get that it's rubbish when things are quiet but are they gonna announce we've sold 350 season tickets 3 weeks before the season starts? Probably not. Are they gonna announce signing targets , of course not. So I just dont get the hate pointed towards the club. Im not clapping my hands and "la la la ing" I'm just calming the F down cause there's not much to get upset about.
  7. "Kept completely in the dark" The club isn't the CIA man , like I said just ask. I'll ask , and let ya know. We seem to parkour from "clubs deliberately not recruiting players" to "Strips!!!! why don't we have strips this is tin pot" and now on to "season tickets numbers" See if folk honestly think it's that bad, don't give them money , don't go. This is the best the club has been run both on and off the pitch in a long time , we are In the championship, we are starting the season with a decent squad that yes needs strengthened but we are starting from a good base. If all this comes at the cost of not being told the season ticket numbers then who cares.
  8. I'll ask then when the physical ones are available for pick up. I don't see the drama if I'm honest. If we are thinking it's maybe 500 there's no way the club are celebrating that. Easily one of the lowest in the league, but lets put it out that we are shifting a quarter of some other teams in the league becuase folk on the pie and bovril might moan. Opens the club up to ridicule when you have other clubs shifting 2k season tickets and we're celebrating something that would be on par with mid table league 1.
  9. I'm not sure there would be much of a bounce . I saw someone mentioning they thought our home gates would be bigger this year but even with promotion I think our average home crowd will be about the same. But seriously, try messaging the club, see if they get back to you. Or if you nip on to collect yours ask.
  10. You tried emailing the club and asking? I'd imagine it's a lot lower than people think it is
  11. i see Arbroath have signed a 21 yr who had played for stirling and Brechin today , and Partick are linked with a loan move for a 21 year CM from Rangers. If that was us folk on here would be utterly raging. Not knocking the above players at all by the way, just highlighting the market at the moment.
  12. Agee with this. I also just don't get the weird vibe people put out suggesting the club are doing nothing. Do folk honestly think the club just want to go back down and aren't trying to get players in? I mentioned this last year and someone came back with a snarky "i dont pretend to know what the club thinks" that's just the most bizarre mindset if you think the club is deliberately not signing players or not trying to bring in "quality". And now you've got someone saying Fordyce is unconvincing in saying they are looking for quality. Madness. The club will be trying in a very sparse market to bring in players that fit the system and can either add to the squad or be developed. We all want the same thing , the club want the same thing , Mccabe wants the same thing , we all want the club to succeed. Its not as simple as just bringing in players, wish it was. There's a pecking order and we are pretty far down it.
  13. What I do like about our current set up is that you can see the team are all together in this. They all seem to have bought into this project and Mccabe which is good to see. Either that or consilium are holding them all hostage...
  14. Mentioned by us though so it means nothing. We did this last year where folk would post a name , they would sign for another club and then folk would come on raging that "thats another one missed". The club will have targets , they won't be advertising them. Just got to trust the process we want players that fit into our system not players who have experience but need to be shoehorned into a system they aren't built for, you end up with Harry Maguire being a bombscare at Man United, obviously we aren't Man United but you get the analogy.
  15. I still think we're only 3 players short LB , CB and maybe a CM. O'connor is here to play and I reckon he's a straight swap for Smith. I want more depth but ultimately I'm not overly worried the now. If we don't bring in a left back and a speedy CB I'll be worried , that's my main areas of concern.
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