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  1. If multiple journos are going with the same thing it hasn’t been pulled from thin air, or invented to make the story more exciting. Wishful thinking to suggest otherwise. The stuff about him not coming back that is.
  2. I know it’s Pie n Bovril and we’re all meant to pretend Engurland!!! *shudders* are shite and overrated but they’re a level above anyone we’ve played in a long time. A right schooling that tonight. Can only hope this doesn’t derail the momentum and that we’re able to get qualification sorted. I will say though, as good as they were, I’m not quite having the ‘ah well, they’re the better side’ stuff - they clearly were and are always going to be better than us, but we were fucking shite tonight and have a terrible account of ourselves.
  3. You see loads of hype around different players potentially being world class. We do it to, but it’s quite staggering to see what an actual world class talent looks like. That good at 20. Frightening
  4. They’re a top side and levels above but we haven’t turned up. Until a minute ago. Panicking on the ball, passing it into touch and just generally not doing basic things we know we’re capable of.
  5. Thought we’d moved on a bit but unfortunately it seems we’ve still got a cake the bed/freeze on a big occasion performance in us, which wasn’t what I was hoping for (hopefully) going into a tournament where we’ll face good sides.
  6. Aye that’s the bigger point. We’re two nil down and they’re fucking schooling us. Our captain has had an absolute howler leading to a goal. But wheeey Maguire. That’s the real quiz.
  7. Not a fan of the Maguire stuff. Wee guy football Twitter patter that has leaked into real life.
  8. Also while I’m at it. We should’ve punted yes sir to f**k after the Euros. It was a very specific moment in time. It’s mortifying now.
  9. I know. That’s what I’m saying. I can take losing to them. I can’t take absolutely shitting the nest, gifting them a goal and firing passes into touch every time we get it.
  10. I can take getting tanked by a side far, far better than us. Can’t take us shitting the nest altogether and giving a terrible account of ourselves.
  11. This England side would murder the Spain team we played.
  12. Bellingham is fucking brilliant at football and is great to watch. That’s why folk like him.
  13. There is a bit of a theme with some of these games - Czech at the Euros, Ukraine in the play off come to mind. Massive occasion, atmosphere expectation then they seem to play like they’re too aware of it.
  14. They’re a level above but we’ve embarrassed ourselves here. Very much played the occasion and rushed/panicked every time we’ve had the ball. Looked like wee guys against them.
  15. Who's the wee guy wandering about with them?
  16. 5 wins from 5. That's just fucking mental
  17. Yep. I don't really know what's going on. I've been mostly tuned out of this game for the last half hour, mostly spent in group chats and online talking about how good we are. There has never been a second of doubt tonight. The 'this really doesn't feel like Scotland' vibe, and the whole thing feeling a bit strange has been a recurring theme of this campaign.
  18. Call on Me by Eric Prydz was number one on the day Evan Ferguson was born. How i feel knowing that: Banger mind.
  19. Aye a good move for him. Obviously for sentimental reasons i wanted him back at Celtic but it wouldn't have made a great deal of sense for his career.
  20. OVER Edit - to save anyone the click, it's Real Sociedad.
  21. Doesn't have to work house shows (midweek cup ties in winter)
  22. Lot of murmurings on the #ITK grapevine suggest it's happening. Likely won't be until the last day or two of the window i'd imagine. It'll be beyond surreal seeing him back, and i can't wait to see what sort of nonsense we/Desmond comes up with to pay (likely) half of his wages. Cut of the burger van profits, the half time draw going straight into his pocket every week etc. Scottish football's answer to Hulk Hogan's WCW contract basically.
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