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  1. I’m convinced this section of the forum is the Facebook of PnB. It’s wild for it.
  2. Was all a bit weird. The light show didn’t match the feeling at all. Bit of an *Alan Partridge using pyro as he’d already paid for it* vibe. Then add in the dated tune selection and the bored looks on the players faces.
  3. A lap of honour at Hampden is funny. The players can hardly even see the fans. Just staring vaguely in their direction lightly tapping their palms.
  4. McGinn always speaks like a normal person rather than some robot footballer. He’s a good c**t.
  5. Aw come on we’re not still playing this garbage are we? Was a fun moment 3 years ago. Let it go ffs
  6. Fucking abysmal from Clark. So, so bad. Like some guy in Soccer Aid or something
  7. Dykes sticks the elbow into defenders multiple times every game. Good laugh n that but he gets an awful lot of needless bookings.
  8. Said it in the last thread but I’m leaning towards Patterson just not being that great. Been mince for a while now. When he was fresh on the #scene his inexperience defensively was mitigated by how good he was going forward but that’s not the case anymore
  9. Clark isn’t even close to being good enough. Miles off it
  10. It’s something I never really understand. Obviously they have to hit it ridiculously hard to score at that level but I never get how a professional footballer can blaze one miles over the bar. Surely they should all be able to hit the target with their eyes closed even at full power with little time.
  11. Aye that’s the hope, never know with an injury like that at his age but we know never to rule him out.
  12. Also I’d agree with the chat r.e Patterson. He really hasn’t kicked on. He’s not great at all.
  13. We would be utterly, utterly fucked without Angus Gunn. We don’t have another keeper who is even close to being good enough.
  14. Got one of the Guinness nitrosurge sets today. Only had one pint so far but it seems the real deal. Night and day from the standard cans.
  15. Fucking hell that’s a sickener for Aberdeen. The penalty decision (they should’ve had) is a disgrace. That said, the defending was absolutely atrocious for both goals. Embarrassing to chuck it like that.
  16. 10 years at home. Beat Anderlecht away under Rodgers in 2017. Weird feeling tonight. Really quite proud of the performance overall. I feared a scudding, but we played well tonight - particularly the first half where I thought we were terrific. Knocked it about well and really pressed them. They’re a brilliant team and we basically have no bench, so the second half was always going to pan out that way. Overall a draw with Atletico Madrid can only be considered a good result, but in the context of the group it’s a wee bit frustrating. The earlier games biting us in the arse.
  17. Aye tonight was a non event for me, 4-1 is fine. 5-1 is pumping territory strangely enough but 4-1 is fine. That game will disappear from my memory within about a fortnight. They’re ridiculous, they’ll batter far better teams than our B team. Even if we’d pumped loads into our infrastructure and produced our best ever crop of players, that lot would probably still give them a hiding. It’s a taster of playing against a top side for them again, will only be a learning experience. Im not going to pretend that I’m even slightly worked up about it, although strangely enough if we hadn’t qualified the other night I’d have cared and been a bit more concerned about this game. I’d maybe have liked to have seen our full strength team in that game, but ah well.
  18. This has made me realise just how good an addition the Nations League has been. Not felt the international friendly vibe in a good while.
  19. Gareth Gates reading the phone book cover to cover.
  20. Y’know, I’m not sure about Nathan Patterson anymore. Never really kicked on and has been at fault for a Everton a fair bit this season
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