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  1. Little Jimmy Osmond-Long haired lover from Liverpool
  2. Andy Murray Gordon Reid Kenny Dalglish Robert Miller David Wilkie Alan Wells Jim Watt Denis Law Eric Liddell Doddie Weir
  3. I just don't see myself lasting that long. I want to be retired but I'm diabetic, drink too much and it seems I'll be done around 70 (if Im lucky). Im 61 this year.
  4. The Undertones-Here comes the summer
  5. Haircut 100-Favourite shirts (boy meets girl)
  6. Boomtown Rats-Mary of the fourth form
  7. Heartless b*****ds-Revolution
  8. Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Say you're mine (every cowboy song)
  9. Dropkick Murphys-Skinhead on the MBTA
  10. Thunderclap Newman-Something in the air
  11. When we reach the Argentine we're really gonna show The world a brand of football that they could never know
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