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  1. Frightened Rabbit-The whole of the moon
  2. The Smiths-Frankly Mr Shankley
  3. Me getting points in January once more proves as likely as the away team getting a penalty at Ibrox.
  4. Shane Baldwin, original Vice Squad drummer no longer standing strong or proud. https://heartsobitchapel.com/shane-baldwin-obituary-cause-of-death-a-drummer-and-friend-has-peacefully-passed-away/
  5. Do you say bless you when someone sneezes thread for this pish
  6. We are the people you don't wanna know We come from places you don't wanna go
  7. Tracey Thorn-Late in the afternoon
  8. Velvet Underground-iIm waiting for the man
  9. The Waterboys-Has anybody here seen Hank?
  10. Prefab Sprout-The king of rock and roll
  11. Why do wannabe football thugs hold their arms out so wide? is there some contest?
  12. The Birthday Party-Release the bats
  13. Leyton Buzzards-I'm hanging around
  14. Speaking of sexual assault: He took little Suzie to the junior prom Excitable boy they all said And he raped her and he killed her, then he took her home
  15. The Creatures-Mad eyed screamer
  16. When I go to football I get into trouble Everywhere' s the same
  17. Only if they provide me with coconuts to bang together.
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