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  1. On 01/10/2023 at 12:16, MarkoP said:

    Is Ryan Hardie at Plymouth worth a call up?

    Even just to assess him over a longer period, I’ve not much idea about him tbh but he’s scoring goals 


    I'd say he is, but he falls under the category of a number of players at the moment. When do you call him up to have this look?? There's no friendlies at International level these days or B camps. Then you're going "is he better than what's in front of him?".....Adam, Dykes, Shankland, Nisbett, Brown or Stewart.......maybe even throw Christie in that as well.....i'm not really sure he is.

    If he keeps up this form then maybe he can force his way in, or if there's a few injuries it might be the time to have a look, however I just don't see it and to be honest, i'm not sure I would have him in front of the established members personally. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, StewartyMac said:

    2. His replacement, Gary McGrotty, won us a penalty, when home keeper John 'Budgie' Burridge brought him down with his nose. 🤣

    This is the second time Budgie has come up today. I was listening to Big Sam’s No Tippy Tappy Football podcast earlier today and he came up in that and now this. It’s funny because I remember him at Hibs, at was at the start of High School then and hadn’t seen anyone like him before. I remember him leaving Hibs, then a few months later popping up at Dunfermline to sit on the bench for a few games due to an injury crisis. Few years after that, he was on MOTD at City becoming the oldest Premier League Goalkeeper ever then I never heard of him again. It wasn’t until reading this that I realised he was in at a good number of Scottish clubs during his career, maybe didn’t play but he racked up some amount of clubs. Absolute maverick!!

  3. 37 minutes ago, Waspie said:

    Was only keeping half an eye on this but was that Murray Miller who came on for Stirling? I thought he had potential when he was on loan with us last season. Needed to be a bit more assertive probably but decent on the ball, physical when required and had a good shot on him too. Plenty good attributes to work on, would be a decent addition I think. 

    That was the name that I heard banded about.

  4. Games between the 2 sides are indeed rare. A quick Google search shows that the last time we met was in the 2010/11 season. QoS won twice (2-0 then 4-1) and the other 2 games were 2-2 and 0-0 draws. 2007, 2005 and 2000 were the only seasons after the 90’s.

    I’ll not make the trip down, but I don’t fear the trip and think we have a chance. Would be good if a couple of our injured players were back fit, I’m sure Dale Carrick would love to be.

  5. Might go against the grain, but I actually think a draw was probably about fair. Yes it’s frustrating in the way we lost 3 points, however I don’t think we capitalised on our man advantage, and we seem to be set up this season, not to loose and not to give much away.

    That’s not a dig at Darren Young or any of the coaches or players, I think we are good at what we do and I think it will bring us the success at the end of the season, but the danger is, if we don’t create or take enough, and we let the opposition have as much of the ball, there’s always the chance of what happened happening.

    With Carrick, Davidson, Leitch and Hilson out, that’s a lot of our attacking impetus right there, so is it any wonder? However I did think Spence put a good shift in once again, I thought Cooper was possibly more effective than Leitch has been in spells this season and Banner was rightly awarded Man of the Match, what a shift he put in, chased everything, battled for every ball and really did leave everything he had out on the park.

    I standard of Refereeing really does seem to get worse every year, and last night was simply baffling. No wonder players and supporters get so frustrated. Neither penalty was a penalty, from what I could see….the Stirling one was closer to me…and the drop ball decision was mind blowing but thankfully had no impact on the game. We shouldn’t be walking away from games talking about the officials, but every year this seems to becoming more and more common. I get they have a hard job to do, but people like him do themselves no favours by being so inconsistent with decisions, or by just being plain and simply wrong. I really don’t know how we address this problem when Reds can’t come out to speak and others in the game can’t question them.

    I can’t comment on the Red Card, I didn’t see it so will need to watch the TV back, although well done to the Ref if it was indeed a head butt:

    Another poster above has said about the admission fee putting fans off coming to games or even casual observers. I agree. Due to the rising costs of everything, I’m attending less Away games now because of the price, in fact Alloa is the only away game I have been to this season. I don’t think clubs are doing themselves any favours charging what they do, I get that we have high running costs but SPFL football is just not affordable for many. I’ve been watching various “non-league” games over the years, but even more so now with the SPFL admission prices, I don’t have enough disposable income and I’m sure many others are in the same boat, and I’m sure my wife and I would fall into a relatively well paid pay band in comparison to others.

    Anyway, a frustrating night in the end last night, but another point closer to the 40 mark. I think every player can be proud of the shift they put in, and I thought Ewan Wilson looked like a good addition. Onto next week and another battle.

  6. 2 signings for the squad last night, 1 for the Development Squad ultimately, but 2 players coming in with good backgrounds.

    Will be interesting to see how Wilson gets on. I thought he played well for Albion Rovers when we played them on the final day of the season. Sure, it was by no means our best team and an end of season dead rubber in our eyes, but still.

  7. When Ally was with our youth's, he genuinely looked like a player that had a promising career in front of him. I watched him rip teams apart, or score "1 chance, 1 goal" type goals and it really was no surprise to see a team like Hearts come in for him and for him to be off, and who can blame him, we would all have loved to fulfil full time football, but it's just never really happened for him.

    I've seen him play a handful of times since, at Stenny and at Airdrie, and every time I've seen him he's looked a shadow of the young spritely player I used to watch on the Forthbank astro, so much so that I don't think he was ever a standout in any of those games.

    I'm sure Rice has seen something in him recently that he thinks he can work with, and for Roy's sake I hope he can get his career back on track but if it was Stirling's new signing, I would be pretty underwhelmed because he has had a number of chances now and has just not delivered. 

  8. 1 hour ago, WattersIsGod said:

    When I saw a post in this thread, I really hoped it was going to be a loan player or two coming in but nevermind

    Darren Young mentioned in his after match video that someone is training with us at the moment and he is also looking for Left Back cover. So with the Loan market closing on Saturday (according to other threads), maybe something will be announced after training tonight or on Friday.

  9. Some guy called Brian Hamilton, who was our Director of Football allegedly, has stepped down from his role.

    Club Statement - SAFC (stirlingalbionfc.co.uk)

    He came in during the summer, had the kind of impressive playing background that we all like at this level, played for good top end teams where he won cups and picked up International Youth experience. He also had previous experience in similar roles at 3 or 4 different clubs and looked to be a welcomed addition to the club. As it transpires, I'm not even sure what he did during his 3 or 4 months here....if anything at all. He was certainly never visual to the paying punter, there was no big "this is what I'm going to do during my time here" speech, simply nothing.

    He agreed to a meeting with members of the Supporters Club prior to the game against Kelty Hearts, I couldn't make the meeting however the feedback I got from it was very wooly, I don't think anyone who attended it was any further forward in any plans that he brought to the table, with 1 supporter telling me "he just came out with all the stuff we'd heard before."

    When I read the statement this morning, I thought "meh", but I wonder if there's simply more going on with this than we thought. Was Hamilton simply a poor appointment, someone who the board wanted to be a figurehead but when he took up the post he wasn't, or was he a man that had the best intentions initially, but then had too much on his plate and just couldn't commit?? Doubt we'll ever know, but it will be interesting to see what happens next I'm sure.

  10. Looking forward to the game, it seems like ages since we were last at home and with the game being on telly and a later kick off, hopefully it will have that air of being special for us.

    I fancy us, I really do, watching the highlights that get posted in the pinned thread above, Cove don't look in any great shakes and Hartley seems to have recruited a bunch of duds in the summer. These words could come back to haunt me, of course, but I stand by them with the highlights that I have seen.

    It's still early in the season, so it won't be a disaster if we lose, but as WattersIsGod has said above, if we can get a 7 point gap between ourselves and the Play Off at the bottom, then that would be nice. 

  11. On 24/09/2023 at 11:39, Willie adie said:

    Not really that fair, the whole of Scotland gets just two dates, and nothing north of central belt, 

    Seems to be standard for a lot of artists now. I look at tour lists and you see 1 date for Scotland, and it tends to be Glasgow or Edinburgh. I think artists shoot themselves in the foot slightly, trying to play for the English market. I get there are greater populations to play too down there, but I'm not believing that alot of those nights are any more populated than doing 3 or 4 dates across Scotland.

  12. 18 hours ago, TheScarf said:

    He's from Stirling, isn't that a Celtic stronghold?

    Genuinely don't think it's a "stronghold" in either persuasion. As has been mentioned elsewhere, some of the surrounding villages are Rangers dominant but there's a real mix in the area, especially with the Uni.

    Time will tell how Ferguson gets on at ICT. I personally find it an interesting appointment, there were safer options out there, but after nearly 40 years of watching football, I still don't know what a sure fire way is to appoint a manager. Ferguson is a name that will attract people, media and sponsorship to the club, especially if he can get them going, so there's probably an element of that in his appointment as well.

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