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  1. Right wing types are the most easily offended on the planet. Which is odd, because they’re the ones who seem to think there’s something wrong with being offended.
  2. We wouldn’t need to put up with this nonsense if we had an erected head of state.
  3. I do get the Hearts and Dundee United fans’ frustrations when they think the HiDee thing is a bit naff and “overdone”. But how could we ever let it go when you Dundee lads are so ludicrously handsome?
  4. I think around 14% of the Irish population is foreign-born. Don’t know the Scottish figure
  5. Also (and I know the issue of public/private healthcare is a contentious one). But since people are forced to pay €60 every time they visit the GP, it drastically cuts down on waiting times for the GP. I could phone mine now and get an appointment before the end of the day. Whereas my mum in Edinburgh sometime needs to wait more than a week. Which is fucking insane.
  6. The public healthcare is shit. Still marginally better than the NHS. And it’s free for 40% of the population. And for the rest, it’s very cheap. And most good employers have insurance plans. As for the bins, mine cost around a tenner a month. Much cheaper than council tax. And yet, the road quality is much better than Edinburgh’s and the parks and public playgrounds are in better nick. Do you know what’s shite here? Public transport. But they are hopefully going to use this year’s €9.6 billion budget surplus to pay for some major infrastructure initiatives.
  7. I’ve only ever met one Irishman who supports Hibs and it was only because he loves SOL. The rest are Man U, Liverpool or Celtic (but less and less Celtic every year)
  8. Also, I would clarify - I don’t think Scotland is a bad place to raise kids. I’m just unfavourably comparing it to Ireland. I was brought up in Scotland and I’m no too bad. Apart from spending too much time on football forums
  9. Oh well that’s for a variety of reasons but I don’t think safety is one. Much greater sense of community here (probably thanks in part to the GAA which is a phenomenal organisation), more of a focus on youth sports and recreation, marginally better health service, MUCH better state schools.
  10. I don’t know mate. I don’t think either country feels unsafe to be honest - I’ve lived in a few unsafe countries. this index seems to suggest it’s far safer: https://www.visionofhumanity.org/maps/#/
  11. There’s also no council tax. So…the 3% difference in VAT really isn’t that problematic.
  12. I don’t. I pay 40%, as I would in the UK. And I get a much bigger salary than I would in the UK. My postman gets paid more than my father did at the height of his career in Edinburgh.
  13. Correct. And provides thousands of well paying jobs as a result
  14. I mean. It is. It’s got a fantastic economy, and a huge cohort of people doing very well as a result of that economy. Ireland has its faults like anywhere else, but at present it feels far more like a Scandinavian country than it does a Brexit Britain. Not a chance I would consider coming back to Scotland to raise my kids. And the summers are a fuckload better than Edinburgh’s. We’re practically equatorial. But we do have the slight problem of drug dealing, gun wielding Nazi morons in the inner city and Tallaght.
  15. Dustysghost beats mackieboz by resignation. Thanks for the game mate
  16. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been told (by ugly little D1 inner city types) that I’ll never be a Dub, no matter how long I stay. Thank f**k for that.
  17. Not that I’d want to defend the Green Brigade, who regularly come out with contemptuous pish…but I’d be fairly certain they will be clear on the pro-immigration message in this scenario.
  18. What a fucked up night. Was in a nearby pub and they had to lock the doors and keep us all in. But they stopped serving drinks. Madness. Finally got out, everyone had to figure out a way home with only one form of public transport still operational. c***s everywhere with balaclavas, riot police lined up along the main streets. Finally got on the train and it was packed but completely silent. Very sad night. Oh and when are we finally going to put Conor McGregor in prison. What a worthless, rapey piece of shit.
  19. Dustyghost beats xctr94 by resignation. thanks for the match mate, see you in the return leg
  20. Big Malky was paid for the County job in vials of African orphan tears. I think Derek Adams has demanded money instead. His choice
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