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  1. I'd probably go Binnie McNeil Mcgheachie Smith Noble Black caddis Morrison Kavanagh Smith MacDonald
  2. Quigleys quite a good player and hopefully he'll break into your first team in the next couple of years. colquhoun is hopeless and hasn't improved our team at all imo.
  3. We have 5 players on loan already, I'm sure that's the maximum allowed at a team.
  4. I seen jefferies play for rangers u20s against Stirling uni and he was the best player on the park and his a good shot on him aswell. Just what we're needing just now.
  5. He'd be a great player for yous... But yous can't afford him.
  6. Yeh, but we have signed 7 players either on loan or permanently since mackay came in.
  7. Don't cowden and berwick have a relegation battle to worry about? We're a team going for promotion, so how about yous bother some shite like montrose?
  8. Ratio of 78 minutes per goal, which is the best in scotland, but he's no lewis milne...
  9. Colquhouns been here for a couple of months, he's not a stand out in the team, but he's still quite good and hopefully we can extend his loan deal until the end of the season. Quigley seemed quite good yesterday and his crossing stood out for me. He didn't really have to do much, but he seems decent and is certainly the best left back in our team.
  10. According to stats on the BBC website, nguene bikey has the best minutes per goal ratio in scotland.
  11. I think he's still got a year or two to go before he'd be ready to get regular games in your first team, however I'm confident he will get to your level, so hopefully yous can sign him and then we'll probably get him back on loan until the end of the season.
  12. The arbroath lads are talking some amount of sense tonight.
  13. ^^ Scared because he knows his teams shit and is afraid they'll go down.
  14. I'm sure that celtic colts vs Edinburgh city at cappielow on the same day as a celtic first team game will have a great attendance...
  15. You support berwick therefore your opinion is irrelevant.
  16. BTU certainly would have, he loves semi naked grown men.
  17. As I've said previously, I never said kevin was my friend I said I know him.
  18. I think this is the first time I've ever agreed with you on something.
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