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  1. Pointing out Williamson’s deficiencies is not cockiness.
  2. Bollocks! For the first time in years we are looking like a decent football side but we recognise that Montrose are a difficult opponent. It is also true that Williamson can be an effective wing back (when going forward) but he has the turning circle of a supertanker and has not made a tackle any time in living memory.
  3. We absolutely must target him and keep him on the defensive as he does not have a tackle in him.
  4. Got to be honest here I hadn’t realised that we had a “Give Us The League Now Brigade”. I would say the overwhelming view is that we are playing great stuff but it is clearly going to be a two horse race for the title.
  5. Only Change I would make is Oliver in for Nesbitt.
  6. Mackie is not “rank rotten” at all. Different type of player than McCann but a good option to have.
  7. Better pictures on Alba but get commentary in Gaelic.
  8. Has been excellent so far with us in an advanced role.
  9. This time last season McGinn was our best player. Unfortunate that injuries have caused him so many problems.
  10. Dominating possession but balls into the box have been awful.
  11. Chill oot ffs. Really quite remarkable how certain posters on this insignificant wee corner of social media take themselves and their musings so seriously.
  12. Nice to be able to field a team without any bombscares in it.
  13. Very nice but what does this have to do with shares?
  14. Can anyone clarify why the Rawlins are maintaining their shareholding?
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