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  1. Shankland looks like he still likes the peanut butter m&m’s, he was fond of them when he was at st mirren as well, an absolute barrel.
  2. That was the most 1 sided 1-0 I’ve seen in a long time, should have been far more and it would have been daylight robbery had we not won. I hope big slaphead In the hearts end that was doing the nazi salute is enjoying his night, horrible b*****ds.
  3. Number 8 for Motherwell has been superb, best player on the park.
  4. Something Dundee fans don’t need to worry about, the yoyo team.
  5. O’Carrol is a no brainer. He’s very highly thought of around the club, the players love him and he is a coach for Northern Ireland.
  6. If Robinson does leave I would be trying to convince Diarmuid to stay and take over, I’m sure a club in Ireland made an approach for him to be their manager not long ago but he rejected it to stay with us as number 2, I believe he wants to be a number 1 eventually though. He knows the club, the payers and how they tick, what system works etc, it would be a no brainer if you ask me.
  7. Strain is far too good for the likes of Aberdeen ffs. We only got him because his family had links to the club.
  8. Exact same situation if McInnes gets offered it as well.
  9. I don’t think Dunne hit the boy hard enough if I’m honest. it really should of been more than 1-0, we never really got out of 1st gear, McMenamin seemed to be playing with a cigar behind his ear for most of the match.
  10. It’s no shame to lose against a bigger and better team mate, a team just better all over the park with higher attendances etc, absolutely no shame in it at all
  11. Thought Big Gogic was man of the match today to be honest, he was absolutely superb all day, solid.
  12. McMenamin is a tremendous football player.
  13. We are going to make a nice bit of money on Taylor, rolls Royce at the back.
  14. Could see it was in as soon as it left his boot, what a hit son.
  15. Tanser has been excellent in the cup games and the league games, probably our best player so far this season. Doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he’s got a cracking left foot.
  16. He’s talking nonsense. He does it all the time, we have money.
  17. 3 weeks apparently but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him back this weekend, Robinson has form for it.
  18. Cheers for Mandron lads, he’s working under a manager now that knows how to get the best out of him.
  19. I couldn’t believe it either but I believe Dundee was voted the biggest shit hole in Scotland not that long ago beating Greenock to 1st place.
  20. You will be busy on the relegation express thread I would imagine this season. enjoy bro.
  21. To be fair, I think Greenock is an upgrade on Dundee these days.
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