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  1. You no got some Var decisions to go loose your shit over?
  2. He’s not done much tbf. Prefer a derby semi! Imagine seeing a maroon shirt wi 51 on the pitch…….fffffffffear ripping fi yous
  3. Question is do we want a hibs win tomorrow for a chance of a Hampden meet, usually a bye to the final
  4. Stella is currently on the phone to the Samaritans
  5. Him & stellar have been damaged since 19.05.2012
  6. FFS Cani even wave at yer st mirren mate these days #woke
  7. The seethe coming from the ST m fans is beautiful! Hopefully shanks smashes a dodgy offside in the net
  8. Big team/ wee team mentality. You’ll be seething aboot they Dutch laddies. exposed.
  9. Wot ever makes you feel all warm & cosy inside sweetpea
  10. Championship wi your shite….bit early but you heard it here 1st
  11. Really hope natty akka / sibbick let duk out the back pocket before the coach takes off
  12. The sheep feeling afy low that they have reverted to the Dundee comfort blanket.
  13. The Motherwell thread was up day after their tynie win. Seems to be the way when your doing well & the day before when it’s turned to shite! f**k knows usually a Homer fixture.
  14. Looks a wee bit like grant Murray. last I knew he was still at hibs so having a doppelgänger when the results are bad is good thinking
  15. Not a lot of positive to consider but hopefully the 3 amigos will have noticed when you play sibbick in his correct position that we had better control of the game. TF we have a break before cracking on with championship bound sheepers
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