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  1. If you go round switching lights off and you aren't comparing the house to Blackpool illuminations then you're doing it wrong.
  2. And nobody was sacked following the Huntly defeat too.
  3. We've got Banks O Dee at home in the cup.
  4. One morning I went into the bathroom without my specs and unfortunately got the veet and toothpaste mixed up. My legs have never smelled so minty!
  5. There was a minute's silence at Boghead on the Saturday after the Dunblane massacre. Just as the referee blew to signal the start, an ice cream van in one of the neighbouring streets started its chime. A complete coincidence but it made it a bit more poignant given the ages of the victims.
  6. Long Young Durnan Crichton Lynas Orsi Malcolm Gray Pignatiello Ruth Byrne. The only doubt I had was Byrne with his injury proneness. We've still got a decent bench with Shiels, Hilton, Wallace x2, MacLean(if we can get his good game average up) and D. Wilson.
  7. Well spotted. You've passed the test with flying colours
  8. This will be their fourth league win in 2023 and like you say, three against us. The other was against Forfar in April.
  9. Yes. I was very surprised that he hasn't started today. We've only really played well in one half so far this season. I'm hoping it's the second half's turn this week.
  10. I'll have a beer with opposing supporters, work alongside them and generally be their friend. But if I'm in a stadium, they're my rival and I want them to be miserable. As I'm sure they would I. I hope you and that Highland bloke have a lovely time watching some other game that "matters." I shall be booing my own TV.
  11. We're not there to be pals. They are an opposing football team that we want to beat. I'll boo the national anthem of any team we play. Eta I expect other fans to boo FoS and I'm not offended in the slightest at them doing so.
  12. My heart sank and my shoulders slumped when I saw that he was starting last Saturday. And that was just a Diddy cup tie. I'm glad he's gone.
  13. After seeing pics of Andy Robertson and Harry Kane at the venue of the first international match, I thought I'd venture along for a wee look since I'm in the vicinity.
  14. Andy has captained us 43 times and will equal George Young's record of 48 if he plays in all our remaining games this year.
  15. Scott McTominay is so scoring the winner on Tuesday. And I can't wait to see it.
  16. It was indeed. I think it kicked off around 1pm. I started my sickie at lunchtime on the Monday. I knew if I'd woken up "ill" on matchday, my Dad would've seen right through me. And he actually visited as it was kicking off. He clearly used me being in hospital to get off work, the crafty bugger.
  17. I watched that game in a hospital after having my appendix removed the previous day. A sickie from school to watch the game that went a bit too far
  18. My view is that it's important for us and him that he plays for the country he really wants to play for. If he's only realised after training with us then that's got to be good for both parties. We don't want a player who doesn't care enough to play for Scotland and he'll be happier if he's playing for someone else. It reminds me of Stuart McCall delaying his sub appearance for England u-21 because it took until then for him to realise he only wanted to play for Scotland.
  19. My sympathy is limited as you probably chose to get married during the fitba season.
  20. No. The week leading up to our opening Euro2020 game was the slowest week ever.
  21. Two that spring to mind are School's out by Alice Cooper and Wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi. I won't listen to the studio versions of either.
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