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  1. Take a pack of cards , and start playing patience , sure as sugar, some random will appear and tell you to put the red 10 on the bLack jack problem solved …
  2. Depends , if we can turn pressure into goals we will be in the game. It’s been our issue so far , jings a 2-0 home win vs stenhousemuir should have been at least 5 and possibly more . Young lads need a break in front of goal and we will really be away. That said I,m guessing Stirling pose more of a threat so we need to look to the back 4 as well. mon the toon
  3. We could train HGV drivers to do it , there is a plethora of those ….
  4. By all accounts full size for our favourite Falkirk fan …
  5. This was chatting with a distiller who remarked he had a list of tasting notes that he chucks in randomly , as folk “expect” them , clootie dumpling. Engine oil, dunnage warehouse were a couple of them I remember
  6. I’ve always struggled with “smooth” as a descriptor for drinks / tastes , it doesn’t convey anything g to me in terms of what the drink tastes like. Balanced I get , sharp , nippy or uneven fine but what does smooth mean to the rest of you , just bland and easy drinking ?
  7. Did an after dinner speech thing , years ago , Tommy Doc , was the main event , he was in the middle of his story and he talked about the “late” Ron Harris , some lad in the back pipes up “ he’s nae deid” , Tommy doc replies with a twinkle in his eye , “you obviously never played against him”
  8. For a while in the early 1800’s there was an effort to effectively re brand Scotland as “north Britain” faded away in the latter half of that century , however there is still the north British hotel on Princes street as a reminder to us all
  9. It’s a sample of that very dram , and it’s really good, generally old grain whiskies offer fantastic value ( but whisper it , don’t want the prices creeping up like malts have done )
  10. Scoffing some grain samples here , a port dundas and a girvan so far with a Strathclyde to follow
  11. Animals like the puffinus puffinus , the lupus lupus and all of this ilk are known collectively as tautonyms , my personal favourite , however is the lowland gorilla , who rejoices in gorilla gorillla gorilla .
  12. Beware the taxman on that one , no relief for travel to work , if they pay you an expense it will be seen as taxable income
  13. Good stuff stays in the bottle , sorrow drowning small batch 7 yo distillery 10 ,
  14. Still have some Daftmill laid by, that will be making an appearance
  15. Pleasantly decent , not stellar and absolutely not pish , a good solid dram. Nose is vanilla / get coconut flakes and some pear , sipping neat vanilla gets sweeter , like vanilla custard and there are nuts / almonds in the finish is when the spice turns up , is black pepper , decent length of finish too there you go good sir
  16. Aye , he’s also been known to take the dram that is left out, must have a heck of a capacity if we all do that , no wonder he avoids the polis at ground level
  17. Just remember how well it went the last time you took our manager
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