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  1. 18 hours ago, spiggle said:

    I guess we'll agree to disagree then. I'm assuming you wouldn't have him in our worst XI over the last 10 years?

    Im not saying he was one of our better player but there has been a lot worse than him. He didn't fit our style of play.

    GK - Tony Bullock - Possibly the worst EVER keeper to play for Livi

    RB - Jonathon Brown - Reasons for his inclusion have been covered by other posters already

    CB - Neil Hastings - By all accounts he was a decent coach with the youngsters but a football he was not

    CB - Michael O'Byrne - Signed from Albion Rovers as "an exciting prospect"....maybe exciting for opposition teams when they saw him in the lineup.

    LB - Ibra Sevane - Tough decision as we haven't had too many bad left backs. Sevane takes it due to being so unfit and only managing to play 1 or 2 games.


    RM - Aaron Conway - Watched him in the preseason friendly against Spartans that year and thought him and Bobby Barr would destroy teams up and down the wings....Conway always looked overweight like Lee Matthews playing on the wing.

    CM - Hugo Faria - Looked every inch the cultured continental midfielder that would be spraying pin point passes all over the park and strolling every game....then he started playing and literally strolled everywhere having zero effect.

    CM - (The Famous) Mathew Knox - The player with the best agent in the game...not sure exactly what position he was supposed to be...he played a bit in the middle, a bit up front, a bit on the wings....and was hopeless at them all. Had a terrible attitude by all accounts and never looked close to living up to the hype that surrounded him when he was on trial at Rangers or Manchester United and had interest from Spurs and Liverpool too.

    LM - Moses Duckrell - Scott Pittman summed him up best when he said he's a great guy...a terrible footballer though.


    FW - Ibra Sekajja - Harsh inclusion considering he obviously had a bit of talent and scored an important goal at Ibrox....but then injured himself celebrating said goal and will now forever be known as a complete diddy.

    FW - Rob Ogleby - A nothing player who has already retired from playing at 27. His wikipedia entry for his time here sums him up nicely "Ogleby signed for Livingston in July 2014"



    Honourable mentions

    Andrew McNeil - Terrible keeper with a haircut that looked like the knot in a bin bag

    Kenny Miller - Still has the mental side to his game and can still stick the ball in the net, however was always dropping so deep to manage the team on the field that he was useless as a striker. Showed in his time at Dundee he could still do a job when he didn't have the pressure of management over his head

    Gary Maley - An absolute gent and bit of a club legend but he's not a professional footballer

    Gregg Wylde - Another one that caused some excitement and flattered to decieve. Livi aren't the kind of team that can afford to bring a player in and not play him...but Gregg Wylde was one of those players

    Darren Cole - Was brilliant in his first season then became one of the worst players in that team after that

  2. 12 minutes ago, spiggle said:

    The very same Dylan Mackin but if you had watched him play, you would see my point. I'm sure Falkirk fans would agree with me. 2 of those goals were against Brechin and 1 against Dumbarton. I stand by my statement that he can't finish. 28 games in the Championship in total, 5 goals.

    I did watch him play and I'd have said a finish was all the lad had. Don't seem to remember him spurn many chances but didn't create many for himself. Relied of loose balls or great set up play

  3. 22 hours ago, The OP said:

    Forrest is definitely going to set up a goal for someone, he’s the main bright spark here. Scotland fans to moan he is pish unless he bags a hat trick.

    He's a sand dancer with little end product. Anytime I've watched him play he's been gash....in fairness I did miss the game he scored awragoals

    17 hours ago, greenockraver said:

    gallacher hacking the kazakh boy for trying to break forrests leg was great though. nice wee mean streak that the team as a whole has been crying out for since broony retired, every scotland squad needs a no nonsense , snarling b*****d in the team and i say that in the most complimentary way possible

    There's been a few pundits in the media saying Scotland need to play more like Livingston did last season...physical, hound opponents into mistakes and hitting on the counter. Gallagher was a big part of that and I would like to see him and Halkett play at the back for Scotland (once Halkett is fit obviously) as I think they'd have a great understanding and bring that mean streak the national side needs.

    7 minutes ago, Lee Van Tee said:

    What's with. all the, random full. stops? Are. you under. the illusion this. adds. some kind . of emphasis to. your point?

    Worst Captain Kirk impression ever

  4. Unless we've got someone good enough in mind to replace him then it could cost us at least that much letting him go if it sees us relegated. We managed to keep Halkett and Gallagher till the season was finished last season though, so hopefully we'll do the same this season with Dykes.
    With Dykes being under contract for a while yet we could certainly dig our heels in and wait for a really good offer
  5. On 17/11/2019 at 22:19, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Think we were struggling for fit players in our game against Sevco before the break, so hoping we've got ourselves rested up and all the niggly injuries sorted, however we're usually a bit lacklustre after these breaks, and lose the first game back from them, so can't see us getting anything here. Would expect Celtic to be right up for it too, after losing to us in our last fixture.

    I heard that Dykes has been training well so sounds like he's bounced back. Hopefully he can ruin that Celtic defence again.

    19 hours ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Yeah we were a bit too obv in the game against you at the Spaghettihad, if we take all 3 points here there'll be a stewards enquiry checking Martindale for dodgy tattoos of a red hand, union flag, or someone sitting on a white horse.

    The Lone Ranger?

  6. I think a lot of our issues stem from injury and the match fitness of players. Hopefully the international break will bring some players back. We were playing Rangers without Lithgow and Devlin at the back which are our two cogs in the defence.
    If you look at the rest of the team. Lawson was playing his 3rd start of the season. Odoffin was the same. Dykes was playing his 1st game back from injury. Pitts, his second.
    Add to this Sinclair-Taylor making his debut and Souda playing his first game since the Hearts red card, it's no wonder we looked 2nd best.
    Hopefully a rest for the players and more of the squad shaking off injury will give us some better form. I'm not expecting anything from the Celtic game but I think the games we after that are very winnable.
    I didn't think Dykes looked completely fit if I'm honest. Perhaps not quite ready so hopefully the next couple of weeks can get him back to full fitness
  7. 23 minutes ago, Dons_1988 said:

    Look at you picking an argument :lol:

    I wasn't surprised, there's a difference between busy and unable to move. I would have given it a miss but the Mrs was insistent on going while we were in Rome.

    It is an impressive place, but ruined by how busy it is. Is that ok for you or do you want to pick holes in something else?

    you know what they say.....when in Rome



    I'll get my coat

  8. Aye if only. Getting to the stage i'd even take a shite one, just to have an actual striker playing up front, would even have taken Stevie May. 
    Savane was as bad as Miller for being out injured. so no great loss, hopefully this fella has a bit of pace about him to get down the wing.
    Looks to have a reasonable eye for goal for a left back. Plenty of game time under his belt too with 14 goals and 26 assists in 258 appearances. Plenty of appearances in the Scottish premiership and championship as well as English leagues 1&2. Be keen to hear Motherwell fans opinions on him
  9. Started playing about 15 years ago. Been in all sorts of bands in that time. Rock, Punk, Ceilidh, funk, soul, thrash, metal, pop....haven't played in a year though due to work and other commitments but choking to get back involved. I play a pearl export kit with zildjian cymbals....nothing fancy tbh. Also have a custom built cajon that is a bit of fun and great for a jam in the house or an acoustic gig.

  10. 4 hours ago, staggy1929 said:

    The big debate around Messi's career will be whether he would've scored the same amount of goals in another league as he has 'played it safe' staying with Barca.

    I like Ronaldo's ambition to try and be the best everywhere he goes but for me Messi edges it just. Ask me again in 2 months and I'll have probably changed my mind tbh.

    The two greatest footballers of all time 100% though.

    I'd say less "playing it safe" and more loyalty to the team that gave him every chance to have a career. I'm sure you know the story of his growth defect etc

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