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  1. very much 50-50 like most of the small villages around there. The Forth decided to hold it's annual music festival on the same day as the last old firm game and it went exactly as expected
  2. All this talk of Livingston bottling top 6 and a shot at European football can now be seen for what it really was....heroic protest against corruption and capitalism
  3. This is the content the thread needs Good idea for a thread...see above for examples of proper patter
  4. If artificial pitches were so dangerous, wouldn't Livi and Killie have the worst injury records in the league? As it stands we have 1 injury that was picked up in the gym.
  5. He doesnt, it was just his opinion. He's previously stated the same about celtic It was against Motherwell. Nicky had his penalty saved but scored the rebound, then a retake was ordered as he'd used his hand but there was also encroachment from Motherwell. Nicky hit an identical poor penalty and it was saved again
  6. The only Scottish side I could see Martindale leaving us for is Hearts. He raves about them being the best run club in Scotland with the best stadium and infrastructure. His affinity towards rangers is well documented but I can't see him going there with even more spotlight and pressure on his past and family. I do think he'll be with us for a while yet though
  7. I've heard 6-8 weeks mentioned for Montano which is a blow but Penrice is more than capable of covering
  8. I think Marvin Bartley might be a shout with how he's viewed by Hibs fans and officials
  9. It was very much a "take the opportunity to keep your place" type of performance. He was unplayable at times. He looks much more confident going forward knowing he's got Devlin covering in behind him this season
  10. I got the impression the folk that were "outraged" at his attitude in interview last season are the same ones who felt Shamal George shouldn't be smiling in Asda after a defeat
  11. Due to illness I ended up with a free ticket to see The Drifters in Lanark Memorial Hall last night. Wasn't expecting much and they're not my usual cup of tea, but, what a show they put on! Turns out I know a lot more Drifters songs than I thought
  12. The fitness is definitely miles off but he has undoubted quality. Had Penrice turning in circles when he was on the wing then when he moved to a more central role in the second half, Holt and Shinnie couldn't get close to him. We definitely gained more control of the midfield when he went off
  13. I though the subs were spot on today. Brandon running for the byeline was far more effective than Penrice cutting back onto his left foot all the time. Guthrie started well and faded as the game wore on. Back 3 were superb again and Shamal made the stops he had to with no fuss. Stephen Kelly seemed to hold us back with his tendancy to slow play down so when Pittman came on and buzzed around we looked far better. Not an outstanding team performance but professional and just about as comfortable as we've been in a game for a long time. I also need to add, even as a Livi fan, it was a joy to watch McGeady in full flow....what a player he is
  14. Someone from the club has mentioned the ticket office will be open from 13:30 but not sure if that's home fans only. Would imagine they'd have no issues selling you a ticket there
  15. There's plenty of parking at the front of the stadium if you have a blue badge and further down the side for general parking. Speak to the guys in the carpark about where's best for you to park as they are usually pretty helpful
  16. The one time our fanbase would be happy that Teto's work permit was rejected
  17. Aye, it's not like it was a fantastic piece of movement by the striker to lose him, Ayo just doesn't bother tracking him. I suppose the barney between Montano and De Lucas and then the barney between Ayo and De Lucas (common theme?) shows their passion which is something we didn't show at the tail end of last season.
  18. I did think that too...he's practically stood on Nouble's leg. But then again the Aberdeen boy did the same to Guthrie last week and only got a booking even after it was reviewed
  19. The thing is, as far as Sangare is concerned, Lammers doesn't really matter at the point the ball comes back from the keeper....all he has to do is clear the ball but he stands and watches it which allows Lammers to run past him and finish
  20. Aye Sangare just stops at the edge of the box and Lammers runs from a fair bit behind him. I wonder if his new arsehole Martindale will have torn him will help with that It's absolutely bizarre behaviour
  21. The first 3 goals were absolute gifts. Sangare in the wrong postcode for the first, Ayo ball watching for the second and a really poor clearance by Devlin plus nobody following up for the third. The 4th goal is just a case of pure pace against tired legs
  22. I did wonder if Guthrie getting more gametime is Martindale trying to showcase his abilities to the teams that were linked with him but it seems he may actually have a place in the side. He does seem much more comfortable with the ball played to his feet rather than in the air.
  23. Samson Lawal signs on a 3 year deal. Not eligible to play until the Ayr game
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