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  1. He's definitely another "how have we pulled that off?" signing like Stephen Kelly. Hopefully he can stay fit and we can extend that deal
  2. Definitely, I'd also add that Michael Devlin seems to instill a sense of calm in the backline. He rarely looked troubled against Miovski and De Lucas absolutely killed any danger from Duk allowing Ayo to mop up loose balls and match midfield runners
  3. It even looks like Kelly takes the ball out his reach and tells him off
  4. in fairness to Charlie Mulgrew, he broke new ground in the terrible pronunciation of words. We've all heard foreign players names with weird and wonderful inflections but to come out with LUVingston is a whole new level of minter
  5. So it's not a foul if you're late but standing still? Wild
  6. How big is your defender's head that he's made contact with Bruce's ribs AND face?
  7. off the top of my head there was the chance where Montano squared for Brandon who couldn't quite get on the end of it. Sure Montano and Anderson had decent chances too
  8. Admittedly I haven't seen replays but I think the Aberdeen lad was very lucky not to get a second yellow that challenge
  9. It was very much like watching Hopkin/Holt era Livi....hunting in packs, strong in the tackle and chasing everything
  10. Martindale's decision to go with Guthrie, Shinnie and Brandon over Anderson, Kelly and Penrice was spot on even if many Livi fans felt otherwise. Very physical game that I felt we edged over the piece. De Lucas was my MOTM for the way he completely nullified Duk. Big negative is 3 injured players (resulting from poor/late tackles and not the pitch before anyone starts) in our, already sparse, attacking ranks. No bad performances in a Livi shirt today though
  11. ah, fair fucks then...I hadn't heard that but sounds like a decent deal
  12. "boohoo, livi aren't letting us win" As far as I can see, the only difference between the 2 sides is there only seems to be one side being punished for fouls
  13. Nottingham has barely had a preseason with us either. It looks like he's gone for height so expect Shinnie to buy fouls for our CBs to get forward
  14. He's only reacting to a line of questioning. Personally I find his honesty very refreshing in a world where football managers tend to spout stock answers from "Football Manager Press Conferences For Dummies". Him coming out and saying it'll be tough but he still expects us to compete well is no worse than most other managers in our situation tend to allude to and if he came out and said "we're some side, gonna split the old firm this season for sure" he'd be a laughing stock. He's not sitting there saying "we're doomed, hopefully ross county come down with us as it's a great away day for the fans"
  15. Updated Livi squad list to reflect the new squad numbers and signings
  16. To play Devil's advocate; If a business offers table service, like a restaurant, isn't it up to the business to pay the server?
  17. I don't think he has considering he only got into the country after the cup games started. Even if he has, he could play as a trialist without a deal in place
  18. Guthrie appears to be benefitting from having a strike partner in Anderson. Too often last season he was isolated and left chasing lost causes which isn't his game as much as it is Anderson's. With Kelly and Pittman also playing closer it could bring out the best in Guthrie. Saying that, there's also the chance it's due to the level of opposition but I'm ever the optimist
  19. From BBC Sport Livingston face Ayr in Viaplay Cup last 16published at 17:26 17:26 Livingston will face Raith Rovers in the last 16 of the Viaplay Cup. The West Lothian side, who progressed through as winners of Group C, will have home advantage for the encounter against the second-tier club. The tie is due to be played on the weekend of 19/20 August. Who are we meant to be playing?
  20. The club aren't offering a stream but there may be one available on the usual sources
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