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  1. 1 hour ago, ArabianKnight said:

    A million percent this. The guy at Hearts is an example. Bangime, think we held talks with him but he didn't want to sign before but now he's out of contract.

    He would be a good player, but the type of signing that would worry me a bit. Our average wage 22/23 was £2885pw & we were 80 odd % turnover to wages & Hearts were £6409. Coming from Everton he's probably on a damn good wage & with his form when fit he'd easily get more than we would (should) be offering. That market of players from England not getting a chance because of the spending power to bring in ready made players & squad players is one that we should be trying to exploit. Hopefully though we now have folk at the helm who will try & be able to get that type of player with out the wages of 2 seasons ago.

  2. 3 minutes ago, ArabianKnight said:

    Really hope any signings we make are clever ones. Don't need bigger names coming in to the team. Young hungry talented players please no marque signings.

    That was the issue with the relegated team. It was a.team of talented individuals that somehow managed to be lesser than the sum of its parts.

    Happy to have no real "stars" if we can create a real team that compliments each other and can be greater than the sum of their parts.

  3. 2 hours ago, ArabianKnight said:

    Spoony confirming he's not staying. Tbf I'm quite glad of that, would rather we spent the wages on someone like McMaster at Airdrie.

    Time for the transfer rumours to start eh 🤣

    Can't wait!! Mind you first rumour seems to be a stadium naming deal. From the lad Shedward on East. Has a decent track record. Anyone here heard anything?

  4. To be honest I am allowing myself to be in total celebration mode at the moment, and it feels good!!

    Having said that part of it is relief that it's over, and especially at the first time of asking unlike last time. I'll worry about next season in a few weeks, but now I'm looking forward to 2 league games with absolutely no pressure at all.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:

    Not for the United fans; going along knowing that it’s going to be a party atmosphere.

    Not for the United players/manager; I’d imagine they’ll play with far more freedom and be far more effective knowing the pressure is off.

    This for me. I'll be hoping for a Rovers loss on Friday. If that happens it will be fantastic going along to Tannadice absolutely delighted to be there & no slight feelings of dread. Full on celebration mode. 🤞

  6. 34 minutes ago, parsforlife said:

    A few may have seen it happen.  Those close enough that could directly identify the individual and not the section would have likely been those of a similar mindset and wouldn't call out the individual.

    There in lies the problem. I've been in a similar situation when attending a game with my son who was 8 years old at the time and the fear is that I ended up with grief  & trying to keep him safe as the were partmof a much larger group. Confronting them in that situation was not an option and trying to speak to stewards etc may have been difficult without making it obvious. As we get more of the attitude that idiot behaviour is unacceptable then the easier it should become for folk to self police.

  7. 18 minutes ago, parsboi said:

    Been in the US for a while now, every person regardless of their age gets searched,  have to walk through a metal detector barrier and then a wand search before they get into the stadium at Austin FC.  Not sure if it’s similar experiences for Txrover in his part of the state.  

    The point is, it CAN be done, if it really wants to be done.  But there’s got to be a balance there.  

    Unfortunately every single support of every club has an element of utter wee fuds who think it’s a good thing to bring banned and dangerous stuff into football grounds.  And it’s getting worse, not better.  

    Not sure entirely of the solution, but I think it won’t be long before clubs are made to act, and we can see netting going up in parts of the ground to stop things being thrown - or increased policing/stewarding being enforced by authorities.  

    The difference being fans in the States will turn up in advance of kick off, where by there are vast swathes of fans who sit in the pub to almost the last moment. If you need to search everyone then the delay in getting tlin before kick off may cause folk to kick off. It only needs one or two in the queue to do so, before others may react, in some cases justifiably, verbally and then you can have a big problem. If folk would only act like adults ( I know!!!) then there would be no problem.

  8. 1 hour ago, Zetterlund said:

    I've tried to see the unbiased point of view after watching the penalty incident over and over in the highlights, but for me that's just a penalty every day. As the ball comes in, Watson looks across at Moult and wraps both arms around him. It actually looks more like a penalty in slow motion replays than it does on first viewing, from this angle in particular. A soft one yes, but daft from Watson.


    As I said previously about it, I'd raging at a United defender doing that. Watson clearly has both arms round Moult by the book it is a penalty. The only criticism is the way Moult drops as having arms round you like that doesn't make you fall in that manner, but you see that week in week out, the fall though isn't what the penalty is for it is the 2 arms round Moult which was as clear as day at the match. A stupid, needless foul but one leading to a happy outcome for us.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Pull My Strings said:


    Aye, I was making that point on the way up the road. You'd just need to tighten the nuts ever so slightly in Tony's head and he'd be a star. In terms of technique and physicality he should be a top player in the top flight in Scotland. Instead, he farts about more often than not. He turned it up for the last 10 minutes and was actually laughing at the Rovers players trying to challenge him whilst holding them off with ease. Like he was playing against bairns. Such a shame how rarely he seems motivated to play with that degree of intensity.

    I think it's a confidence thing. Outwardly he seems to project the cocky, confident player. I do wonder if some of that is a bit of a cover with his self belief basing that on some of his snatching at chances & the way his head can go down. This season we have seen more of the team player, where he doesn't stand out and does things Watt of old wouldn't, but today he got his goal, well taken, and a few things worked for him. The 2nd went in and the pressure lifted, and you saw Watt really showing what he could do.

    As you say a bit more work on his head, as he seems much more of a team player this season, he really would be up there.

  10. Just now, BukyOHare said:

    Fair enough.

    The fact that Moult and Watt get the column inches and songs over the tannoy when they score was what I was trying poorly to get across.

    Holding midfielders generally go unnoticed.

    Sibbald was noticeable last season as one of the few players we were happy to keep on for this season. The points won when Docherty is on the pitch, compared to when he has been injured is also really significant. You'll not find a United fan who doesn't appreciate their importance this season.

    Although in every team it is always the goal scorers that get the songs & Watt and Moult are two, by Scottish standards, far better known, higher reputation players & should be nowhere near Championship, but I get what your saying, but we do appreciate their importance.

  11. 10 minutes ago, No_Problemo said:

    Do you commentate for DUTV?

    Is there an echo? Will everyone be accused of that? After first 5 minutes, in that first half and other than Ruddens shot that hit the top of the bar, there was absolutely nothing from Raith. Was quite surprised. Dubrovski made a number of saves and it wouldn't have been a shock if we'd gone in at least 2 up at the break.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Raith Against The Machine said:

    Oh my God, have the Police been informed? 

    Reading comprehension not too strong? Or did you just read as far as the first thing that named a Raith player? Your as bad as the folk that rage and form opinions from a headline without reading the article.

    Both teams were at the "dark arts", but the original post was completely myopic, and was just mentioning a few things as balance, and claiming that's why Rovers lost which is plainly complete and other, one -eyed bollox.

  13. Just now, CALDERON said:

    I did feel that today was the first time in the 4 meetings this season where there was a considerable gap between the sides.  The main difference was the hunger and desire, United absolutely bullied us today.  I think our points total in those games, and in general this season is pretty generous - but I was really surprised and disappointed at how far off it we were today.

    Really disappointed with some of the fans today.  Saw coins being thrown at Watt after the goal, and there was a lad behind me who was happy to boast at being a Dundee fan.  The fact someone like him got a ticket today and some Rovers fan didnt, is poor show.  

    It's not over by any means - I don't doubt the possibility of Utd dropping points in the run in - but its asking a lot for that Rovers side to go on a consistent winning run I think.

    I know folk like to wind up rivals, we are all guilty of it and let's face it it can be fun!!! But to spend money on a ticket in the away end to watch your rivals hopefully lose, on a day your own team is only 20 odd miles up the road is pretty sad.

  14. 15 minutes ago, Raithie said:

    We were absolutely terrible today. Fair play to Utd who played that game perfectly without needing to get out of 2nd gear. Physically very good, picked up every 2nd ball and moped up everything at the the back. Just out of curiosity but did Ruddens shot hit the bar or did the keeper save it? Looked some effort. 

    Will be interesting to see if Utd plow on now and if we can dust ourselves down and see what happens. 

    It hit the top of the bar

  15. Just now, RAITHROVERS84 said:

    Best team won.

    Horrendous team selection which I called before a ball was kicked. Should’ve been Matthews for Turner and Hamilton for Rudden as a minimum.

    Zero football played by us so absolutely zero issue with the result, just hacked off with Murray’s unnecessary tinkering.

    Im away out for beers. 

    Fair play. To be fair other than the first 5 or so minutes, which had me getting nervous, I'm was expecting more. Not sure if it was us stepping up and showing a bit more dig and drive than we have for a while and you guys not dealing with it. Although, not surprisingly, I'm not too fussed just happy with the win.

  16. 14 minutes ago, ArabianKnight said:

    Tbf I didn't get a clear view of it as was other side of the GF. Looked like plenty contact and given that's only our second of the season you could hardly say we're known for diving in the box!

    Sit in the East Stand, while I've seen stronger penalties not given (Broadfoot's two arm rugby tackle comes to mind), it looked a clear penalty. Would have been raging at a United player for doing that. Moult clearly held back.

  17. 1 hour ago, jasperellon said:

    Done by the clever cheating of Watt and Moult. Rovers not in the match apart from the first few minutes. It’s not over yet but advantage United.

    Sorry?? You were undone by, especially in the first half, having United camped in your half.

    If you want to talk about "cheating" Brown took about 5 yards minimum every throw (moved.forward 2.complete advertising hoardings on one), Connelly was too close by about 2 yards at every United corner towards the end. Your players were obviously under instruction to go down to rattle & frustrate United, thankfully today it didn't work.

    We can then add in the constant, no attempts to play the ball, jumping into players (Vaughan on Thomson for example).

    By all means support your team and complain at decisions that you may not agree with, but you will not go to ANY football match and see either team not use "dark arts" to try and get an advantage so try not to be too myopic.

    I will agree that the referee was atrocious over officious, and seemed to take some truly bizarre decisions with drop balls etc. but just another incompetent from SFA.

  18. 1 hour ago, stewartyftd1 said:

    So looks to be about 10,000 Arabs going to this. GF and ET sold out and JK will be by tomorrow.

    Lets get behind the boys in Tangerine!

    It will be good to see. Unfortunately with our track record in front of big home crowds part of me feels I've seen this movie before. It feels like the 2014 cup final, we have the chance to do something, but we understand perform again & let ourselves down.

    I'll be delighted to be proved wrong though & will be going along hoping we do actually turn up!

  19. 7 hours ago, stevoraith said:

    Because the shit housing we’ve done is a bit of winding up on social media.
    I expect when Barrowman stated we need to be willing to take it back he meant winding us up on social media also (like Livi did after they knocked us out the cup).

    Locking out fans who want to see the game while not releasing a transparent reason for it doesn’t feel like appropriate tit-for-tat for a video of a slide tackle.  

    Your club can release the reason, they have been told fully. Why are they not?

  20. 3 hours ago, Raithie said:

    "it's up to them if they want to make public that excuse" - is basically the operational narrative that Luigi eventually came out with. Barrowman made his comments before Luigi came out with his. I don't think Barrowman/Rovers have been told anything other than what Luigi has said publically. If anything Barrowmans comments has probably pushed Luigi to come out and tell everyone the reason as by that point Utd weren't exactly being forthcoming with why the allocation had been reduced.


    Not true. Raith were told the reasons, as Barrowman has confirmed in his own words. He just doesn't think, publicly at least, they are justifiable.

    Up until Barrowman's comments the only folk that didn't know the full reasons were the fans of both clubs. He is fully aware, he just chooses not to say. Keeping quiet allows.the shithousery to continue.

  21. 2 hours ago, itzdrk said:

    The police angle is so obviously not true, Dundee United have had the opportunity to both use it to save face by blaming the police and could have used it well when sticking the boot into Raith fans abuse of office staff.  


    Is it? Yes United could use it. They have told Raith Rovers the reason yet Barrowman says...

    *United have given us an explanation, after the event, which doesn’t really carry much weight, if I’m being honest. But it’s up to them if they want to make public that excuse, let’s call it."

    Quite telling that he is so enraged, so upset by it and so upset by the reason given yet he won't say what it is. He's not been shy in coming forward with any thing else so why keep that back? Is it because it wouldn't create the "rage" against United & the "their against us" feelings.

    Luigi Capuano states..

    "We’ve spoken to all the relevant stakeholders involved trying to find solutions. There weren’t any. So we had to make a difficult operational decision to slightly reduce their allocation."

    So there has been some issues that have come up. Who are the relevant stakeholders? United, Raith, Council for H&S, Police, fans groups, who else? Having said that I too would like United to come out & give the reason and stop the nonsense stone dead.

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