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  1. Looks like the Errea rumours are true. Do a search online for Dundee United Errea and one of the images it pulls up is this which links to Errea website. Doesn't link to anything United related yet, but must be in readiness for official announcement.
  2. Personally, Infelt that he tried to do far too much as it looked like he had absolutely no faith that the defenders.in front of him could clear cross ballls or indeed defend properly and leave him to be a goalkeeper. While that may have been a vicious circle, by the time he came into the starting lineup our defence was as strong as wet toilet paper and as reliable as an MOT failure, with aa massive oil leak, barely working starter motor and a siezed piston!
  3. Remember we still have Saku who'll be returning from being on loan in Denmark, unless he can get another club. Still Finish no 2 and will still be highly thought of in Sweden.
  4. United won't pay off Anaku, he'll be on low wages and he has a cruciate injury. Watt was part of the "management committee" with Mullgrew, Clark & Smith. Nope.not for me, caused too much bither behind the scenes. Could get aa more effective player for less outlay. A team player rather than yet another individual. Smith has signed a pre-contract, ifn he stories are true, can't remember who with. Edwards already confirmed as away by Goodwin Fletcher's wages are being covered by JF Kegs guys. Would assume partly rather than fully. I think Birighitti will be trying to return to Australia. Not short of offers there, but will depend on his wife who is Scottish. If Pawlett was given a pay as you play deal wouldn't object, one of the few players we had that looked like he wanted to create, drive forward and win, but can see exactly why he could be away. Niskanen, I would love to see actually played on the left wing, not right back, not left back, actually in his normal position and used to run onto quick balls in behind a defence, but I doubt that would happen. Graham, Freeman, McMann, Levitt as well as Niskanen all players who went backwards this year. The first 4 shadows of the players last season. If they can recover then they could be useful. Newman, would keep as back up. Saku will be back from loan too. Mulgrew certainly leads the never want to see again catagory, can add Watt to that, would also like a new goalkeeper coach. That's two stints he has had and both times our keepers with good reputations have gone to shit and wee have been relegated. Obviously it is not all on him but he has a "track record".
  5. He'll be heading back to Wigan, he's only on loan.
  6. Edwards the first player we know confirmed to be leaving. Goodwin saying after a conversation with him he won't be offered a contract.
  7. Once the youngsters were on, it was Roy McLeod, Miller Thomson, Kai Fotheringham, plus Middleton 4 "attack" minded players we hit the post. Although I suspect we could have played all night and not scored. The problem with us is no-one will take a shot, they'd rether abdicate responsibility and pass to someone else continually. No idea why the team is so scared to shoot unless 3 yards from goal!
  8. The guy doing the contracts offered Neilson a new contract in a manner that wasn't in keeping with the rules costing us a transfer fee, so.....
  9. Would need to be a big fee, there is a massive sell on clause for Man U.
  10. McGrath isn't out of contract, he is a Wigan player still, he's just on loan. To me he has been as bad a signing as anyone. Other than penalties and a goal the other week what dooes he actually bring to the team? He is just as soft in midfield as the rest of them. A lot of players this season have their reputations shot something really rotten behined the scenes with the playing squad.
  11. You feeling alright? First sensible thing I've read from you on a United thread!! Totally agree with you Mulgrew, Clark, Smith and Watt were the ringleaders and all should have been binned. But that would have meant replacing them not just vetting shot leaving us short as happened with Clark and Watt.
  12. Now you're just exaggerating to make us feel better. Airdrie has never been lovely anytime of the year!
  13. We didn't he left United in May as soon as season finished. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/7325/TREVOR-CARSON-JOINS-ST-MIRREN.html
  14. We didn't, he signed for St. Mirren last May. He was never going to play for us this season anyway. He was signed as we assumed Benji would be leaving, butnhe didn't. Carson didn't want to be understudy amd something happend around the Christmas night out. Carson see sporting a black eye afterwards. He left soon in loan to Morecombe amd we sing Carl Johan Erikson to be Benji's replacement. To be fair the current Finnish no. 2 and then the current Swedish GK of the year. It is no coincidence that our "allegedly" good keepers are useless considering we have Hinchcliffe as goalie coach l. The last time he was here we were relegated. He turn Rado into a bag of nerves and took Szromnik ( sorry for the nightmares) from a keeper who was Polish under 21 keeper, one of Polan ds biggest prospects and had been on trial at Everton to someone who legged it behind the nnearest object whenever a ball came within 30ft of him. How he was ever brought back, god inly knows.
  15. As bad as he is he isn't the reason we more than likely will be relegated. If that was the case that would mean the rest of the squad were competent. The defence has been shocking, incapable of stopping crosses, Can't, cope with high balls completely oblivious to runners, can't tackle & no idea what to do in posession other than slow the play down and launch it, I'll exempt Loick Ayina as he has generally looked decent. The midfield are almost non existent. Too often they are hiding again can't tackle nor open a defence. Our most competent midfielder is a player released from Livingston and was set to sign for League 1 Dunfermline. You could go on. It is unbelievable that we have more international caps in the squad than I can remember, but no heart. Players would rather stop and pass backwards in a must win game than take on a left or right back. We have the worst conversion rate from corners in the league. So many players are too casual, think they are better than they show. It's an absolute shitshow from top to bottom. Too much tail wagging the dog poor unbalanced recruitment, poor tactics, poor recruitment meaning certain players start irrespective of performance, and a bunch of professionals who have proved unmaginable to 3 different managers this season, who can't do the basics and seem completely lacking in game intelligence. Birighitti is beyond calamity, but not the sole reason..
  16. Luigi Capuano is one of his. There are still quite a few others
  17. Perfectly happy for him to do that. That's 2 managers they have got rid of this season. About time they were publicly humiliated and called out for their shite. Perform they way they did 2nd half and against Saint Johnstone, they aren't staying up no matter what, absolute shitebags!
  18. I remember being at the Bonar Hall to listen to Ogren,Asghar, Neilson and Renoylds. One of the thing said there, referencing Paul Quinn's embarrassing comments, was how they speak to loads of folk and assess thr attitude etc of the player not just the footballing abilities. Having watched the players that have been signed since I heard that it, really doesn't seem true at all. The lack of fight and commitment on the park is astounding at times. Watching today, the folk you'd want to have in the trenches with you were in blue, certainly not tangerine. It's all well having talent, but you've got to have heart, desire and commitment to the cause. We don't show that.
  19. Sorry that was a typo, that should be "Ref". The Mulgrew tackle happened right in front where I was in the stand. Mulgrew clearly lifted his leg to impede the Saint's player. A clear professional foul. Another poor decision from Mulgrew this season.
  20. Believe me, I get it. As annoying and frustrating as it is to the opposition (and by f**k was it annoying!!) It works. It oushes the limits of acceptability but I wish we were far more streetwise. Far too often this season we have not let other teams know they were in a game, everything was too "nice" As much as we moan about it, we could do with a wee bit of it ourselves.
  21. The annoying thing though was Saint's managed it OK. I mean if kids can pass a ball on a dodgy concrete surface OK in a playground, surely a professional player can make allowances and adjust?
  22. Nice of you to show you haven't read the thread, but like to think folk greet about games like you do! The ref no matter how poor & inconsistent, didn't cost us the game, the, let's put it kindly, "streetwise" Saint's play didn't cost us they game, our performance where we forgot how to bring a ball down and pass rather than hoof it, our lack of pace and general sloppy play cost us.
  23. Alan Muis's performance today was pathetic end of story, absolutely woeful and knownone could say he had a good performance. On the particular point about the offside, hadn't seen that rule change, but hold my hands up to that one. No need to be quite so indignant about it.
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