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  1. Thought we were absolutely awful 1st half. Started OK but not a patch on last week. As the half went on we became worse. Back to the usual dicking about at the back, slowing the game down and letting Partick regroup. The few times we did attack quickly it was a launched ball and the cross was shit, or the obvious choice wasn't made (McMullan). The freekicks were gash too and the least said about McMullan at the goal the better. Second half, not saying it was brilliant, bit much quicker, passes were actually made and we did play at times some decent stuff. McMullan had a couple of decent crosses, and if Appere had gambled, he would have scored from Stanton's ball. Two not perfect goals but the play leading up to them was better and players were there to take the chances. Still room for improvement but 6 from 6 with +4 goal difference can't be bad knowing you can play better. We kept going in that game, a position I wouldn't have been confident in getting points from before, so again should take that as a positive. Onwards to Dunfermline now.
  2. Tells you here, in the Scottish FA Handbook 2019-2020. All clubs mist have registered their kit designs by 1st June. Shows us registering an all black away strip for this year. Does mean could be dark gray stripes or tangerine pin stripes as that would still be classed as black.
  3. According to Kilmarnock it was because of searches for pyrotechnics.
  4. Would love to see these two live up to the expectation, I'm not convinced they ever will though. Actually wouldn't be surprised if we never laid eyes on Sow again tbh. Pawlett will. We saw what he brought to the team when he signed (Morton at Tannadice for example). Unfortunately he got injured and in our Wisdom management thought it was better to play him unfit and taking injections ( could hardly walk after games) where he toiled, than leave him to get over his injury. Could be back for Thistle. Sow I think they are being very careful with, Robbie I think said the club were helping him with non football "difficulties" too. IF he can stay fit he could be handy. Should be ready by the Pars game.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed that today. Was very nervous seeing Stanton in the middle with Butcher, BUT he played well, as well as I've seen him play for a season and a half. Shankland will get all the plaudits and so he should he was excellent, but Louis Appere for me, was very good, 2 assists, greats runs, made a right royal nusance of himself to the ICT defense. Very good first start in the league and should give him a good platform to build one. Hopefully the first of many starts. To be fair no failures at all today, and a great 1st game of the season.
  6. That's up on last season, at this stage, is it not? The 4500 of last season was boosted by the half season tickets if I'm not mistaken.
  7. For anyone that's not seen them Robbie and Liam Smith's pre-match interviews
  8. Needs a total change in attitude. Also if stories are to be believed has gambling debts and was removed from changing room as due teammates money which was causing discontent. IF true. Would also require to stop hanging around orange marches and wearing clothing displaying logo of "The Proddy Boys" while a United player to be worth keeping. IMHO
  9. @G_Man1985 didn't realise this was such a controversial incident for a Dee??
  10. This is repeated often,but the evidence doesn't back it up. In the league we had joint 3rd lowest goal against. The defence shored up from end January onwards. Yes we would always want improvement, but we let in 40 goals all season in league, Ross County were best with GA of 34. Amazingly 2 games at Tannadice take us away from best defence, even with first half of season panic at the back. Now I'm not saying we are great but its not as bad as is made out. Scoring goals is the big problem. Although we were the 3rd highest goal scorers we only hit 49 goals compared to County's 63. Stolen from EF which I thought was interesting Season 1 (Ray): 15 - 23 - 6 - 13 (Total 57pts) Season 2 (mainly Csaba): 17 - 19 - 9 - 16 (Total 61pts) Season 3 (mainly Neilson): 14 - 18 - 14 - 19 (Total 65pts) So, what does this tell us? in only 4 quarters out of 12 have we hit the "2pts per match" target we no longer "kick on" after Xmas, as this has been the worst quarter for us Robbie has us playing much more consistently we are definitely getting better - the trend suggests we'll get 69pts this year Not that we can read too much into this (lies, damn lies and statistics, etc) but it is interesting nonetheless.
  11. On Asghar's Twitter comments, I fail to see what the problem is. He was commenting as United' s Sporting Director. It wouldn't be through United's Twitter, that would be a "United comment" (I know what I mean, probably no one else will!!!) He was very fair, waited and for me was measured. At no time did he throw anyone under a bus, criticise anyone. He stated that the players and staff were aware the performance was not acceptable. He then states a planned Q&A is being brought forward. Team captain there so that they can convey fans thoughts. He is damned if he does damned if he doesn't. Now the performance against EF was rightly criticised, and lots of angry posts and tweets allowing the EF game to feel like it lasted, as social media has managed with all games, for days. He has previously said he reads the forums, United Facebook comments and United related tweets. He gave a response, much as the lad from Motherwell does or indeed Lianne Dempster has done in the past. There have been massive complaints that those running the club don't listen & we don't know what they think. We have one telling us and there are calls its wrong. We either want comment or we don't, at the moment it looks like as a fanbase we complain legitimately but also moan for the sake of it at the moment " No one listens"/"what they listening to them for" " No one speaks to us!"/"whats he commenting for?" One complaint I do have is Neilson & Asghar talked about getting the right mindset in players. The EF game makes the squad look like they still have the attitude that these teams are beneath them and they don't have to exert 100% to win. As professionals they should have the mentality and knowledge that anything less than 100% is not good enough irrespective of the opposition.
  12. Good question. Complete irrelevance. But they know it will get clicks. Someone associated with a rival says something about your team sets off a klaxon for those looking to be offended in all supports. It is the way of the modern football fan. Having said that, irrespective of what he said, I would like the club and players to stop giving it the "where we belong" nonsense. It doesn't sit well with me. We are where we belong, as you and others are because we were A - shit when last in top league B - not good enough to get promoted. I'm hoping B isn't applicable this season and hope to be less shit in the Premiership than last time.
  13. Newly published story. Seems to be another interview or his comments picked up elsewhere and packaged into a story by the Scum https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4497538/ex-dundee-keeper-derek-soutar-slams-dundee-united-as-arrogant/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Ha ha!! I thought about but didn't want to confirm Derek Soutar's argument a come across arrogant that we'd do the clean sweep!
  15. I read that. Deary me McCall & Caldwell. Must admit there are a couple of posters on there who would be complaining if we win the league, the Scottish Cup and BetFred Cup as not good enough and Neilson must go! Now he isn't immune from criticism & I question some decisions he makes as most fans do of their teams manager, but some of us lot take the biscuit.
  16. Nope still here, although wouldn't call myself a "lover", more of know what he can do if up front not played back in midfield. Were a few below par performances last night, not just one player.
  17. My thoughts on last night We were poor. What I mean by that, is the BetFred is a great leveller, early in the season, teams not fully fit, still getting to know new players, which is why lower league teams get results. We played like we were in the middle of the season and needed to defend. We created a lot of our own problems with poor passing, ponderous play. The same issues we have had last season. Sporle wasn't great, BUT was starting to look better as half went on. Taken off to avoid a red. Boy hasn't had too much of a break from last season, doesn't speak English yet, and probably not used to the pace yet in terrible weather in a foreign country for the first time. Any one writing him off after 45 minutes competitive football with is needs to back off. We are a great support for writing off players before they have a chance. At least give him a chance. Shankland took his goal well. Didn't have too much to do though. Not a criticism of him. Clark, for the live of god Neilson, play him up front, or play Cammy Smith in the no 10. McMullan was non existent Stanton, a good cross for the goal, other than that a man down. If he is played in a non attacking role he is useless, too soft. Connolly? Don't remember him being that bad for Killie. Needs to remember its football not wrestling. Having said that, we had players just back from injury, having not trained much yet so we have that to look forward to. The defence, for all the criticism only let in one goal. Shankland scored, Appere and Banks looked good, it was only the first competitive game in bad weather in what is still preseason 47 days after our last game. So I'm not too worried. If we play like that against East Fife and Cowdenbeath then that is a different story, but we do need to move the ball quicker rather than to Renoylds to Siegrist to PUNT! Anyway on to the next game, which I'm sure we'll win.
  18. United looking at former Motherwell and Brighton defender Ben Hall. Been training with the team and is due to be invited back for a 2nd week, according to The Courier https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/933712/dundee-united-have-a-look-at-ex-motherwell-defender-ben-hall/
  19. Wont you get the Jackson Pollock looking at the home top??
  20. For those that haven't seen it. I'd say that there is now definitely no chance Aird will play again. Be surprised if there isn't an announcement soon regarding his departure
  21. There's good reason for it though and it's nothing to do with the new owners. 50 years of tangerine, 1st used when they played as Dallas Tornados in US leagues. Maybe not the best badge but can be justified
  22. Totally. I had the big collars strip and the 82/83 as a child. The only one that they could have chosen for me other than those is the one they have copied. Looks like a proper football strip, rather than a large t shirt with a badge. Good old fashioned strip. Fantastic effort.
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